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Snacko! Il2 Touchbuddy?


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well i'm flying for US Airways Express now in real life, so I have some more time to get back into simming. Glad to see you're still flying with the DD's! Doc/Boomer from the old Wolf Pack is still CO of the warhawks but they do alot of DCS and MMO's now.  I joined up with the il2 virtual squadron USN. Just flew with them for the first time a couple nights ago and I realized I would benefit from using your profile as they fly multiple aircraft.  I also am still a longtime member of the 72nd VFW for Falcon BMS and will eventually get back to flying with them as well as I miss all that Falcon has to offer.


I tried clicking on your link and I guess I'm a noob to the new mediafire site but I cant figure out how to DL your profile from there. Any help?

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