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Not really hell, but a challenge for sure!

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As some of you may recall I set about modifying my MSFFB2 and Saitek X55 to see if I could combine them. Frankenstein time for sure!


Today I finally got the missing pieces I needed, contact pads for the spring loaded contacts in the handle, that finally enabled me to complete connectivity.


It works!


Showing illuminated joystick.



Red wine, the ultimate creative fuel!

The other thing is the X55 stick paired with the MSFFB2 base, to the left (below the vino) you can see the Dsub 25 connector that pairs the handle back to its now divorced base.



Said divorced base, currently not using the X or Y axis, but all buttons on the stick fully functional, FFB is pretty good, handle holds center no problem as the weight distribution is spot on.


Next up is implementing trim using the X and Y axis on the X 55 base, and integrating the MSFFB2 buttons and hat (the interconnect cable has 15 spare connections so no issue doing this at all).


Once the above is done I will then work on the collective mod I dreamt of, should make DCS rotary flying more intuitive with natural controls and FFB.


Have 17 days vacation commencing next Friday, so hoping for more accelerated progress.



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I should add that this is a non-destructive mod, both sticks can be returned to their original state.

The adapter on the MSFFB2 has resulted in a modest extension, unavoidable without permanently modifying the MSFFB2 itself.

Test flight in IL2 was really good, nice having feedback, and the extra length does add to precision.

Had not realized the MSFFB2 has optical sensors, I thought they were pots and started researching replacements!

Will post some photos of the components I manufactured to do this, all printed on my 3D printer, apart from the electrical connections themselves (I did try printing conductive plastic connectors but the plastic was way too brittle and at 2mm diameter very difficult to print at acceptable quality).

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Not optical, I think they are of the HAL kind, something with magnetix stuff and shift ... 
Nice custom job!

Really? My Google foo is really off LOL, at least I do know they are not potentiometers

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Though it does have one optical sensor in the handle, it makes the FFB shut off when you are not holding the handle.

That's an item I lost in my MSFFB2/Guillemot mod, but, oh well, I've only found this an issue when bailing out in CloD, there's a good chance the stick keeps on shaking until I've parachuted all the way down to the ground/water...


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That is one crazy Frankenstein stick Rog!!  Makes me wonder if somehow a force feedback device could be made to attach to your chair?  FF is always in a controller if I'm not mistaken?

Last winter I put 6 Transducers on my cockpit and love them.  But for some games they just use the audio to shake, which is not always realistic.  DCS is the best using SSA software for shake events.

I've had a helicopter collective for about 2 years now.  And it definitely helps with flying the helios.  So natural to just lower it to go down, and pull up to go up.  And the longer arm gives finer control.  I hear in 3D VR it is also much easier since you can judge distances way better.

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Wow. July I posted this!

I guess I should post an update:

Base bit is being printed right now, will take over 20 hours to print 


The grey is a test fit for throttle grip, it works fine, will print final piece with textured (knurled) grip.

Most of the black pieces are 15% carbon fibre, gives a nice matt yet metallic finish.

Base is pure PLA and is high gloss black, the top of the base (with switches) will probably be the same matt finish carbon fire,

Axis are hall sender for throttle and pitch, buttons are momentary 2 way toggles (like the X55) and this is all powered by a Bodnar board.

Tension adjustment on the pitch axis, works very smoothly.

Need to wire it all up when the base is printed, am creating bespoke PCBs for the Bodnar to switch interface, with diodes to do the matrix thing and give me 32 switches total.

Only one pot so far, with a red knob.. steady Painless!



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Decided to revisit my MSFFB2 X55 Franken stick.

First image shows the new part I printed on the right, and the original part on the left.

This enabled mounting the X55 handle much lower, closer to where the original MSFFB2 handle sat.

Second image is the part mounted in the gimbal, third image is the X55 circuit board mounted inside the MSFFB2 case, and the wires connected to it (10 enemy teensy wires to be soldered!).

Final image is it all lit up, and you can just make out the X55 USB cable exiting the MSFFB2 base :)

Now back to the collective project, now I have found the ideal material (nylon as it is very strong, self lubricating, and very light).





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