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Hey all, been a while. I'd be around to fly with you guys but having moved to a more rural area (which has it's benefits believe me) my internet access is now limited to satellite. Hopefully, that will change soon but until then please keep my ping woes (600 to 800 milliseconds) in your thoughts and prayers. I've been checking out the lasted advancements in DCS and it's really got me itching to partake in some co-op/dogfight action. With the latest additions to the DCS universe it's really starting to shine and looks absolutely stunning. My work hours suck right now as well which just adds to my lack of social time. Still around though, still a dog, still love to fly, just life and circumstances right now are not cooperating. Yeah, it's a bitch, but it's one I chose. In the long run it'll all work out and I'll be back in action, much to the dismay of some no doubt.😆

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Thanks for dropping in mate, nice to see stray mutts popping in to say hello.

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