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Il-2: Battle Of Stalingrad (Is Triple Screen Supported?) Yes!

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Hi Guys,


Quick question...


Anyone know if the latest version of BOS supports triple screens?



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Hello Slicker, yes BoS now supports triple screens. 


 Hi Arthur,


Thanks for getting back to me...


Thought I'd ask - I'd rather be safe than sorry...


I'm thinking of trying it out having seen a Steam key at a good price but I've read loads of complaints that BOS doesn't work right with three screens. People say the menu's aren't centred properly and other graphical things aren't in the right place. Maybe these comments are a little out of date and refer to earlier versions of the game - dunno for sure. 


Need to ask... no offence intended but just to clarify, do you have triple screens and BOS or are you going by what you've heard?

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Its just the voices in my head Slicker.



Love it.. soooo pleased you didn't take any offence about me questioning your advice... so many conflicting reports but decided to give it a go and, of course, you're absolutely right... triple screens and a wide range of resolutions are supported. Looks good - I have configured my controllers and just need to gather a list of essential keyboard commands so that I can see about getting off the ground!

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