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  1. Spent some time yesterday checking Artie's Pc... Even using TeamViewer. It shows the little steam popup box that the game is launching. That then disappears, the mouse cursor show the busy state ... then nothing. Tried so many things, and none worked. Verify files, renamed the 1C softclub/cliffs of dover blitz folder (starting the game did re-create the folder and contents though.) In the event viewer an application error showed up with a reference to Visuall C++ Runtime... Even un-installed and re-installed all Visual re-distributables. In the end, as Artie typed inthe chat bar, he did change some settings in Steam. But it's unknown which one. There is that 'Beta' option that should be set to 'Opt out' - if not set at that, the game might not launch - read that over at the Atag forums somewhere. Well, initially we checked that, it was set correctly... It's running now, so... All is well again! Edit: Link to topic at Atag: https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=28130
  2. Just reinstalled and got this error

    Indeed, what Arthur said, side-by-side configuration appears to be related to the likes of DirectX and them Visual C++ re-distributables: Got that from here: https://www.drivereasy.com/knowledge/side-by-side-configuration-is-incorrect-in-windows-10-fixed/
  3. My Mobo died 3 weeks ago

    Yes, even when you use the media creation tool now, it creates a USB stick with an old version of W10. That will get updates to 1709 (Fall Creeators update) and that process leaves the windows.old version. I get rid of it using Disk Cleanup.
  4. My Mobo died 3 weeks ago

    Yes, I have one now. A W10 one. Maybe not call them, but use the chat. Use Copy/Paste Or let them remotely control your PC. Good Luck!
  5. My Mobo died 3 weeks ago

    I had the exact same thing. This is what I did: Install Windows 10, skipping the key entry at the installer. After I could not activate it with my key, I started a chat with an MS Employee. Raj S. was his name. Explained what I did - New Mobo + CPU, Gave him my W10 code, ánd the original W7 code. He then gave me a brand new code, and with that one I could activate W10.
  6. Upgrading - The fool's way

    So, it kinda is all running good. Managed to get the water cooler set over from the old board to the new one. Nice! But, now I got a screaming big cooler lying around ... Sure, the two game controllers have swapped position ... oh well. As I reinstalled W10 from scratch, a lot of things need re-assigning. No worries there. Regularly, some tick-tock-clicking sounds come from the system, as if an old style HDD is going to go bad, and as I got two of 'm in there ... Currently running with one of 'm disconnected. Weird thing though is that the contents of the disks are available just fine while the clicking is happening. Already discovered it also clicks when my 2TB disk is disconnected, so it looks like that's not the one in trouble. Hm. It's all good. I think.
  7. online servers

    Me thinks Monday is better for me than Wednesday... will try and show up!
  8. Upgrading - The fool's way

    Here ya go, link to the Dutch shop, there's a UK version of it, but I could not find that specific kit in there (did not spend a lot of time on it though) https://www.alternate.nl/ALTERNATE/Upgrade-Kit-Prime-Z370-P-i7-8700K-16GB/html/product/1409186?lk=17219
  9. Upgrading - The fool's way

    So, as my I5-2500K / 12GB combo, bought in 2011 is getting old, I decided it's upgrade time! But then, I quickly got tired of all the options to choose from, and simply looked at what would fit my case, and Power supply. Which will remain. As will my 970GTX. And, I ran across a kit! Motherboard, CPU (I7-8700K) and memory DDR4-3200 16GB, and a big CPU cooler too. The stuff should arrive tomorrow... As it's a kit, it should all fit together nicely Then I remembered a site where you can enter your Pc's components, and thus determine it's bottleneck (theoretically) : http://thebottlenecker.com Had used it before on my current system, and I had forgotten the result, as I was not looking to upgrade at time: 12% bottleneck on the 970GTX. (Anything over 10% is considered to be a bottleneck) So, now with the new stuff: 29% bottleneck on the 970GTX. lol. The suggest I get me a 1080ti. Brilliant! Oh well, I hope I can get it to run quickly and nicely, and will be able to transfer my W10 license
  10. My Mobo died 3 weeks ago

    All boards will have some integrated video nowadays me thinks. CPU's have a GPU in them, don't they? Looks like it's normal. Got mine switched off in the Bios. (I5 2500K Oc-ed up to 4.3Ghz. It's from 2011)
  11. My Mobo died 3 weeks ago

    Hm, get an i5 with good speed. Some board, some memory with some o/c capability.... Really, I do not know which exactly, and I got a feeling it doesn't matter as much as it used to, which components you pick. But, that's probably just me: just get some decent stuff for some decent amount of money... nothing too complex, too fancy, so it will last a while, and stay steady and dependable
  12. One suggestion: right click Il-2.exe, run as administrator (?)
  13. DCS Spitfire - Refining your technique

    Thanks for that, will surely apply this curve setting, but I am not sure when I will take a chance to try it out! Really nice of you to explain all the why of the how regarding spitpitch...
  14. DCS 2.5

    Wait... what? Oh, yeah, I get it now... wait... cool, I can do that...
  15. online servers

    lol... @Dennis: "Are you brave or what...?" Thanks for them recordings Arthur, gave me a good laugh!