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  1. SE5a

    Very nice, love the detailing
  2. Awesome 2.5 Update Vids

    Brilliant, Map looks awesome looking forward to some of that! and the F18. While watching the vids on full screen i kept finding myself trying to look around like i was flying it
  3. Dec 29th - Training session Report

    Yes thanks for all your help Fen, had a great time perfecting my take off's and eventually getting to land the spit without breaking it Also had some fun attacking ground targets, great stuff thanks again Fen for your time and patience
  4. The Big Fat Aeroplane Video Thread!

    Wow absolutely brilliant, superb engineering
  5. We are not worthy glad your on our side.
  6. Spitfire Training Day

    Thanks Tom, will put that date on the calendar, just hoping we got some sort of internet by then.
  7. Wither Jabo?

    Great pics as usual! thanks Nick
  8. Steering wheel

    Thanks for the offer Mick, most kind. I hopefully have one on the way via Amazon after much research. A very Happy new year to you and your family, hope its a good one.
  9. Steering wheel

    Nice bit of kit Dave !!
  10. Steering wheel

    Thanks Colin will look them up, video clip of you looks awesome,detail is brilliant even has the discs glowing red hot.
  11. Steering wheel

    Thanks Nick, will look them up
  12. Steering wheel

    Can any of you chaps recommend a decent steering wheel set up for a driving sim? i got Project cars for xmas, its awsome but hard to drive with a joystick, also rudder pedals for the flight sims will be next on the list of things to get. Any idea's would be most welcome.
  13. Finally got round to sorting this once and for all, thanks for the tip FT! PB & BB
  14. Happy Birthday Swooperton!

    Happy 60th Birthday old chap, hope you have a great day