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  1. FT 

    Is it ok to give Hawkeye98 the public TS password before he is an official member?


  2. 08/01/1945 Walter Moore Air claims: None! Ground claims: One Bridge, One AA gun. (Edit: The bridge was up in the air though, as in, well, high over the river. One could argue it's not a ground object ...)
  3. Hi FT

    This guy Hawkeye98 has a post, and PMed me too, as how to join us and I am not the guy to ask that question as I joined by asking Jim.

    Anyway I told him that you would know the "official" method. He ask me for the password to our server just today. I haven't given it to him, but I don't want to scare him away either.

    1. FoolTrottel


      Hi AP... 

      Thanks for pointing him out to me... he's got some decent replies to his post in the mean time, and I think it will all be good and end well... 

      Good thing you did not give him the password yet, first let him introduce himself a bit more.

      There are others capable enough to scare him away!! :)


    2. APHill


      LOL! I was trying not to scare him.

      I figured you would see the post but wanted to make sure.


  4. Not sure if I can handle the two full hours, but for sure willing to give it a go! I'd like to pilot a Mossie, with the option of switching to a navigator position on a different Mossie, should mine run into some kind of engine or radio troubles
  5. 6th January 1945 Claiming: One and a half 109G-14 (Shared with Fen)
  6. That's too bad Lama! But thanks for the fun, and thanks for the sign off message ! Take care and Have Fun!
  7. 05/01/21 Walter Moore 4x 109G6 and/or K4 (Though one could argue #4 was not mine: I fatally hit a 109 in its left wing, then another 109 decided to bud in, and take off that bent wing completely, rendering his own aircraft unflyable. The pair went down together. United.)
  8. Haha.... : (...) Flight Model: Realistic Flight Dynamics (it's pretty nifty). (...)
  9. Sure I can, let me check whether I am inclined to do it, and whether I have nothing more important to do right now... (But, what is 'normal' anyways, around here?)
  10. 'About to' is the key here. As that will not happen. Most shouts are like 'Hey, I just got killed!' and then a lucky git that is still alive may call out the Tiger, but usually it goes like two or three more times 'Hey, I just got killed too!'
  11. Go ahead me thinks. We do want closed servers, but no problem if you have him join our server and train on it... that's all fine! (And thanks for asking first ...)
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