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  1. That won't do! Give us your opinion ... all your wishes and needs and data are belong to us!
  2. If you really want to fix the low numbers, go out and recruite actively. New members is what we need. People will always drop off, find different interests, just move on. For sure, having 4 types does not help here. But, guess what the numbers would look like had we still be doing only 1946 and CloD... Even if and when we setup a new schedule that fits best, I'd be pleasantly surprised if we regularly have sessions with 10+ jocks. So, anybody want to become recruiting officer? (Oh dear, that's kinda negative isn't it. We're all doomed!)
  3. 1.CloD 2,3,4 (Cannot choose at the moment) =============== 1,2,3,4,5,6 7. Friday Thanks Tom!
  4. It's mostly training and familiarization at the moment. A lot of code names are flying around when one of those jetfighterjocks fires yet another silly smart fire-and-forget-all-hope-for-the-mig missile thingie into the blue skies. Usually, I am in my Spitfire, throwing bombs at some ships, then head out to sea for a long flight to our carrier, 'land' there, ask ground controls for a repair, take off from the carrier again, and fly home ... it's a hoot! Edit: Every now and then Fenrir hosts a coop, over Normandy, where we try and fly around and survive in formation, or try and escort some B17's, and after they've all been shot down, we fly the long long way back to Tangmere... It is good stuff you know, even without VR
  5. CloD server: I have no intension whatsoever to stop it. All DServers (Clod, DCS, GBS) are now running on one and the same server. Rog is busy to move the rest (forums and stuff) over to it as well, so in the end there will be only one server left, which is good regarding costs. As in less than we are spending currently. I do not see any sense in trying to get CloD server - visitors - users to donate for it. If we want to go that route, then we need to limit access to it to folk-that-pay-to-play-clod, and that simply means shutting it down. As limiting access that way is too labor intensive and complex to implement. In my humble opinion, we offer a free service at the moment. No guarantees, it is what it is - anyone can use it, anyone can enjoy it - for as long as it's there. I do not want to handle any shift when people have donated, and next the CloD server's not available, and I need to fix it because they've paid for it - maybe they have not in a true sense, but they might think they are entitled to using it. I aint goin't here! 😎
  6. Nothing much really, we mostly talk about how brilliant 1946 and CloD are ...
  7. I dunno. I really do not know! Not that I do not care - Just can't make up my mind what to think. There's positives and negatives that I can sum up, but I'll go with what is best for the group ...
  8. Hm, what if we simply create a Dogzday, add it somewhere into the regular 7 day week? We will all have a extra evening to spend on ... Oh, yeah, wait, on what?
  9. And here we go again, DCS now running on yet a different server. IP is, but you won't need it for SRS-radio, as it auto connects to the new address once you've connected to the server in DCS. You probably need to re-favorite the DangerDogz server though...
  10. Could work. Damage can occur while handling the modules. When within specs, nothing will go wrong with the modules when the PC is switched on. Placement could be relevant, some boards want some specific placement of modules of different sizes.... Manual should tell you that.
  11. Thanks... not sure whether to try it, seeing it may lead to issues after updates ... I have the no /ac icon run running at the moment, so, will look into it!
  12. What is 'this' you are speaking about?
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