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  1. Yes it is. Link here: https://forum.dcs.world/topic/203816-vnao-t-45-goshawk/ You will also need the A-4E-C: https://forum.dcs.world/topic/290302-community-a-4e-c-v201-march-2022/#comment-4860158
  2. Good show Ben, good fun, thanks! Nice teamwork, we got royally and regularly killed individually, but as a Team still!
  3. Brilliant ... ! 18 months ago you typed this "when we move onto P51s from P38s in Tom's campaign" lol ... we're still not there yet !
  4. (Added to ChkSkins - 4K must be unchecked!)
  5. Added failures? No need for those, I got plenty myself already!
  6. GBS DF-Server updated to 4.706, Arado added to both missions.
  7. Thanks Sid! (They are in ChkSkins now - but to get all 4 files, you need to switch 'Only 4K Skins' off!)
  8. 30/01/45 Luke Short Air: 1x Me262 Ground: 1x Machine Gun 2x Facilities
  9. DCS-OB Server: All repaired - issues not fixed
  10. (DCS-OB server currently in Repair process - trying to figure out some F-16 I-16 issues... )
  11. Our DCS-OB server has been updated to latest version today.
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