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  1. Risky statement around here, but it's the right spirit! Welcome here!
  2. Should be doable for me, though at that time on a Saturday night, I could be drunk. I am an expert in removing factors though, especially drunk.
  3. My suggestion: Keep it in PM's. And if the number of attendees reaches the max in one PM, then a new forum makes sense.
  4. Yeah, we really need a Poll... titled "There is only One game" ... Just like the good ol' days,
  5. Yeah, the MOD part is no longer valid, you should just use the normal standard path \Documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover
  6. Most of it of p1 and p2 are valid...I'd stay away from Sweetfx / injtfx, it doesn't need it, IMO. And for sure, do not use the TF patches ... lol Spotting-post and settings is probably not relevant, as Antialiassing in game has changed. And to add, stop contemplating, and just get it!
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