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ReShade 3.0

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Have any of you guys tried the new ReShade 3.0?  It was release last Jan and has an in-game GUI to edit and create profiles.  I love it.

I didn't want to permanently install it into my game, so I just made a folder and copied the game's .exe into that folder.  The folder structure has to be the same (ie. dcs has the game exe in a \bin folder).  Then run Reshade and install it into that folder and delete the game exe.  Then edit the dlls ini file for the correct path.  And make it a jsgme mod.  

It will install the correct dll for OpenGL, Dx8-9, and Dx10.


il2fb 2017-03-18 13-30-23-84.jpg

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Is that bos? It kept crashing my game when I tried it.

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