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Persian Cats - F-14 in Iranian service

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Here's an Air & Space article about them.  Some things I did not know, for example, the fact that the oft repeated story of unknown U.S. contractors having sabotaged systems did not in fact cause the complete failure of the Iranian F-14s as is often claimed.  All of those (only 16) missiles were returned to service - care of parts stolen from the USN.  However, the missiles' batteries proved to be a (the?) real issue, resulting in fewer and fewer serviceable AIM-54s as the 1980's war progressed.

An interesting read, particularly about the fragility of friendships.  Case in point, the section talking about the fact that all but two of the original cadre of the U.S. trained F-14 pilots left the country, to include 15 still in training.  "Javad (pseudonym) was one who stayed. He was arrested by a close friend at gunpoint, in front of his family. When the war with Iraq began, he was released."  So next time you're country is taken over in a religious revolution, think twice before trusting even your closest friends.


More Iranian Tomcat stuff to follow when it is found.

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