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Simple Question concerning Level Bombing (From a simple mind)


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Back in the day I could drop 500lb bombs on the deck of a Japanese carrier from 5000-7500 ft from a B25. Now I can't find what combination of key mapping I need to even look into the bomb sight much less use it. Would one of you fine gentlemen steer me in the right direction? Any aircraft that has a Norden bomb sight available. Not that I plan on doing a bunch of level, accurate bombing, but this is one of the last set of key mapping I would like to get behind me.


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Hi mate, hope these help. Here are two sheets of info that I use as an aide memoire and backup. First is a list of my key mappings (Aircraft controls.doc) the second is a pictorial view of my controls that is a quick reference for me in game. it's worth remembering that the key mappings are particular to me and linked in with my Saitek X52 stick profiles but it gives you an idea of what is needed. I use Mode 2 (the middle column) on the controls reference picture for bombing, it keeps it seperate from flight and engine modes (1 and 3 respectively). Hope you can read the handwriting, I'm not renowned for legible handwriting!!

Also you will see controls on the picture that are for my offline BAT IL2 46 install eg. wing sweep and drag chute and aren't relevant to our Dogz HSFX installation.




Aircraft controls.doc

control buttons.jpg

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Thanks. That helps get me in the right area if I am reading/viewing correctly. If I can get to the point of getting my "eye" in the sight, I think my old memories will return ?!

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