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  1. Getting a bit better, slowly ... not there yet ...
  2. Mine just got updated through Steam, and it's running now ...
  3. see here: Attention All: Steam Update is causing failure of the game to start
  4. It's been broken by a Steam Update ... only thing to do is wait for a fix.
  5. Who has what

    IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad Premium Edition Battle of Moscow - Standard Edition No idea what is included though. Yea, an IL2 ...
  6. Wing Walkers TeamSpeak Server

    Thanks for the information. Too bad it's necessary ...
  7. You must be doing something wrong. It's there! Thanks for the post, server had restarted, but there's no autologon procedure, so the game won't start ... Fixed now!
  8. DCS 2.5 progress update

    Wot? No Hurricane? Thanks Fenrir for the update!
  9. Still in a startup phase, yet rather cool: https://miniot.com/pages/wheel-by-miniot
  10. New Toy Mmm

    Yeah, nice, but... so COLD!
  11. IWM Film Archives

    No, surely merely coïncidental, Sir!
  12. IWM Film Archives

    Thanks Chris, great stuff! Footage of low level strikes... rather spectacular http://film.iwmcollections.org.uk/record/2027 And at 3:11, low level deflection shooting -> 190 on fire 00:04:19 [OPF 277. 17th April 1945] Shots showing four de Havilland Mosquito F.B. Mk VI light bombers belonging to RAF 487 Squadron flying at very low level over the North Sea on the camera aircraft's port side; on the starboard side, another Mosquito is seen flying about 80 feet above the waves
  13. Oh The Joys of them Game Controllers !

    Interesting observation that... I've hooked up the USB 2.0 hub, and so far (4x 110 killed in a Hurricane in CloD, flew some P51 over the Ardennes, crashed a 190 into a Sherman tank - all with FFB in good order.... so, I'll keep reporting, besides spacing this watch ...
  14. Oh The Joys of them Game Controllers !

    lol! Too bad any windows version over XP is not!
  15. So, yeah, for years I've had just two Game Controllers, the MS FFB2 (with twist of the stick removed, and converted into a brake lever) and my lunchbox-Bodnar-based-Controller.... very nice, did the job just fine. Sure, there was the controller ID swap, but by switching off Hibernation it was cool, and never happened again. Well until I got a new Motherbord/Memory/CPU upgrade done. So, oh well, only have to re-assign all the controls of the 4 (?) games once. That's do-able, no worries. And so, I did. Done. Let's have some fun! Yeah, that worked fine until I started suffering from the FFB carping out every now and then while flying... And no real cause or fix for that. Besides maybe adding a power USB 2.0 hub. Yeah, try and buy one nowadays.That's a challenge, especially if you want it on a PCIx board. Oh well, found an old one at work. Nice! 7 ports on it! So, yeah, all good and fine. Until - yeah. You probably guessed what happened: The ID's swapped - again! Darn! I'm now going to switch hibernation on, and boot /shut down / shut up the thing until they have swapped again!!