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  1. FoolTrottel

    Up sizing Monitor

    Cable Management is for sissies ...
  2. FoolTrottel

    Screenshot 2018-06-14 14.36.48.png

    ' Engine Stopping' ... lol
  3. So, the issue with the server has been fixed. It's all up and running now, including the shift!
  4. FoolTrottel

    Need a force feedback base for your WartHog?

    Or maybe... both?
  5. FoolTrottel

    port forwarding

    Hm. I have opened TCP&UDP for 28000, and only TCP for 28100 And, I have hosted with these settings! It doesn't need to know, with these settings you instruct the router to forward all TCP/UDP traffic on these ports ending up at your router, to forward it to your PC... BoX will deal with it when it gets delivered to your PC.
  6. So, as I am off on a business trip for a few days, my server is not on, and our own is off as well, so basically, in the end and shift, there's no DD CloD server up. Oh dear.
  7. At the moment our DF server has some weird issue in running CloD. Last Thursday we experienced a crash due to the issue... Have not yet found out what is wrong exactly, but basically the DF server is not running CloD at the moment. However, it is up and available, as at the moment I am running it from my secondary PC. Not sure whether I can keep it running 24/7 though... oh well ...
  8. FoolTrottel

    Need a force feedback base for your WartHog?

    Maybe a good time to set up a stick-share?
  9. FoolTrottel

    Need a force feedback base for your WartHog?

    wow... indeed, WHY did you? Now I did too!
  10. FoolTrottel

    DD's Tuesday sessions are now alternating: 1946 - BoX/GB

    How odd that you are even asking!
  11. FoolTrottel

    A place to share coops

    Good job... too bad I gotta go to work tomorrow - so no late night testing for me!
  12. FoolTrottel

    Dumb Move

    Maybe your thinkin' is right... but maybe it's wrong... In the end, you will probably not get your P51 running in the non-steam version, but that should not be a problem, just buy the Spitfire, and you'll never look back! (Really just jokin' here ... wait for ED support to answer your question...)
  13. FoolTrottel

    A place to share coops

    Sounds good Arthur! And yes, Oleg's stuff... Notepad, Search & Replace
  14. FoolTrottel

    Sunny Scotland- more pics added

    Nice! Beautiful scenery.... Now there's obviously a safety issue in the first picture, but as the road is rather empty, the risk of something bad happening is not too big. However, I fixed it for you, kinda, so as to give you an idea of what -in my opinion - is not right in that picture: You're welcome!
  15. FoolTrottel

    A place to share coops

    Looked into this. Looks like it's fine and fast for missions created by SYN_Vander. He's got the planes nicely grouped. In other missions I have issues finding the plane I want to change... Like ID it, then change it. As they could be named 'Plane', or 'Blue Leader' or... whatever. Haven't found a function in the Editor where one can search and find on plane type. Then there's the missions that were created in the generator (http://il2-expert.ru/en/Coop) and those I cannot even open in the mission editor, as the source file (.mission extension) appears to be missing... So, this plane-change action may work, but I do not see me using it 'on the fly' - as in loading a Coop, seeing one type should be replaced, open the mission in the editor, quickly change it, save mission and host it... Too bad... oh well