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Cliffs Of Dover Blitz Edition Discussion Thread

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Good to see it's fixed now.... good job! 


1. The NAME of an enemy  will only show up if he's like 5m away. Then NAME of friendly Humans will show up at 1km.. (Why would you want to know who is shooting you down? 😉 :) ) I will change it, if others are unhappy with that, I will change it back. Then again, I can't imagine anybody having issues with that change)

2. DD's TeamSpeak works fine. But your problem is that it looks like you're the only one using it at the moment ... Not much I can do, except for when we fly as a group to join that Public TS Server (Thursdays from about 21:00 CET). We also have a private TS server, which we normally use.

Have Fun!


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