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  1. FoolTrottel

    BoX screenshots

    It really does!
  2. CloD is good on Thursdays. Just my opinion.
  3. You sure it's the temperature? Sounds weird... maybe mix or prop pitch? Although, I bet you got those set correctly... Really, I dunno...
  4. FoolTrottel

    New Game Launcher, New Set Up

    Yes, that is looking good... Thanks!
  5. FoolTrottel

    The Big Fat Aeroplane Video Thread!

    Engine going kaput really bad then.... what kind of engine was it?
  6. FoolTrottel

    The Big Fat Aeroplane Video Thread!

    What on earth happended at 1:45? And how can one see the remnants/traces of smoke a few second before that? I am confused.
  7. FoolTrottel

    might give this a go

    I'm going for the background_mute thingie...
  8. FoolTrottel

    new toy

    Noisy Punk!
  9. FoolTrottel

    Campaign editor

    How many DD's are we? ...
  10. FoolTrottel

    Campaign editor

    It must be cool and nice and stuff, but only for the few...
  11. FoolTrottel

    I actually landed the Spit ????

    Good one!
  12. FoolTrottel

    port forwarding

    Yours will not work Sid... Arthur's looks much better. One remark on those: for 28100, just TCP will do, no need for UDP.
  13. FoolTrottel

    IL-2 GBS Resources

    It is a good idea. And quite doable as well, if only we had a fine GB mission builder in our midst!
  14. FoolTrottel

    Trim on British planes

    Very weird! Ónly on the Dangerdogz Server? And only when flying Red? Got to do some thinkin' on this, because, yeah, it's weird! Now what can be unique to the DD-server, is the wind. It varies in direction and strength (within limits). But, that could not result in you having to mostly correct the rudder to the right... Unless... what about your control assignment for Rudder Trim? 109 does not have rudder trim... What if you have something assigned to it, so rudder trim is always offset to the right? It should happen also on other online servers, as they all have the same difficulty setting. You may not be troubled by it if 'Torque and Gyro effects' is switched off? I dunno really...
  15. FoolTrottel


    There ya go, all is well again, one can now update ones client to 3.2 and connect to our TS server! Rog==Hero!