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  1. ATAG_Drock messaged me about this: ATAG will be launching a massive assault on our main server this Saturday, June 29, at 2100 GMT. Can use custom skins, but keep them below 500kb please. I am planning on showing up there - who else?
  2. Great idea ... (Though at the moment, I do not do any post - normal - event - thingies ... no problem for me, I do not need any training!) Like the idea of them co-ops!
  3. Looks great! (Who was it performing that flapsup-hoppin'-hare landing? Looked spectacular from that angle!)
  4. Great, thanks Fen! (Not that I am going to be able to store and use it all - then again, it will probably not be very relevant to me - well never say not - and IMHO, data sheets are for sissies! ) And I'd like to unofficially add one phrase to the list - one heard rather often over our radios in different forms, some with a rather bad smell - so just to standardize all of 'm into one word: Odear!
  5. Avoiding it? Looks like most of that specific mass is right below the VR Helmet usually ... ...
  6. So, I came across this discussion on Durability of targets... https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/35187-durability-values-post-kuban-release/?do=findComment&comment=753060 And next, I've updated all of the 4 missions running on our DF server. So, if you find ships impossible to kill - or maybe too easy, like glancing at them with VR death rays - you know who to blame... Me! Eh, no, the editor of that post I mean... It's all good now isn't it?
  7. One crazy Dutch car mechanic, with obviously too much time on his hands ... https://www.nu.nl/273408/video/nederlander-maakt-een-vanuit-zijn-hangmat-bestuurbare-auto.html?jwsource=cl
  8. The 262 is available on our GBS Server now ... as are the Se5 and Albatros. Well, not in all missions - some of them.
  9. It ís entirely utterly completely virtually professional!
  10. FoolTrottel


    "Hey buddy, you got a match?"
  11. FoolTrottel


    Ok. I'll PM you my address, 20 bucks for a second hand Samsung is a good deal I think...
  12. Sounds good to me... Aint perfect, see Jabo above.... 😞 As for FT hosting: I have no other things scheduled during the week. (I do not have a social life you know - how cool is that!) Whether I can manage to host any given night, will be depending on my mood / energy level. Those tend to be on the low side at the moment, hence the hosting-but-no-flying. (Yesterday both were up enough to do two successful 110 sorties - too bad nobody was there to watch me do it! ) Hosting specifics: GBS - Anyone can run a coop or a df mission.This is nice, provided one has a good mission. For anyone wanting to host, here's a link to the IL2 Great Battles Easy Mission Generator by Syn_Vander. Very Nice bit of software, this is what I use for Coop sessions in BoX. One may need to figure out what the numbers of AI are for a host to be able to run the mission without performance issues. For volunteers who want to take control of our Dedicated server and generate and host the mission from there, it is possible! Best to have a separate computer to operate the server side of things, as otherwise it'd mean a lot of alt-tabbing. If you want this, let me know in a PM, I can tell you how - Kevin already knows how to do this. Missions: Some people have some, but due to AI behavior one would need a tuned one, to have the correct a/c numbers and types, tuned to the audience at that time. That Mission Generator is really nice for that! DCS - Same regarding our server, access to it is possible, one should upload a mission to the server, one can then load/start it via web-interface. Missions: We do not have many available - yet. Fenrir knows more. CloD - The most technically challenging of them. It's possible to host a closed event on our DF server, but one needs to know a lot about it, it means some tuning/editing - not easy. One could even run ones own Dedicated server, you can do that on the same Pc as the client is running. Missions: Hm, we have none or hardly any. The six I created are hosting-wise such a challenge that even I am struggling to host them 1946 - I think it's covered sufficiently by Crash and me. Missions: we have big set of missions that is shared in the Vault. Somewhere... For anybody to download and host, Hm, maybe this should be not here, but in another topic? Oh well.
  13. And around that time I took a look at our CloD server.... 19 peeps in there! (Not relevant to here, but made me feel kinda funny )
  14. Y'all can do fine without my thoughts about this, cos I aint got none, and I can't make any sense of it all.
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