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  1. - Server is now running 4.5 - Beaufighters are available at Wilmington, Hawkinge, Rochester, Canterbury. - Mission now runs for 'only' four hours. This is a bit of a test, to watch the Game's RAM use on the DF Server.
  2. Was this on our server Perf? I've seen that happen there. Will keep an eye on it, though it looks like it simply uses more RAM on there...
  3. Got the impression that on the server it uses lots more memory ... then again, currently, there's lots more pilots on it than before, so ...
  4. Could it be related to other software running? For keys/controllers? SweetFX overlays? (just guessing here...)
  5. Have created our own 'BlitzWatchDog' for the server, so it re-launches Blitz whenever it stops, or whenever the server gets restarted. Not sure whether it all works okay, as well, testing a situation that occurs once in 6 hours is kinda taking a while... Mind you: Our server hás been upgraded, and it cannot be used by any 4.312 version clients! Just to be very and extra clear: This BlitzWatchdog' is a server-side utility, got nothing to do with you clients. Try and reach out to me whenever you got issues connecting, ie. when our Blitz server is not online.
  6. Our Server is in the process of being upgraded as well It's running at the moment, but that will be over and done with in a few hours. Will fix that in a few days. I hope. Oh well. It's all nice, and good!
  7. IL-2 GBS Resources

    IL2MG - IL2-Mission Generator It's a download, zip file, extract it somewhere, point it to IL2 executable, and you can generate missions. I'm not yet sure what it exactly does, or how it works. People appear to be happy about it though ...
  8. Hello fellow flyers!

    Sean, I've granted you access to the place where our Teamspeak information is stored: TeamSpeak server info This way, you can talk to you, and you can talk to us. On the main forum page there's an overview of the TS servers, who's active in there. Sunday evenings we are on, flying the old IL2 1946. We are looking into getting us a true BoX evening, could be Tuesdays (also 1946 at the moment) On Thursday's we are active with Cliffs of Dover. I might be on TS Sunday sometime during the day ...
  9. Hello fellow flyers!

    Hello! Welcome here!!
  10. Arthur: Lol. The things you mention there, yeah, I've had those thoughts as well... (But, could I maybe circumvent the start ME, close ME, fire up Game, Close Game, start ME - Cycle by using two computers, where they be sharing the same missions folder? ) (Yeah, you can tell, that even thinking about mission building in BoX makes me lose it all togehterrWWER12edqwfllkwlker !!!qsklkleq$2245624###) b ==== b klk
  11. Yes, in a group. Good one. Could go fly blue as well ...
  12. Yesterday, Fenrir had a nice idea to do some thing different when CloD-ing on our server. Gather five to six pilots in the same aircraft, take off together and try some formation flying... Looked like we took the wrong base, at the wrong time(s). Hawkinge. Spitfire IA. Fen and me at the start of the runway ready for take off. Others taxing towards take off. Yeah. Bang Bang goes the AA... Bandits, low level. lol. Scramble! Next try, Lympne, Hurricanes. You guessed it: same shift happening! Now we already have implemented the season change on the server, thanks to BluBear... (Though somehow, magically, at Thursdays around 20:00 GMT, it's always summer!) Any ways, what's my point here? * What other good ideas can we come up with to add to the fun we are having on the server? * Not specifically looking for missions where programming is concerned, though they are welcome...
  13. Have built plenty of missions for 1946, some for CloD. None for BoX though. Have read about the ME, have opened it once. I just need to get the hang of it... maybe, if my brain can handle that So, please do share missions. (I'd like to see some very simple ones. With lots of explanation ... ) Some easy pointers maybe, the relevant stuff? (Like I've read one should not rename any mission files... or be very careful in doing that)...
  14. Whay are the Announcments blocked?

    Hm, I thought this was fixed a few weeks ago? ... Oh well, we'll see... it's not like it's the end of the shift.
  15. We need to talk...

    So, yes, we do need new members. How are we going to get them? We should make a concentrated effort, and properly prepare it. What about: (just thinkin' out loud here) - A 'team' of recruiters that will set it up. Two or three members? - We need a new, fresh web page for that, where people can easily "sign up". (What we have now is too old/stale/long - as far as I can tell ... lol). - Properly describe our group, announcing what we fly, when and where. And our spirit(s). - Mentioning our 'events' (which are those?) If/when we start recruiting actively, we do need to make sure what we offer/announce is true to what we deliver. /can deliver We need to be ready. Meaning, if we get someone interested, and he/she clicks on a link, reads something, and tries and contact us - response should be swift and accurate. Sign up procedure should be easy - not too cumbersome. (I really dunno whát the current sign up is though...) Like said, just some ideas. Should we create a new thread, in maybe a less public place to discuss this all? That is - if my ideas on this are valid and being supported by us all