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  1. Perfect show 402nd! Eight a/c took off, and eight a/c landed back at home. Lots of damage was done to enemy targets. Great job on flying Formation! Proud !
  2. Regarding free roaming on the map : I do have the impression that if the brief states 'there's your target' and people drop in at the start point, well, that limits the roaming free is it? If one reads the map, roads will still dictate the route. Rivers and bridges will... Maybe too much hassle? I dunno ... As for 'not to have lots and lost of AI units active on the map' do we have an idea on numbers? For sure, that's very relevant. How many did you have in the latest missions? They did perform very nicely ... Edit: That put-tank-on-train is a nice idea... very nice!
  3. Yes there is. As I made that file named #2 one that will be suppressed / deleted by ChkSkins. We do not want two files that are basically the same like all over the place, now do we? So, delete your orignal, and re-run ChkSkins ... all will be good. Even ppl that do not have your new skin, will still see the old version. Beats having the blank/default skin, if they have not updated/download the latter one ... and... the download that Chris offers is named without the #2 ... so people that downloaded it, and not use ChkSkins will not have your #2 ... Sorry, but I just do
  4. First delete the file P38J25\402nd__E6_J_Jabo.dds, then run ChkSkins - it only compares file names, not dates or versions!
  5. Good show Colin... ! In general I do agree with all of the items... They do not seem new though - it's basically very much the same when flying, is it not?' >>For missions which are planned to cover a large distance need regular points of conflict to keep the action going.<< Not sure here. If one does behave carefully, one would always be on the look out, regularly stopping, and scanning the area in front. So, it could be correct to travel a 'large distance' without any points of conflict? This still is 'action' in my opinion - it's rather different than flying a pat
  6. 1. It should not be there at all. If it is there, the mklink command will not work. 2. Not really relevant, you only need to run it once Edit: ah, I now realize I forgot to mention this little detail, lol. Sorry!
  7. Cools - looks all like wireless and shift!
  8. Just yesterday I've applied a different trick to save some disk space: Use a link to point the 'liveries' folder from my Stable version, to the one of the Beta version. (within the Saved Games folder structure) First delete the liveries folder from the Stable one (maybe first move its content over to the Beta one if you like/need/want to), and next, this command does it all: mklink /j "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Saved Games\DCS\liveries" "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\liveries" (If you copy paste this command into a .cmd file, you only need to change the path names of DCS a
  9. As of last weekend, our GBS Server is running two different 'missions' 24/7. One rotating the set of 5 DF a/c oriented missions (90min rotation), the other running the 'Tankcrew Summer' mission, created/tuned by dd_Friar, with options to battle in open field and in towns, or to practice at a gun range. It will restart itself after 6 hours of running. Yeah, bad luck if/when you kill all possible targets on the map in the first half hour - you better go fly for five and a half hours. Note: The TankCrew mission will not be running whilst we are doing the regular Sunday/Tuesday Coops, th
  10. Careless? Never! But, I couldn't care less. Inattentative? I've been spending plenty of vacation/holidays camping in a tent, in Holland, Belgium, France, Germany, even in Spain, thank you very much!
  11. Partial debrief for 402nd: Lost Red3 (Jabo) immediately after t/o when he raised the gears, structural failure of the P38, looked like main spar failed. He was wounded, hope he will be okay. Encountered 6 FW190-A8 over friendly territory, close to the front. We downed them all. Unfortunately, lost White3 (Perf) due to blackout. I collided with one of the 190's, and I lost left hand engine, returned home and landed there. White1 took lead of the group, and continue to the mission objective(s). White1 will report on that bit, I assume.
  12. Found the proper place. I think. I hope: \DCS\CoreMods\WWII Units\P-47D-30\Liveries\P-47D-30
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