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  1. I got really des-orientated looking at all them words... and then I looked closer for a few seconds ... I went into g-loc
  2. Capture... a bridge? - The bridge gots loads of guns. Artillery + AAA. Tanks? Why not? - Attackers need to take out them guns. - Defenders must stop them... and maybe ... try and bomb their own bridge ... depending on success of attackers
  3. New attempt at running two DCS dedicated server sessions/missions on our server, both are running stable version: One is closed, one is open. The open one is running a generic mission, not specifically a good DF one - but there will be one, some day soon. The way I did it this time, is to have a secondary user logged on to the server - as one can have two logged on at the same time. Besides DCS twice, CloD is now also running the Tobruk mission and the BoB missions on the same server, the same way. This all should save me from having to run a separate little server at home so... that's the positive thing about it. Whether our own server will be able to handle it, remains to be seen.
  4. Our DCS server has been updated!
  5. Thanks Tom! It has shown somebody else can do your job where it concerns clicking them buttons ... But writing this all up the way you do? ... Nope. Never.. Ever... Thanks so much!
  6. Took a look at PWCG, first page when preparing a new mission shows: Now, someone could play Fenton Rea instead. Or let AI fly ... but no. Better to postpone ... If we keep the current scheme, next one would be on Tuesday 13th of October.
  7. This might confuse the heck out of some of the Cliffs of Dover players - not many though, 'cos there aren't that many left! I GOTS THE POWER!
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