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  1. Well there's a thing something just appeared in the module manager, i'm off to play with my bucket and spade 😎
  2. Brilliant thanks Tom, don't need wallpaper in the man cave got data sheets all over the place. I can fill the gaps in with this lot now
  3. PapaBear


    Very nice Ross.
  4. Thankyou Tom, mine are 1. DCS 2. CloD 1. Thursday 2. Monday 3.Friday 4. Tuesday
  5. Well i mostly fly DCS and then CLOD, loosely using the term fly!! I still have IL2 but have not flown in it for quite a number of years! now i manage to get on line with you chaps more often as the internet slowly gets better, sims have moved on a bit. As far as flying any other sims goes i think the three that i have mentioned will have to do for me, as my remaining brain cells struggle to keep up as it is. I really do enjoy flying and get great satisfaction from it when it all goes according to plan, i agree with Tom seven nights and four sims is worth a try, it would be a shame to lose any.
  6. Wow!! What a beast
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