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Windows 7 Pro Machine Being A Real Pain - Time For Win 10?


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My PC is becoming a real Pain the Ass.

1. Real slow to boot - often giving up during the boot process and turning off. Pressing the power button again usually gets it to boot

2. System during boot often wants to run CHKDSK, which I let it, but still will want to do it again perhaps a week later

3. I have run a deep antivirus scan just in case and although a few things were found these were more adware than virus.


So I am thinking that by upgrading to Windows 10 the os will be updated and also the boot routines to hopefully clear out my problems?

I have been watching Slickers thread and Saitek seem to be ok now

Logitech for my steering wheel seems to be no problem


What about TrackIR?  - I run version 5 - anyone having issues with that?


Any advice / pointers welcome before I decide to take the plunge


System Specs

Windows 7 Pro SP1

Intel core Duo CP E8600 @3.33GHZ


64 BIT

Nvidia Geforce GTX 580



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No, you don't want to upgrade and take a bunch of problems with you, Windows 10 won't cure your problems. My recommendation is to back up your important stuff and then format your drive and reload 7. Make sure you have all passwords for when you reload programs.


If the thought of a format & reload is daunting then you might want to consider why you are getting a frequent CHKDSK heads-up .  


What make is your hard-drive? And how full is it? Do you have more than one hard-drive? And is your drive partitioned? Et cetera.


I use a 240Gb SSD - solid state drive - for Windoze (version 7 Home Premium, fully updated) and browser/ email, Adobe and whatever else. Secondly I have a terabyte hard drive, a Maxtor Blue, which allows me to store a lot of stuff, have an Acronis Backup section of 300 gb, I recommend Acronis True Image very highly.


If your eyes became glazed a couple of lines ago, I'm sorry. I was alarmed by your post and intention to go to 10 as a cure-all. . . . . .



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Upgraded to 10 from 7.1 at least 2 months ago. Very easy to do. Saitek no problems, TrackIR no problems. Considering the programmes I have installed the only thing I had to do was reallocate hotas controls in IL2 because the USB IDs had been changed. That's it.


3 x WD hard drives plus 1 SSD giving me over 1 terrabyte of storage

Intel 950 quad core processor

GTX 780 graphics

Soundblaster soundcard

12gb RAM

4 year old Asus motherboard

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thanks chaps...and hay Brando...good to see you are still out there and looking at the boards....salute :)


I have been thinking about re-formatting ........Hmmmmmmm


I am currently doing a backup.


The drive is getting on the snug side (70gb free of 465gb)


I have just done a defrag and it made 5 passes.

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I''m with Brando here, if you upgrade to 10 with the system in that state, you will end up with a troubled 10 installation.


First fix these issues ...




Try and check eventvwr for disk errors.

Check whether you are overclocking, if so, clock it down back to normal.

Check your Sata cables ... are they still nicely connected ...


Run an extensive memory test?


Backup, yes, good, regularly, yes, good stuff. Is. Backup. It, schnizzle and stuff...

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Just checked event viewer for system activity and I have been getting a lot of event Id 12's

"The platform firmware has corrupted memory across the previous system power transition.  Please check for updated firmware for your system."


Did a bit of checking and this does resemble my issues. We do let the machine go to sleep a lot and we do get BSOD.



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Why not just run a driver update programme first? They are ok and updated many old drivers I had


Well, a lot of those tend to bring a lot of clutter and advertising stuff as well... and probably will not do the Bios update, which is the most relevant here ...



Thought easy stuff first :)

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The BIOS update seems straight forward as it can be done from windows although I started the process tonight but backed out due to a warning message...


"Warning, the date of the BIOS image is later than current one, please flash the BIOS using ASUS DOS utility if you still want to do this"


So I guess it is saying that I can not use the windows utility it has to be done at a lower level?

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it just says that the BIOS image you are trying to program to your MB BIOS is older than the current one you have. Go to ASUS pages and DL the most recent one and put it in the Utility folder.

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