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  1. Seeing as I have found joy in multi crew tanking I find my boat less floated when I have to single crew. That said I thought that the map and mission were jolly good ho. If I were to be as bold as to say with minor refinements it could have been one of your finest Colin, and for that I want to thank you muchly. If we had held back prior to all joining the server willy nilly would the convoy have rolled? I am guessing that the convoy was triggered when the first tank went past a certain trigger point? Personally I do not think we needed prior warning about the approaching convoy. it would have been good to see how we dealt with it on the hoof, so to speak. Anyway, pre-mission briefings can be delivered using the acronym SMEAC (pronounced SMEEEEE-ACK) SITUATION (Current ground truth) - Eastern Europe - There is a risk of a enemy fuel shortage and intel suggests that they are gathering to move into Proyorovckarts (heavily industrialised town, where there is known to be 2 independent fuel facilities with little to no defense force. As far as we know all civilians have withdrawn MISSION (The objective) - Dogz Armoured Battalion is requested to move to, secure and hold both fuel facilities EXECUTION (The how) - Enter the server and hold at spawn point or you may prematurely ignite the mission. When the "move out" command is given 6 M4A2 Sherman tanks will proceed from the form up point at 123456 and proceed West along the broken hoghway heading for bridge 2 on the plan. This will be the crossing point for all 6 hulks. Once over the bridge hulks 1,2, and 3 split left and proceed to take and hold fuel point "A" and hulks 4,5, and 6 turn right and move to take and hold fuel point "B" Any contact along the way will be dealt with as appropriate - re-forming and moving together wherever possible. ADMIN & LOGISTICS (The boring but important stuff) - Team leader "A" will be Sgt Smith - Team leader "B" will be Sgt Jones - Use the road surface to make good speed - Initial formation single file - Ammo 90 APHE - 10 HE COMMUNICATION PLAN (Command and signals)- TS with whisper channels - Emergency RV drills if ambushed, comms between teams and individuals etc Good luck https://www.inc.com/gj-nolan/the-military-tested-planning-tool-all-business-leaders-need-to-try.html#:~:text=SMEAC (pronounced "smee-ack,t roll off the tongue). I am more than happy to build the briefing if Colin buzzes me the info in advance. Let's not be herded catz! We are dogz and therefore pack animals! @Painless @Friar @FoolTrottel
  2. Of course I didn’t mean it. In fact I don’t have a clue what you are talking about?
  3. Parts


  4. Just quick note to say thank you to Colin for the mission of last weekend. Tough though it was it was much fun. I needed my faith being restored in TC as the polish was wearing off a little. It was good to get back in a multi crewed tank again. Let's face it, as a simulator goes it does work better with multi crew. If you doubt this you have to ask yourself why they didn't single crew tanks during WWII? Anyway thank you again Colin, and the rest of you Dogz that came along and got a battering thank you for making it fun. See you next time.
  5. Parts


    Nice to put a face to the name (not in your case though Painless you ugly git!)
  6. Colin I want to thank you for the BoB tank series. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself in all of the campaigns you’ve built. Cheers again Col. let’s hope it keeps going!
  7. Parts

    Tank Crew Video

    Love the Sid travel sick sound effects in the second video
  8. It is clear that in the snow spotting the shot is tricky. Not only do you have barrel smoke to contend with but you also have snow dust whipping up to further prevent the tank commander from spotting your shot. If we were able to spot for each others tanks it would be possible to see how the shot fell. What do you all think?
  9. Colin! Yet another good mission thank you 🙏🏻. Special mentions and learning for me. 1- Pnzr 4 and 5 have different top speeds -realising that early helped prevent further spread of the unit. 2- Snow and barrel smoke make spotting for shorter range shots (from the commanders position) challenging. 3- No one damaged any part of their tank whilst travelling in very difficult territory. 4- We showed ‘em! And completed the task. 5- In dispatches; AP Hill for his early recce at the second woods providing good intel on enemy approach All Dogz for sticking to the brief and staying tight even when it got frustrating (respawn 2) Funflak for hanging on in there through a challenging mission with little reward (one near miss 😜). We’ve all been there, and we know it’s not much fun at that point so I doff my hat at you for your determination. I am up for debriefing to so if you’d like to pull me apart or puff me up feel free (FT go easy 😂😂)
  10. Sorry I had to dash owfff I was enjoying the chat about Comms when my bowels had other ideas 😜. My 50cents worth. I thought Comms was more poor than normal last night. I’m not sure what happened that was different from from the last couple of missions where there was a mix of single and multi crew hulls but there wasn’t much in the way of target identification going on between any of us. I loved the mission, the ambiance, the company and the other internal tank banter. Colin, you’ve done another good job Sir. I missed the outcome of last nights TS overtime chat but by the sounds of Painlesses post we are going to reverse the whisper and try a different tact. Just before I dived for the facilities I heard Squawk talk about a commander to ensure we all move as a unit. It’s a working Dogz job herding the likes of us but I for one don’t mind giving or taking orders. Every day is a learning day as FT proved when he educated me in TS whisper protocols last night 😀. Great fun mixed with a lust for tighter team work. Looking forward to the next one 👍🏽🙏🏻
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