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  1. Spitfire Training Day

    Thanks Tom, will put that date on the calendar, just hoping we got some sort of internet by then.
  2. Wither Jabo?

    Great pics as usual! thanks Nick
  3. Steering wheel

    Thanks for the offer Mick, most kind. I hopefully have one on the way via Amazon after much research. A very Happy new year to you and your family, hope its a good one.
  4. Steering wheel

    Nice bit of kit Dave !!
  5. Steering wheel

    Thanks Colin will look them up, video clip of you looks awesome,detail is brilliant even has the discs glowing red hot.
  6. Steering wheel

    Thanks Nick, will look them up
  7. Steering wheel

    Can any of you chaps recommend a decent steering wheel set up for a driving sim? i got Project cars for xmas, its awsome but hard to drive with a joystick, also rudder pedals for the flight sims will be next on the list of things to get. Any idea's would be most welcome.
  8. Finally got round to sorting this once and for all, thanks for the tip FT! PB & BB
  9. Happy Birthday Swooperton!

    Happy 60th Birthday old chap, hope you have a great day
  10. Happy Birthday Jabo

    Happy birthday Nick, hope you have a super day
  11. New Rig For Papabear

    Will do Nick thanks. Sent from my SM-A300FU using Tapatalk
  12. New Rig For Papabear

    At last, got most of the parts for the new building project, just waiting for monitor keyboard mouse and windows 10. Blubear has got himself a job to do when he comes over for his sisters birthday because i have not a clue how to build or fire one up. Looking forward to trying CLOD and DCS and flying with you guys. ps big thank you Nick for your contribution and to all the ear bashing i've given you over the past months. also thanks to my lovely wife Mrs Bear for allowing me to spend the hard earned cash on this project instead of something more important like tax and insurance for the van
  13. The Big Fat Aeroplane Video Thread!

    brilliant, that ain't just low is it!!! Sent from my SM-A300FU using Tapatalk
  14. New Rig For Papabear

    By the way i have written to the phone company and explained to them that there is a war on and to pull their bloody fingers out !!! and get some FO down here ASAP.
  15. New Rig For Papabear

    Thank you Nick, that seems to be about the same as i came up with after many hours of searching, don't think it will get much better than that. The PSU looks good,i think its time to part with some cash and get it built, the GPU will probably be the last item on the list. The cooling link looks good, that's the next thing i need to learn about so i will be bending your ears later on as i get on with the build.Its been a great learning curve so far finding out what does what and goes with what ,it will be good to learn how a PC works eventually.