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  1. TAW - Tactical Air War

    Sounds and looks interesting, though I have not looked into it, nor registered. For me, it will probably be too early to join in, I need to spend some more hours in the IL2 boxpit I think... I am a n000b ... Thanks for posting though, we may as well register there, and show up there irregularly ... and fly there in a similar way
  2. A place to share coops

    Cool stuff!
  3. Lancaster MkI 1/72 Revell

    The only good reason I had for getting me this one is that it was available in the shop I was visiting Surely, one get can anything on line, but being in the shop, seeing the box, touching it, holding it, pondering over it, whether to get it or not, negotiating with the shop owner, to get some discount... (got it for 20 Euro's, it was priced at 29,90) I mean ... you can't really beat that with Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Safari's 'put in basket, checkout' now can you?
  4. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are troublesome for me, unless we start really really early And I mean really ... So, what if we try and box in Mondays for Bo.? It looks to me that it'd be the 'best'? Seeing the replies here, it would fit all, apart from maybe Crash, as you have not ruled it out yet?
  5. Loadouts

    Hm, why not search for the file user.ini over the disk? Or, try and browse via Libraries, Documents etc. It could be pointing to a different folder than C:\Users etc.
  6. Watcha Got Cookin'?

    Apply it once and it will last a computer-lifetime me thinks
  7. No Poll needed - just yet. This is an attempt for an open conversation, to share ideas and opinions... and options. (Furthermore, in my opinion, we do not have the numbers to use the poll feature really, the value of a single vote click has so much influence on the outcome... but that's just me.)
  8. Here's a thought: Could we start doing BoX sessions on Thursdays, alternating with CloD, could maybe decide at the last moment, whoever shows up and then vote? Here's why I thought about this: - Currently, CloD sessions are nice, but rather limited on the number of people joining 'm. - Currently, BoX online servers are a bit... well, there are some downsides to them. The idea is to host Coops for Box. But we need some stuff/thingies for that: - A host - who can? (I cannot currently, as I do not know how, but should not be too difficult) - Good mix of Coop missions, as I understood, the best ones are very new, and made for the latest planesets ie. Kuban. So, some editing needs to be done So, what do we think about this? Who can do what? And how? Won't be starting on short notice - just throwing it out here!
  9. online servers

    We are getting close to having a dedicated BoX session me thinks... I'm gonna start a new thread on that.
  10. Biggin Hill now has all spawn points, outside the revetments. (Put some static Hurricanes in the pens, blocking those points)
  11. Watcha Got Cookin'?

    Haha, sure do! After applying the new paste, the temps as such during load seem reasonable, but after running CloD and/or DCS, the Max value ended up at being 81C ! Not really an improvement ... lol Maybe the CPUID HWMonitor is not up to its task? There was a recent update of it though...
  12. Loadouts

    The user.ini file you need to alter would be in the My Documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover folder!
  13. A place to share coops

    Thanks for the info Arthur, so let's forget about a dedicated server for us for now... good! Edit the mission, replace one type by another.... does not sound too difficult.