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    Family (and there is a lot of it!) Cars (fast ones) Virtual gaming (FPS and now flight sim!) Music (loud!) Grass growing (garden vegetation not illlegal!) sticking needles in my eyes! then WORK! (but only leaving it!)
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  1. Roger that sir! Will there be bratwurst and pumpanickle for for the successful among us! 😁
  2. I like things simple.
  3. Might not have killed much stuff but it was fun IMG_7619.MOV
  4. Could Sweper clear it out in 6 hours? Asking for a friend!! 😏
  5. Parts

    Making of Fury

    Here's another one for you all
  6. Parts

    Making of Fury

    Nice find Sweper 😉
  7. oil covered semi flexible thin metal rod!
  8. I do believe I should apologise to both FT and Artie for a blue on blue (my bad!) sorry fellers. Note to self “coms check position of friendly hulls before squeezing the trigger”
  9. Didn’t have any FR issues. Thoroughly enjoyed a long and challenging mission and found a full range of emotions, especially towards those pesky Germans.
  10. 00:30 Mission completed 😀
  11. That is awesome. I love that period of the war. Operation Market Garden. Hell's highway here we come!!!!!
  12. Parts

    Turret Swing

    Have you tried this yet Col?
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