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Translated the text here:
In the control unit there are 3 mechanics GVL224 (ORE, Screw pitch and universal with the bent rod).

Mechanics are iron, axles on bearings with non-contact sensors.

On the handle of the throttle there are 16 buttons.

Front panel:

- 3 axes on variable resistors (potentiometers);

- 8 buttons in one unit;

- 4 toggle switches without locks in the extreme positions (like 8 buttons).

On the side panels of the housing 2 axes on variable resistors (potentiometers),

Total we have 8 axes and 32 buttons.

The case is made of acrylic 3mm thick, collected as a 3D puzzle ..., available in black, white and transparent.

The price is 140 US dollars plus the transfer of $ 22 from outside Ukraine.

Dimensions of the body (without height of the handles) width 225mm, depth 200mm, height 45mm.

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Very nice, professional looking job there!
Price compares favorably with the CH Pro throttle too.

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