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Dcs: World (& P-51D) Gone Gold!

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Get DCS: World (1.2.0) here: http://www.digitalco...pos=137&lang=en

then when you've installed that go get the finalised P-51 goodness here: http://www.digitalco...pos=136&lang=en

Note the most awesome changes!:

List of changes since last version:

Exit simulation crash fixed.

Canopy crank hung on slow machines. Now fixed.

Removed odd, LOUD sound being emitted from the P-51.

Installer description for "Simplified flight model" -> "Uses simplified flight dynamic calculations that also results in easier flight control" added.

Missions updated.

Added a crashed model for the P-51D.

Updated P-51D splash screen.

Added failures due to engine and oil system failures.

Improvements to aircraft shake effect.

Added trimmer shake.

Slip ball frequency increased to account changes in aircraft shake.

Cockpit gauges descriptions in LUA were made more readable.

Load of the digital filter parameters from LUA was made more convenient.

Adjusted Immortal damage Option.

New damage areas added and existing damage of systems improved.

Tail wheel swiveling tuned.

Corrected textures of the Voodoo skin.

Added adjustments to fuselage shaking by the propeller.

Adjustment of exhaust animation, advanced timing, and the loss of power with retarded ignition have been added/adjusted.

Adjusted the friction parameters of a free gear axis.

Crash at {RCtrl+J} from P-51D cockpit has been fixed.

Unlimited weapons for HVAR missiles now works.

Possible cold start crash is fixed.

Adjusted start-up sequence to be more accurate. See manuals.

Canopy glass adjusted.

Flight and Quick Start manuals updated.

Cockpit model updated.

Added new P-51D skins.

Different helmets depending on skin.

Adjusted trimmers for FFB at low speed, FFB shaking at stall, reworked of physics of free gear.

Air start controls were in the wrong position. Fixed.

Fixed animation pointers update for the canopy crank handle.

Fixed coolant indicator animation.

Sudden switch on landing light when it start in the air is fixed.

Added WWII era helmets.

USAF 485rd FS livery fixed.

Radio frequencies are now restored after return to the ME.

K-14 and gauge panel shaking has been tuned.

New volumes for actuators.

New textures for engine damage model.

The taxi light cone collision with wing has been fixed.

Gauge panel suspension has been tuned.

Oxygen system did not deplete - no Hypoxia possible. Fixed.

The hinge moment influencing to roll rate and rudder has been fixed.

Cockpit shaking at post-stall condition has been added.

The artificial damper for a taxi has been added.

The taxi light animation in LODs has been corrected.

HVAR position on the hard points is fixed.

"SALVO" lever will not return to its original position when reloading. Fixed.

Float fuel sensor has been fixed.

Gunsight range throttle handle was moving erratically when operating from joystick axis. Fixed.

Fixed tooltip typos.

Improved propeller disk.

Engine stops when external tanks are dropped.

Fixed that when the battery is drained, all electrical systems (except starter), are still functional.

Removed Bomb racks and hardpoints when the Civil Aircraft box is checked in the ME.

Landing gear eight wheel rolls too fast compared to left wheel. Fixed.

From a runway start, Mustang's landing light pointed straight down. Fixed.

Oxygen system flow rates at altitude implemented.

Possible client exploding during cold start fixed.

The headgear-depending-on-skin and the ability to lose the hardpoints are bits of eyecandy that made me grin, but it's the presence of FFB that's really got my juices flowing! Whoot!

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I'm confused DCS is free, and you pay for the P-51 correct?

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I have already got DCS Black Shark and A10 Warthog via Steam. Do I need the DCS world aswell as Mustang?

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Download the A10 module and DCS world and you should be able to fly that with us

If you want the fly the mustang in a mission, just buy, download and install that module in DCS World.

DCS World is the core game, containing all the units etc.

The individual modules contain the cockpit data and such, thereby, you can fly in any mission provided you have at least 1 of the planes types.

Although I can heartily recommend the Mustang, sure is the nicest prop aircraft I have seen in a game.

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Right...so Steam versions aren't any good as they can't be directed to work with 'World'?

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They are, well the codes rather. All you need to do Sid is to download DCS world and the modules and you can copy the serial code from Steam.

I bought my DCS warthog that way.

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Great - that's what I'm going to try. I'll download world and see what happens

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Sweet, I'll be on TS if anyone wants some help.

Just be wary, the torque of the 'stang is like riding a bucking bronco if you just push the throttle. You have to treat the old girl nicely or she will bite your face off.

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Payday Friday..

Guess I'll be making a purchase that day ;)

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Possible client exploding during cold start fixed.

Damn that sounds painful, and too realistic.. We are the 'clients' aren't we? :D

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Smoking and airplanes full of ammo and fuel do not mix Rog.

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