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  1. online servers

    +one... Sorry!
  2. online servers

    Oh, Arthur, yes, I'd like to try some more BoS, on a Monday or Wednesday .... would be nice!
  3. online servers

    Propnut, "Sorry for butting in" ... Whát? lol, since when is that possible around here? Thanks for your input !!
  4. online servers

    Thanks Arthur, that helps a lot! To wait is best at the moment.
  5. online servers

    I bet we can set up a 'server'. But, who's gonna configure it so there's a mission running, and a next one rotating / starting? Currently, we do not have that knowledge in house... I do not even know whether one can configure 'short icons'... or long ones ...
  6. Avro Anson in CLoD?

    It was said they had mounted a British compass in his I-16 ...
  7. Avro Anson in CLoD?

    Hm, okay, Hans gets the lead lined life jacket ...
  8. New Or Returning To Active Service With The Dogz?

    Cool! After you've set it up regarding keys and video settings etc., then make a backup!
  9. New Or Returning To Active Service With The Dogz?

    Yeah, basically, 4.13m is the very latest, but only Vanilla. So, no mods. We could use this as our standard, but it means we can't use a lot of interesting maps any more, and we would lose a lot of aircraft types as well! So, we still are on the earlier version, as it has the HSFX mod set. Okay, I've added your IP address, now read the first post by Jabo (click here) and follow the instructions regarding chkmods. (Download, extract, run as administrator etc.) Keep us posted! (You may want to skip step 1, as your install is not working at the moment, so a backup does not really make sense)
  10. New Or Returning To Active Service With The Dogz?

    Wow, you got a challenge on your hands then HSFX 7.03 should go on top of 4.12.2m. But, there's a chance it will work... If you start it, what does it say bottom left in the splash screen? (I'll just prepare the utility for you... It needs your IP address - I should be able to retrieve that - being a Moderator here - Are you using the IL2 Pc to post here? Or rather, a Pc on the same network as the IL2 Pc?)
  11. New Or Returning To Active Service With The Dogz?

    Welcome Mosinut! Let us know how the 1946 install goes, we got some utility that might be able to assist you in that, and that can 1946 to DD's standard.
  12. Avro Anson in CLoD?

    Brilliant idea! And we can make it even more better ! Once the Anson thinks he's found something, he sends out a boat, ánd a Walrus! Walrus lands on the water, picks up whatever Charly, Ivan, Joe or Hans is in the Channel, takes off again, and flies home! Should the Walrus crash, the boat can finish the job! Oh carp, know we're giving away what could've been a complete surprise! Oh well ... Like the idea, I'll see what I can do!
  13. Coming back to the kennel!

    "Growing Up" is said to be mandatory, I've tried it, decided it's not for me. It's highly over rated anyways...
  14. Avro Anson in CLoD?

    It's AI only indeed. No way to fly it currently, and I haven't heard anything about them trying to make it flyable. Too bad. Take a Blenheim, empty loadout, squit your eyes a bit and you're half way there! There's two sub-missions that may spawn in on our server with the Anson in it... there's a chance you see it fly in there, although it will be a small one...
  15. Coming back to the kennel!

    You sure that was in 1946? Sounds a lot like ROF... I mean ... zeppelins and shift... ?