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P-39 in service

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There was some banter on comms last night about the Airacobra and how it was received by the RAF and VVS.
Co-incidentally, I just came across a thread on the Key forums discussing this very subject, with some interesting quotes from two books I'd not previously heard of.

This one made me chuckle:

Ted Parks description of the P39/P400 cannon - because it was mounted in the prop shaft - he said...

The 37 mm went whump whump whump -When firing the cannon,your legs straddled it,the firing of it vibrated your prostate so the whole essence of war became mildly sexual.I do not know if this was intentional.
The 20mm version fired faster and went bababababababa and titillated you in a different way.Some men enjoyed it more.I was a 37mm man myself.

Read the thread here, which also includes a superb rare colour image of the aircraft in RAF squadron service:


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