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  1. PapaBear

    DCS Spitfire Engine Setting Quick Reference Guide

    Nice one! thanks Tom
  2. PapaBear

    All debriefy and things

    Brilliant Chris thanks, most enjoyable
  3. PapaBear

    All debriefy and things

    Lovely photo's lads, some brilliant shots. Nice one of the Hun Hunter Dave, and Nick MH434 just about to touch down! Glad you all had a good weekend.
  4. PapaBear

    Models from your childhood

    Don't have any pictures of my Airfix models, can't even remember what happened to them.
  5. PapaBear

    Models from your childhood

    Nice one Chris, they bring back some memory's, seem to remember you getting your mum to take you over to Modelworld after school to get yet another one. By the time i got home from work it was built painted, decals applied and had already been on numerous sorties
  6. Nice one Chris well done, great pics and an interesting read. Seem to remember a story about Egerton airfied concerning an oast house having its oast removed thus allowing heavily laden P47's to clear it at the end of the runway ??
  7. PapaBear

    Need a force feedback base for your WartHog?

    Second thoughts that's probably not enough, nice cottage anyone lol !!!
  8. PapaBear

    Need a force feedback base for your WartHog?

    Gonna sell the van and walk 😀
  9. PapaBear

    Whatcha Flyin'?

    Same as BluBear, still on 1.5 for the moment. Prop driven i have the Spit and P51 and the noisy ones i have the Sabre and the FC3 package F-15 A-10A Su-33 ect. I enjoy flying all of these, looking forward to upgrading to 2.5 and the arrival of the F-18
  10. PapaBear

    Amazing miniature engines

    I want one of those quarter scale Merlins, just to run it up and listen to it All of them are superb feats of engineering.
  11. Yahoo!!! mines back still got a problem with track ir , think its a separate issue. BluBear is sorting it out with the guys at Naturalpoint.
  12. Its broke my track ir as well
  13. PapaBear

    The Big Fat Aeroplane Video Thread!

    Something else ain't it, cant wait
  14. PapaBear

    The Big Fat Aeroplane Video Thread!

  15. PapaBear

    Lack of internet

    Hi all, as some of you know i have been struggling with the internet lately our only means of internet is by a sim card in a router, we have a hill and a forest which interrupts our line of sight to the mast. Wondering if its worth getting one of these external antennas and sticking it on a long pole up on the chimney. Reading the boards and looking at loads of them on line i'm still not sure, just wondering if any one has had any experience with this. Its only until 2020 when we are promised some sort of decent internet