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Changes In Mission Files Up3 To Hsfx6

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List of objects that are valid in UP3, but not in HSFX.

Where available, a new name / alternative that can be used in HSFX is listed.

List syntax: <UP3 Object Name>; <UP3 Object Description> ; <HSFX Object Name>; <HSFX Object Description>


HE_111P2; Heinkel 111 P-2, 1939 ; HE_111H2; Heinkel 111 H-2, 1939










Net7Islands/load.ini; Polynesia OL; ;

Note: Not sure whether this is the way to go, but I was thinking the things I know I should share!

So, feel free to change, add, update whatever, wherever you think is necessary!

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So, apparently, this thread never really worked... :shaunhb:


Came accross some weirdo issue I thought I'd share here:



So whenever a loadout is wrong in a mission, it won't tell you in an error message.

You may or may not get the 'Selected aircraft not created' error when hitting fly.


Anyways, here's what I found in HSFX 7.03 regarding loadouts, these are correct loadouts, swapping them will .... hurt the mission!

  weapons 1xSC1000
  Class air.JU_87D3
  Class air.JU_87D5
  weapons 1SC1000  
  Class air.HE_111H6
  Class air.JU_87B2

So, this is one of the causes we still have (had?) error missions.

I have used Misty to make changes like this, as I somewhere concluded initially that 1xSC1000 would be an error in HSFX 7 (it ís for the 87B2), so I changed all missions to go for 1SC1000 .... yeah that action buggered up some other missions ... 


Anyways, got them all checked and fixed now... for this specific loadout....


Am about to upgrade our set of coop missions, so .... 

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