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Just reinstalled and got this error

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It will run off the ROF.exe but the updater does this.

Have they stopped supporting it?




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Hi Todd,

RoF is still being supported and works fine.  I think I've seen that error before.  Last year - or perhaps the year before that - I had to re-install the whole game and decided not to accept all the DirectX stuff offered by the game on the logic that I already had all this stuff installed by BoS on my machine.

Unfortunately RoF didn't agree with my logic and I'm pretty sure I had to go through the re-install again and make sure I accepted all it was offering me.

But.....it was a while ago and in the meantime I've lost a couple of teeth,  got more grey hair and become a grandfather; i.e.  I might be talking out of my backside!!:o

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Posted over at ROF also they said the same thing.

Just tried it and it works now.

Only thing since then was a reboot, so it must off changed its mind on yours and my logic Arthur.

Thanks guys

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