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Regarding the weird issues during dogfights/coops lately ...


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Regarding the weird issues during dogfights/coops lately ... like 109's without hoods, F6F's / Avengers flying with wings folded....

One way to try and fix this, is to disable Lancaster Mod, and the Carrier take off mod.

Or better yet, have as little mods as possible running.

So, currently, I've adjusted ChkMods, so if you run it, and let it fix stuff, you will only have History FX, Expert Mode and Perfect Map Textures. (Lanc and t/o are still there, but just not active...)


In the meantime, I am going to try (lol, emphasis there) to record in which missions such mishaps are occurring, and maybe even record who's connected/playing.

Maybe... we can track down an installation problem this way...

It's not like we need to set CRT=2 on, but I would like to call out to you all, to limit the number of Mods you have actively running,


(Usually, in these cases, I always tend to overreact, and make too big a fuzz of it all, but hey, I hate that weird shift happening!!)



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Just done some online testing regarding this as its not really happening in the stock version

Apparently rendering of some "franken planes that are used be it AI or human can cause the problems,

the log files may show errors related to aircraft usually modded beasties, even some load outs were affecting warping rubber banding.

One of the biggest results was people flying outside the cockpit and or scrolling around other aircraft and returning to thier cockpits,

this can cause problems too in the presence of modded aircraft.

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