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bombing- help

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I used to be ok at bombing using the bombsight, havnt done it in a while but started practicing and find I am dropping long. I use the automatic bombsight as in this video. I have read thors bombing guide and one or two others but the one I use seemed the easiest and used to work is it still ok with mods or do you chaps use a different method that works for you? do I just need more practice?




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My successes in level bombing are kinda varying, better results when I am 'concentrated', and keep my air speed and altitude constant.

I never use that method he uses to set the TAS, I use this bombsight calculator: bombsightcal0.33 

(Well, due to not paying attention, sometimes I franticly try and fix the bomb sight on the target using inc/dec of TAS setting, but that never leads to a good hit, maybe once in a full moon if I am lucky!) 

I run the calculator on a separate Pc, but it should be possible to run it on the box you run IL2 on... not too sure! Usually I do the calculations before the run, preferably during briefing, as alt and speed should be known at that time. Circumstances during the mission beyond my control may lead to a re-calc being neccesary ...

If you drop long all of the time... maybe setting the TAS is incorrect?

Do you take the target altitude into the calculations? Though if you do not do that, it would mean a short drop when the target is higher than sea level... 

Also, wind might be a factor? Head wind/tail wind? This video does not mention side slip setting, which you will need should there be some wind in the mission. BombCalc does cover this...

And yes, keep practising, using level stab does not always guarantee a fixed height and speed!


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ok seem to have the hang of it now - whats important is to follow the video and do the pretarget selection and start automation- adjust speed until the sight is steady on point - turn off automation - raise sight and align on true target then start automation again- continue to adjust true air speed to keep sight locked on and it hits.

I wasnt believing that tas would be significantly higher so that caused the bombs to drop long

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