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Picking A Staffel Code


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I am currently working on a mission which will perhaps fit our long slot on a Sunday.


I would like to use authentic markings but am not sure what to pick for a plane for a particular staffel, e.g 3rd Staffel

Can anyone advise on how the game translates please?




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Not sure what you are looking for... 


In the FMB, there's Regiment, call that top level, which will - I think - determine the first two characters of the four character codes on Bombers and Zerstoerers....

The third character is determined by both squadron and plane number within the flight.

The fourth is derived from flight number.


Not sure if that is what you need though...



Reg        Squadron    Flight    Plane    ID

I./ZG 52    1           1          1     A2 + AH

I./ZG 52    1           1          2     A2 + BH

I./ZG 52    1           1          3     A2 + CH

I./ZG 52    1           1          4     A2 + DH


I./ZG 52    1           2          1     A2 + EH

I./ZG 52    1           2          2     A2 + FH

I./ZG 52    1           2          3     A2 + GH

I./ZG 52    1           2          4     A2 + EH


I./ZG 52    2           1          1     A2 + AK

I./ZG 52    2           1          2     A2 + BK

I./ZG 52    2           1          3     A2 + CK

I./ZG 52    2           1          4     A2 + DK


I./ZG 52    2           2          1     A2 + EK

I./ZG 52    2           2          2     A2 + FK

I./ZG 52    2           2          3     A2 + GK

I./ZG 52    2           2          4     A2 + EK

Does that help?
Staffel is equivalent to Squadron me thinks? link
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Hmmm....info found here http://rhorta.home.xs4all.nl/jgstruc.htm


Game appears to have 'Regiment' as the Gruppe within the Geschwader ie. Group within a Wing. That is right as there are 3 Gruppe and a HQ flight (Stab) within a Gruppe. Then you pick the Staffel using 'Squadron' (again, 4 is correct number) and then the 'Flight' would be the Schwarm (2 x 2 Rotte making 4).


Using the game you would choose your Jagdgeschwader ie. Gruppe 1,2,3 or Stab of JG51, then your Staffel within the Gruppe ie. 1 of 4 and lastly your individual aircraft in your Schwarm consisting of 4 aircraft. The codes we see as icons eg. White < to 16 are the Staffel IDs (4 flights of 4).




The Basic fighting unit. Comprising a leader (Rottenführer) and wing-man (Katchmarek). During cruising flight the two aircraft flew almost in line abreast about 200yd apart, each pilot concentrating his search inwards so that he covered his partner's blind areas. In combat it was the wing-man's duty to guard his leader's tail, while the latter did the fighting.



Two Rotte made up a Schwarm, with the leading Rotte flying to one side and slighty ahead of the other (finger Four). The Rotte and Schwarm are both TACTICAL formations. The better/more experienced pilot leads, skill is the decisive factor NOT rank and/or seniority.



Nominal strength of 12 aircraft. A Staffel formation comprised of three Schwärme stepped up in line astern. The staffel was the lowest grade of formation within the organisation. Commanded by a Staffelkapitän usually an Oberleutnant or Hauptmann, members of it's flying personnel would supervise the technical and signals branches as secondary duties. Late in the war some Staffeln had their numbers raised to 16 aircraft on strength nominally.



Initially in the Gruppe comprised three Staffeln and a Stab (Headquarters flight), later in the war a fourth Staffel was added. The Stab flight consisted of 3-4 a/c. The Gruppe was the basic flying unit for operational and administrative purposes. When orders were given for moves of flying units, the recipients were usually Gruppen. Normally one complete Gruppe occupied a single airfield, occationally individual Staffeln might be detached from their parent Gruppe for operational reasons or to re-equip.

The Gruppe commander carried the title of Kommandeur (Kdr.) and was usually a Hauptmann or a major, under his command he had an adjudant, specialist technical officers and a medical officer.



Initially the Geschwader comprised of three Gruppen and a Stab, later in the war a fourth Gruppe was added. The Geschwader was the largest German flying unit to have a fixed nominal strength. Originally it had been intended that the component Gruppen of each Geschwader should operate together from adjecent airfields, but under the stress of war this soon broke down.

The Geschwader commander held the title of Kommodore (Kdore), and was usaully a Major, Oberstleutnant or Oberst. His Staff included and adjudant, an operations officer, an intelligence officer, a navigation officer, technical officers, a signal officer and such other specialist officers as the nature of the unit and task might dictate.

Number of Aircraft in a Jagdgeschwader

  • Stab (±4 a/c)
  • 3-4 Gruppen (each Gruppe also a Stab flight of 4 a/c)
  • 3-4 Staffeln in each Gruppe
  • 12-16 aircraft in each Staffel



Hope this helps :)



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