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  1. Rudder Trim: My Bad! Well, she flies. Sounds awesome. Kinda like two Spitties in close formation. With you sitting in between the two. Tricky to fly, when you have elevator trim inverted... lol Did manage one take off and one weird messy landing, (without damage though) Do not forget to switch off them Special settings = Take off assistance and shift. Have Fun!
  2. I expected the elevator trim here: Is my memory failing me, or was 1946 incorrect? Or does DCS have it wrong. Some observations: - It's gonna be very interesting to fly a night time mission in this, the number of controls to assign regarding cockpit lights is mind boggling. - It does a repair, though it fails to repair my left hand engine after it over heated. - haven't taken off yet. Still exploring stuff... there's lots... lol
  3. Screenshot taken six minutes ago, on our OB - server... DD_All Planes Jet Practise A4 0700.miz
  4. Nein, nein, dass ist einer BadAim Sprüch! (not the 9, the 'you people are' bit!)
  5. Have some one fly overhead, spotting
  6. Same here - guess we need to save/download the file?
  7. Oops - I saw TS was missing, added it back in, then saw this thread, and removed the block again. Sorry!
  8. Hi Spinnetti, The password to join our server is kinda secret you know... otherwise, why put a password on it at all! Our server is specifically for our group. If you want to join us, no worries ... just introduce yourself, tell us some things about you ...
  9. FoolTrottel

    Dead Rig

    It's used, but it does not look too bad. Got any money back guarantee should it be faulty? (Haven't look precisely at its specs, I assume you got that part done already!)
  10. FoolTrottel

    Dead Rig

    Nothing much to understand Mick, any action performed on the innards of a computer might damage it. I remember slightly touching a memory module with an SSD disk... bye bye memory module!!
  11. FoolTrottel

    Dead Rig

    Remove memory, clear CMOS?
  12. FoolTrottel

    Dead Rig

    Not sure how to test a PSU, but without 12V ... one would think it's broken ...
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