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Big Freeze

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Not sure if this is related to the freeze I experienced tonite, but when I exited the game I had a msg from Windows that the location of my temporary internet files had been moved from its default location and did I want to diagnose the issue. I, of course, said yes and it found the files moved to my D drive and moved it back to the C drive. Just throwing that out. I can up my network speed to 100mbs (symmetrical) if need be for DCS. Hey it's only $20 a month more and if that is what it takes to keep blowing up tents, I'm there 🤣🤣🤣!

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This could be an explanation... your pc being very busy with waking up a traditional hard disk from sleep mode? 

As for the Internet speed: No, not just yet. Speed like that is not the issue. If it is down to the connection, then it's probably caused by the long distance, there's not that many data being sent back and forth, in Mbits I mean... Your current connection handles it fine, if it were down to its speed, you'd be warping all over the place, all of the time :) And you did not, I watched your take off, and it was smooth ... very nice and straight and shift...

Just wait around if the issue arises again, you may want to look into the Power options, and switch off any power saving on the disks... 



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