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  1. FoolTrottel

    Shuttleworth Airshow: Race Day

    A One-hundred-And-Eight-Years-old flying machine? Cools!
  2. FoolTrottel

    Shuttleworth Airshow: Race Day

    Have Fun!
  3. Yeah, what's he on about? I see nottin' ...
  4. Calendar has been adjusted to this new development
  5. FoolTrottel

    Laptop required

    Well, an MS-Windows license and an MS-Office license would cost over £150 so ... you an call it a challenge then Work related stuff? What is his occupation? A laptop? Is this for the mobility of it, or lack of space? If he's not gonna go on line, and thus not sharing any stuff, he could be very happy with a rather very old and cheap laptop, with an ancient version of Ubuntu on it, combined with OpenOffice... both are free, so, he could be done with like £50 for a really old laptop with a bad battery?
  6. FoolTrottel

    for FT- arnhem eye witness account.

    Thanks very much!
  7. FoolTrottel

    DCS Stable Release Version Update 19-09-18

    Updating right now, thanks!
  8. FoolTrottel

    BoX screenshots

    It really does!
  9. CloD is good on Thursdays. Just my opinion.
  10. You sure it's the temperature? Sounds weird... maybe mix or prop pitch? Although, I bet you got those set correctly... Really, I dunno...
  11. FoolTrottel

    New Game Launcher, New Set Up

    Yes, that is looking good... Thanks!
  12. FoolTrottel

    The Big Fat Aeroplane Video Thread!

    Engine going kaput really bad then.... what kind of engine was it?
  13. FoolTrottel

    The Big Fat Aeroplane Video Thread!

    What on earth happended at 1:45? And how can one see the remnants/traces of smoke a few second before that? I am confused.
  14. FoolTrottel

    might give this a go

    I'm going for the background_mute thingie...
  15. FoolTrottel

    new toy

    Noisy Punk!