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  1. what an amateur, he ran out of smoke!
  2. You probably do have that IRST driver installed on your system. The question is, does your system need it? I do have an M2 SSD on a slot on the motherboard, and Asus does list an Intel-RST driver package for my motherboard... but I do not have it installed anymore. Looks like it does not need it... I uninstalled it, after it made my traditional disks go make a tick-tock sound... so I removed it. Yeah, this all may not help you at all... what make/model is your motherboard? I can try and do some google-stuff... Also, do you use an Intel SSD drive?
  3. So, I took a 110 up high, like real high ... like it would not go any higher no more... And I hit that top cloud layer, and took a peak beyond it... really special to see that ... And then, for comparison, a picture I took on a bike ride earlier this week... there's an aircraft in there! (It's a Pano type shot, so... yeah, to the right, there's some anomaly there, oh well) shot_20190803_212829.bmp shot_20190803_212833.bmp
  4. FoolTrottel


    Hi Limey, Good show you're still having fun with 1946! Unfortunately, our group has moved on so to speak, to GBS and DCS. And so, we do not have any dedicated server running 1946 - that could be the reason you were not able to find any We still have a Monday session on our calendar for 1946, but nobody shows up there anymore... Looks like we cannot help you here... (We have a Cliffs-of-Dover server running though, 24/7 - Enjoyed mostly by others, a few of us still fly on Wednesdays... ) Good Luck!
  5. Brilliant Job anyways (Combo of the Hugh Dundass / Huge Luck methods )
  6. How did you do that? Such a blind drop? And next, hit the ship? What am I missing? (You put a trigger in the mission, If spit flies over ship, 12 seconds later ship==kaboom? )
  7. ATAG will run/host another big mission this Saturday, July 27th at 21:00 GMT - 22:00 BST - 23:00 CET. ATAG will fly as Blue this time, a massive bomber formation ... Anyone care to try and stop them with me?
  8. FoolTrottel


    Serious Muscle there... wow Am I Nein! USA ??
  9. FoolTrottel

    New Toy Mmm

    Limits are for Sissies!!
  10. Thanks Fen! Server is also running the latest version now. Still in 'rendering mode', any news on this issue?
  11. Hm, wonder whether I can edit it so I can use it for to my I-16?
  12. 👍 Good show! Glad you got it running!
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