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  1. Thanks for that Video Rox! Lovely stuff...
  2. Me thinks the real problem is the contents of your Documents folder? 😮
  3. And never ever listen to Painless!!
  4. At 1:36, "Bad note, error, cannot continue " Ah, but no, this one is off topic, as it's a music thread, and he's making a guitar sing, now that's not normal decent music, it's out of the extra ordinary!
  5. Update has been applied to our server.
  6. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/news/2020-03-18/ The mighty I-16 for $19.99!! And others. Yet the F-14 is not that cheap. Though when reading the news, it all appears kinda complex to me - then again, it's DCS, so ... yeah ...
  7. FoolTrottel


    There's some windgusts over here... nand some rain. Nothing too bad. And high water levels in the river... (View from bedroom window.) Oh wait... But that was yesterday! How are you doing Sweper?
  8. DM will always be a problem/issue/source for debate... All pilots wants to have guns that will kill quickly, be it smoke/fire/departing parts/PKs ... yet the same pilots will also want to be able to survive a hail of bullets fired at and hitting their aircraft - to continue the fight, or to limp home... yeah - conflict - oh well, there's a war on, so a conflict fits in nicely As for DM modeling: The challenge for the developers is to somehow create a situation that results into an in game balance. It can never be based on pure technical data - back then there was no air crash investigation, no black boxes - most of the pilots shot down either never knew what killed them, or never took the time to figure out what caliber of gun hit where and did what kind of damage. When hit good and still alive, a pilot would try and assess whether he could get home, get over to friendly territory, or simply bail out as fast as possible. This is where it shows it's just a game - main driving force here should be play ability - not realism, as that would mean game-over way too quickly and often, ie. no fun at all! Sure, we call out there's a war on, but in the end it's just a game on!
  9. lol ... "ok... that guy there probably got smoked ... "
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