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So, If I Try And Build A Big Df For Battle Of Britain, Which Planes ...

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So, if I try and build a big DF for Battle of Britain mission thingie, which planes are the most suitable fighters to use on the Red side?


Currently flyable:

Squad   Base           A/C

56      Hawkinge       Hurricane MKIIa

54      Hornchurch     Spitfire F IIa

54      Rochford       Spitfire F IIa

65      Manston        Spitfire F IIa     


So, not really looking for exact historical accuracy, rather for best gameplay/historical balance... So, as much fun to fly, yet not the 25lba stuff ... 


For Blue, I just thrown in like everything it's got.

For now, it will be Red only for Humans...


(Oh, and it may take a long while before it's done, and once done, chances are it runs for half a day, and probably will be unplayable)




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Right bases, wrong types, should be Mk1's for both hurri and spit (spit mkII at the end of the battle, no mkII hurris in BoB).


Will have a look for the correct HSFX codes.




Hurricane Mk1 12lbs 1940


Spitfire F 1 1939

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So, blue it is then?


Are you ready?


Yes, you are?


Okay, now Get You Some Of This!



Can you really keep them safe? 

So they can get to their target - oil drums in London - and back home?

You are? Yes? Really?



All just Work In Progress!


Stay Tuned!

(And, while you do, Have Fun!)

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