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  1. FoolTrottel

    One for FT?

    w00t.... that's such a brilliant song I love it... The Cure made some great songs back then... (do they still do that?) My favorite album of 'm is "Wild Mood Swings" ... and indeed, it goes from "Himmelhoch Jautzend" to "Zum Tode Betrübt" Killing Joke... lol... is like... wow... ... energy and power... Reqiem .... and oh so simple ! Though I'd really love to see a Mosquito in DCS... Oh the hours of fun on just starting it up ... Thanks for Charlotte Arthur! (Edit: and I do not feel any envy towards you being there back then, and not me... No way none at all ... )
  2. FoolTrottel

    One for FT?

    Cool.... really wondering what it will sound like. (I carefully predict we will have a BoX DF server up soon, 24/7, Night Time, all the time! ) Thanks!
  3. FoolTrottel

    New Game Launcher, New Set Up

    Yes, yes, for those that only have Battle of Stalingrad this might be indeed particularly and extra specially interesting... As in... Go for it! (Not sure what it will bring you exactly, but I think I can guess it may tempt our Arthur to do some more mission editing, as he could add Bom-aircraft to his rather recently edited/created Bos-aircraft-specific missions... And we all realize that keeping Arthur busy is very important to keep our world safe, stable, and with plenty of food and drinks... )
  4. FoolTrottel

    A place to share coops

    Looks like the missions you hosted Arthur ended up in my Multiplayer folder? So we can host them as well, but not edit them...
  5. FoolTrottel

    Up sizing Monitor

    Cable Management is for sissies ...
  6. FoolTrottel

    Screenshot 2018-06-14 14.36.48.png

    ' Engine Stopping' ... lol
  7. So, the issue with the server has been fixed. It's all up and running now, including the shift!
  8. FoolTrottel

    Need a force feedback base for your WartHog?

    Or maybe... both?
  9. FoolTrottel

    port forwarding

    Hm. I have opened TCP&UDP for 28000, and only TCP for 28100 And, I have hosted with these settings! It doesn't need to know, with these settings you instruct the router to forward all TCP/UDP traffic on these ports ending up at your router, to forward it to your PC... BoX will deal with it when it gets delivered to your PC.
  10. So, as I am off on a business trip for a few days, my server is not on, and our own is off as well, so basically, in the end and shift, there's no DD CloD server up. Oh dear.
  11. At the moment our DF server has some weird issue in running CloD. Last Thursday we experienced a crash due to the issue... Have not yet found out what is wrong exactly, but basically the DF server is not running CloD at the moment. However, it is up and available, as at the moment I am running it from my secondary PC. Not sure whether I can keep it running 24/7 though... oh well ...
  12. FoolTrottel

    Need a force feedback base for your WartHog?

    Maybe a good time to set up a stick-share?
  13. FoolTrottel

    Need a force feedback base for your WartHog?

    wow... indeed, WHY did you? Now I did too!
  14. FoolTrottel

    DD's Tuesday sessions are now alternating: 1946 - BoX/GB

    How odd that you are even asking!