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  1. Do we know which side needs more guys?
  2. Gothkrieger

    The Future Of Airshows In The U.k

    This stuff is ridiculous. You can't legislate away all risks. Guess they should ban automobiles, the most dangerous part of an airshow is the drive to the airshow. Yeah its an airshow, s##t can happen, if you can't handle it, stay home. The real problem is this mindset is everywhere, like a slow creeping paralysis.
  3. Gothkrieger

    Happy Birthday Gothkrieger

    Thanks guys. Plan to make time to catch some flights with you gents in 2016. Have a Wonderful Christmas to all!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Gothkrieger

    Rof - Steam Or Store

    Thanks for that info and recommendation on how to proceed. I have not flown WW1 type planes since the Dos version of Red Barron. That was a fun sim that I spent hours flying. I have been drawn back to those planes recently for some reason, time to scratch that itch I suppose. Maybe I need a contrast to Falcon BMS 4.33, another sim I have been learning lately.
  5. Gothkrieger

    Rof - Steam Or Store

    Yes I see that available online for purchase. If there has been bug fixes since that version came out, can the sim be patched further?
  6. Gothkrieger

    Rof - Steam Or Store

    Hi Guys Been thinking about having a look at this sim and I don't know much about it. The main question I have is if I should get it from the ROF store of from Steam? It seems they are 2 separate situations. Like if I understand correctly if it is purchased from Store you can not use it on Steam or are limited some how with maps and planes. Can someone give me a short explanation on which is the better route to go. Thanks, Goth
  7. Gothkrieger

    Falcon 4 Bms 4.33 Is Out!

    I have it sorted out now but still have to re-map my HOTAS as Key file has changed. The word on the net is that it is a marked improvement on an already great study sim on the F16
  8. Gothkrieger

    Lone Ranger.

    Good one!
  9. Gothkrieger

    Tiger Moth

    Thing of beauty.
  10. Like those clouds that suddenly appear and block the view of the terrain below it.
  11. Gothkrieger

    Happy Birthday Perf!

    Hey you old dog, Happy Birthday bro.
  12. Gothkrieger

    Dangerdogz Df Server

    Had quick look at the Varp server, any AI planes on it? The mission running when I joined had the same plane set for red or blue, a simple dogfight mission. Great if you have a bunch of guys show up otherwise I don't know. So what is the story there, what is running?
  13. Gothkrieger

    A320 Crash

    They can open it from the outside, with the code "unless" it is over-ridden from the inside. Then it can not be opened from the outside. Just in case the bad guys know the code etc. This is all good as long as you only have good guys in the cockpit. The safety features can be a double edged sword in the right circumstances.