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  1. Fixed it for you... BP is now part of the rotisserie ...
  2. Rotating one and the same mission still is considered rotation now is it not? But yeah...
  3. Good read, and a good show! Nice performance guys!
  4. Guess what I did today? The only thing that remains to be seen is whether the four hour cycle will work: The process called DCS.exe will be killed from the processor after four hours - but there are two DCS.exe's running on it now... not sure what will happen! But, we will found out in a few hours. I guess... Oh, and SRS has been updated to as well. ( What's the use? I dunno )
  5. For all the stuff (ie. "missions") hosted via our dedicated server, the alternative visibility is now Off, as well as the Navigational Icons. Not sure why I changed it, I just felt I wanted to ... and as I could, well, I just did!
  6. Hi Bucky, if you want to enjoy 'multiplayer' with us again, then maybe leave 46 alone as it looks like you will be on your own in there. We've kinda moved on to Great Battles series ...and / or DCS...
  7. FoolTrottel


    Cool. Congrats! It's a beauty ...
  8. Will try running Coops today on the Rheinland Map - with the P-38. Or the P-51 - not both in the same mission, as I think not all of us have Blodenplatte? (Hm, would it be a good incentive to buy it if bobp-less they can only fly the I-16 as an escort fighter for GA P-38? )
  9. "Alternative visibility" is now ON on the missions running/hosted on our DServer...
  10. Yeah, I always try and leave .mission out, for performance purposes - when there's lotsa dogs joining ...
  11. Downloading them might not suffice, as you do not get the .mission file with them? Takes special action to open the .msbin file... as in ... type the name+extension msbin in the File Open Dialog box...
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