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  1. The Big Fat Aeroplane Video Thread!

    Wow, nice!
  2. Photobucket has changed it's Terms Of Service

    Too much Moon ...
  3. Il-2 1946 Cup Jet Age Module Simpit

    Immersion? Don't forget to add: * That really big fan pointing at your face that starts running when you open your cockpit, and make sure to use that UPD thingie so its speed is directly related to your airspeed! * Some of the rags you were using when you last gave your car an oil change ... hang 'm close to your nostrils. Or maybe hang 'm over the fan?
  4. Il-2 1946 Cup Jet Age Module Simpit

    Won't be helping you out, as this stuff is so obviously a cheat Can't be collaborating with that! For BoB campaigns in 1946, apart from the a/c you already got done, you maybe find yourself in a Me-110C1, C7, D3, E1 or F2?
  5. Broadband in the UK

    Brando? BRANDO!!! That would be mighty fine ... you back 'round here, and with us vairborn! (eh, lemme splain' : Virtually Airborne is what I on about)
  6. Battle for Britain Campaigns?

    Me thinks he re-worked it and/or converted it for HSFX, or no, wait for Clod maybe? Lol... can't remember!
  7. Battle for Britain Campaigns?

    Nine Lives is good. Not sure how it will work with HSFX, as it was built for UP2/3 ... http://www.mission4today.com/index.php?name=Downloads3&file=details&id=545 Here's a comment from someone in 2015, so ... if you edit it a bit, it might work! So far goodThis campaign is well worthy. I´ve experienced some issues with two or three missions but just went to FMB and removed some parked planes in hangars saved and close it. Then it worked fine. You will fly all kind of aerial engagements, always outnumbered and with good immersion. Even a mission searching for a german flying boat like the ones that often scout the channel for german pilots - as so many of them were forced to ditch or bail over the sea. Not outstanding but good. I recommend it
  8. The Big Fat Aeroplane Video Thread!

    Them aircraft look like they are kinda great fun to fly 'm...
  9. might be worth a look

    Thanks for that Perf... For sure, lure him into our group, no problems there..
  10. Flying Legends 2018

    Oh come on, get a room already you two!
  11. More Modeling 1/64th scale

    Target is this building: Here's what I did ... Needs some more detailing and finishing
  12. The Big Fat Aeroplane Video Thread!

    Oh carp ... Deaf and blind I am now... (Impressive legendary stuff ... really... yet ... jets... yuk ... yeah ....)
  13. A view with a sky

    Yes, to both The bridge is the rail road bridge, it's the successor of the one I created a model of ... And if you look closely, behind it, you can see a bit of the arc of the other bridge.
  14. Spitfire Training Day

  15. A view with a sky

    As there's so many beautiful pictures of skies with aereoplanies in them, here's one without any, for comparison.