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  1. Important safety tip: Under "This PC>Documents>1C SoftClub>il-2 sturmovik cliff of dover" rename this folder to something else, I just put a -1 on the end. Blitz uses the same folder for itself and can cause some problems. I found I could copy and paste my user.ini file for my ammo loadouts into the new folder and it works just fine. I remapped all my controls as Blitz sees the controls differently now so the Win 10 problem of changing usb ports should be a thing of the past. First flights look really nice.
  2. Where would I find out your TS info, a few of us were talking last night about flying with you on Tuesday.
  3. We're on most every evening, you can see us on the DD public TS server.
  4. For me I don't have 1946 installed on my computer. AP, Perfesser, Spaulding, Gustang, wingflyer, myself and recently added Kira have been playing BOX these last few weeks and have really enjoyed this sim. The graphics are excellent, plane spotting, and damage models look really good. You feel like the 50's in the P-40 are hitting like they should. I like CLoD but I think BOX is well past CLoD with the future of BOX looking more impressive than CLoD. For me I really like DCS. The biggest minus for me is the damage model. In order to disable an AI with guns you have to kill the pilot or shoot off a wing. Otherwise they can be pouring black smoke and all shot to pieces and still chase you down. That doesn't happen in BOX, if you get an AI to show black smoke his engine will eventually fail. Fires will cause structural failure and damaged structure under g will fail. The plus side for me is, after spending 47 years in various cockpits, I like getting in these planes and having to use a checklist, cockpit flows to get everything up and running. To get into a F-5 or Mirage and get all the systems on line, engines running can give you a warm fuzzy. To return to base and have the ability to conduct an instrument approach in a jet flying 170 kts on final, breaking out of the clouds and seeing the runway lights can really make your day. I also feel DCS flight modelling seems a little better than BOX, but BOX is close. There are some planes coming to DCS that I'm looking forward to getting into, the Harrier, Hornet, and Tomcat are all going to be a challenge to learn and try to master along with carrier ops. DCS says they are addressing the damage model and I believe they will at some point.
  5. We have some missions that you can fly either both sides or just one with AI aircraft on both sides and ground targets. If you see our server as either AP or I can host our pw is paws.
  6. Lots of really close up views of holes in the canopy, wing, instrument panel, head....etc.
  7. Most evenings AP, Perf, Spaulding, and myself are doing some coop stuff in BOS. This sim has an excellent graphics and damage model.
  8. What is the fastest Liquid in the World? Milk It's Pasteurized before you even see it.
  9. Definitely not down, such a beautiful plane to lose. Hopefully the pilot is ok.
  10. If you look at 3:25 they are down before the prop strike. I'm wondering if he was thinking about putting them down to get light on the gear for the grass field takeoff.
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