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  1. I think I got into an F14 #326 group on the Supercarrier? I did not, my bad!
  2. Sure, but I must confess... I logged on to DCS on the server, using my own credentials, and thus I could install the Supercarrier module. Next, started the Dserver under the DangerDogz account, and ... yeah, I could spawn in on the deck... (I did not take off in the 14, so did not attempt to land, and thus never asked for permission to land!)
  3. Okay, uuhhmmhm, let me see and have a look at this issue ...
  4. No! Catapults are for Sissies!
  5. Sure! No worries, plenty of runway there ...
  6. I think it's this one: ICON_D(distance)_D(direction)_NL(no labels)_SM(small)_T(triangle) - original cleaned up a bit cause I'm sloppy ICON_D_D_NL_SM_T.rar8.01 kB · 187 downloads
  7. My suggestion: We shall call him 'Dave' ...
  8. We do try and 'standardize' just a bit, as much as possible (ie, not ) as to have some kind of 'equal playing field', namely during coops, en would like to see that peeps use the small triangle dot as labels, and only the own icon on the map. Just to have some added immersion ... Like these ...
  9. See how perfectly modeled the I-16 is? It does not need any update!
  10. We getting close there Crash, but for now it's still 'We are talking all over the World'
  11. Oh my, No, No, not another VR Git! BTW, them 1946 pics are useless, and quite worthless, as: Where's the Swordfish? Welcome here!
  12. Nope, not easily anyways. There used to be a procedure in place where the IP address in used was picked form your forum logins. But that has stopped working some time ago. Just contact your ISP and tell them to stop messing with your IP address! Fixed it for you...
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