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  1. FoolTrottel

    Upgrading - The fool's way

    Hm, I did have some issues with the W10 key indeed, due to changing the parts (CPU and Motherboard) I ended up in a chat with a Microsoft support professional, giving him my latest W10 key, and even my original W7 key. He managed to mix them both into a valid W10 key I could use. Similarly, he could fresh up my Office 2010 key as well....
  2. FoolTrottel

    Thinking of water cooling

    I got a set, on the CPU. Closed circuit. Plus side besides good cooling, is less noise! Corsair Hydro H55:
  3. FoolTrottel

    Graphics Cards

    w00t! Good show, new stuff == nice! And next, before you know it, we get to welcome our new member DD_MissussGypsy !!
  4. FoolTrottel

    Surving RAF Pilots from the Battle of Britain

    You sure about that? I found a Ronald Mackay, birth date June 26th 1917: http://www.bbm.org.uk/airmen/Mackay.htm, but he's got P/O not Flt Lt... could be a different one...?
  5. FoolTrottel

    IL-2 GBS Resources

    Yes, you are!
  6. FoolTrottel

    Storm of War

    (I'm still working on my landings - though I must state I do very little training ... can't find the time/inspiration/motivation for it at the moment ... while I did buy that Normandy Spit campaign ... silly... oh well)
  7. FoolTrottel

    IL-2 GBS Resources

    Good, so I can sit back now and do nothing ... Thanks!
  8. FoolTrottel

    IL-2 GBS Resources

    Just tried http://il2-expert.ru/en/Coop post 3.005 update, and at the moment it's not producing any compatible missions for 3.005. (Currently I have like 2 Coop missions that will run in 3.005 ... )
  9. FoolTrottel

    All debriefy and things

    Thank you Chris, great video! And thanks for "da Audio" boys! 😎 And what a Bleautiful Spitfire!
  10. FoolTrottel

    All debriefy and things

    It took me quite a while to figure out these were the scale models! I started wondering why the pilots we all in their closed cockpits ... and only then it hit me... lol Great shot this...
  11. Oh dear, we're still on the first page and we're already making sense and have an agreement? The sky will be failing soon!
  12. Yes but the 'not too distant future' is still a possibility... like Crash stated, we have not set a date ... yet.
  13. Well, the Calendar does support the recurring stuff, so I've added the current future sessions into it. Furthermore, I've added a Calendar block to the frontpage ... all nice and visible. Will it help?
  14. FoolTrottel


  15. It is a good idea ... somebody needs to keep track of what/when ... as I cannot ... 😎 Hey, we have a calendar 'round here... can it do recurring stuff?