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Rof - Steam Or Store

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Hi Guys


Been thinking about having a look at this sim and I don't know much about it.  The main question I have is if I should get it from the ROF store of from Steam?  It seems they are 2 separate situations.  Like if I understand correctly if it is purchased from Store you can not use it on Steam or are limited some how with maps and planes.


Can someone give me a short explanation on which is the better route to go.


Thanks, Goth


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I bought mine as a disk copy (Iron Cross Edition) from Amazon - pretty cheap and you get several planes to play with straight out of the box.

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Hello Steve.  Get it from 777's store page.  it's cheaper and gives you more flexibility on what you decide to buy.  First of all, download the latest, . free to play version from here;




This gives you the western and eastern front maps, three free planes to try out and multiplayer.  You will also get to fly against all the other planes in RoF.

However, to fly all the other planes you'll have to pay.  This is where it becomes cheaper to buy through the store rather than the bundles available on Steam.


For example the channel battles edition available on Steam gives you the Channel map and seven extra planes for $40 Canadian.  If you buy the same content through the store it'll cost you $28.  This is because the store gives a 50% discount when selecting four or more items.


I'm not too certain how it all works as I only have Steam because of Cliffs but if you buy RoF through Steam then you must obtain the rest of the content through Steam and vice versa.  Store bought content can't be used in a Steam bought game.


When it comes to multiplayer, it matters not whether you buy from Steam or store. Its all compatible.


I would avoid getting the game on DVD now.  After installing on disc the first thing the game will want to do is a mega and sometimes problematic download to bring you up to the latest version.


If you go down the free to play download route the best plane to get to grips with the game is the Albatross DVa.  Fast, benign handling, good cockpit and plenty of fire power - though don't expect to hit a cow in a corridor for the first week or so!


|Hope this helps :salute:

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Thanks for that info and recommendation on how to proceed.  I have not flown WW1 type planes since the Dos version of Red Barron.  That was a fun sim that I spent hours flying.  I have been drawn back to those planes recently for some reason, time to scratch that itch I suppose.  Maybe I need a contrast to Falcon BMS 4.33, another sim I have been learning lately.

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