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Track IR DCS

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I'm getting a broken kneck and am getting worn out from the irraticness of the this.

My TIR works fine in 1946, Clod, and ROF

But not in DCS or BOS.

I'm only listing stuff right now for DCS Because its the one I want to get a handle on first over the two.


Here is my profile. TOAD DCS.xml

Here are a coupl of tracks

trackir weirdness2.trk

trackir weirdness3.trk

Jack, AP, and fenrir

Have either had the problem or still suffering from it, and all have tried to help.

I've read its corrected in 2.0.3 in this thread, but Tom has that version I beleive.


any ideas?

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I think I just figured it out LOL

I adjusted Light filtering to the max. 253 Stock is 125.

TIR Light Filtering.jpg

Here is a track after adjusting it.

trackir fixed.trk


I'm not sure why I didn't have a problem with the older games though. The  new ones must be more sensitive. the only reflections I was picking up were behind me that I could see on the camera window, but I had covered them up already.

But it appears to be fixed. I could probably turn it down a bit but not sure why I would need to fiddle anymore since it works.

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