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  1. 2 weeks maybe then?
  2. Could indeed be interesting ... !
  3. My successes in level bombing are kinda varying, better results when I am 'concentrated', and keep my air speed and altitude constant. I never use that method he uses to set the TAS, I use this bombsight calculator: bombsightcal0.33 (Well, due to not paying attention, sometimes I franticly try and fix the bomb sight on the target using inc/dec of TAS setting, but that never leads to a good hit, maybe once in a full moon if I am lucky!) I run the calculator on a separate Pc, but it should be possible to run it on the box you run IL2 on... not too sure! Usually I do the calculations before the run, preferably during briefing, as alt and speed should be known at that time. Circumstances during the mission beyond my control may lead to a re-calc being neccesary ... If you drop long all of the time... maybe setting the TAS is incorrect? Do you take the target altitude into the calculations? Though if you do not do that, it would mean a short drop when the target is higher than sea level... Also, wind might be a factor? Head wind/tail wind? This video does not mention side slip setting, which you will need should there be some wind in the mission. BombCalc does cover this... And yes, keep practising, using level stab does not always guarantee a fixed height and speed!
  4. Main spar broken? Oh dear...
  5. [sound] SoundUse=1 SoundEngine=1
  6. Check conf.ini for this: [HotKey gui] Escape=activate Should it be missing, or incorrectly spellled, fix it! (Just tested it, if I remove that line, I get the same issue)
  7. Get him "going"? Would be much easier if you simply delete his account 'round here, now wouldn't it?
  8. Could it be you've installed it in / under "C:\Program Files" ? If so, create a dedicated folder for IL2, in the root of like C: or whatever drive, and copy it out of "C:\Program Files\"...
  9. You needs to right click the executable, and select 'Run as Administrator'
  10. It's now on display in the same shop as the other bridge!
  11. Done!
  12. Always close/open the Rads when spawning in. Even when the slider/lever is in the open position when you spawn, you need to do this, otherwise it will still be closed! And, once airborne, move the proppitch back to like max. 85% (Power max 100%) otherwise you may cook it pretty fast as well.
  13. Will depend on the size of the case, whether the mounting points are the same. Next, the power supply, Mobo should have similar connectors, probably no worries there. But, as you're moving from AMD to Intel? Chipset drivers could be an issue, though same brand Motherboard. Check Gigabyte site whether it has specific drivers for Windows 10. (Link to Gigabyte) Download all the drivers from there first, and keep them close. It's been a while for me since I've tried something like this... Biggest issue might be the AHCI/SATA stuff... if that's being used on your current install... well, it might be W10 might not even want to start from the HD. Not sure whether you can easily switch the new board back to Sata only (in Bios), and then run the AHCI driver. Like said, it's been a while!! Maybe I see trouble where it is not really there. Jabo should know more on this, I'm sure. Oh, and W10 will probably want you to re-activate it, you may be needing a phone. Great stuff you got there BTW, that should fly along rather nicely