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    Yep that simple. If all is fresh I install on first partition, activate it,set up all my gaming perifials. Then ghost it, then use ghost to install the same OS on the next partions. That way Bill thinks I only have one install. Then once that is done I add all my normal PC stuff to the first partion, and then Ghost it. Now I have a ghost for both partions, and in a pinch I can fly on both. I used to be in an International compition, and my PC died 15 minutes before a match. I vowed never again will I not compete, due to O/S problems. Hardware may get me some day, but no longer will software. Unless the game itself dies. Now I also have a third and forth partition/drive. One is My Documents, and I have both O/S directing to it, via the My Document icons. Next partion is all my Games. Most like IL2 do not require a registry key. So it works quite well. Even if bot O/S die, I still have al my games and settings. Short games like Lockon that require registry keys. I then have to ghost the drive,or reload O/S and install Lockon again. in default location. Once its installed. I delete the stock location folders, and my origional in the seperate drive works again as if nothing ever happend.
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    VAC is Voice activated controls. I use it to control odd and end things, like multy engines, gunner positions, navlights, smoke, center tack Ir, and many more. I started using it back in Beta, and have since then payed the lifetime subscription of $10.00, http://www.dwvac.com/ TSO is Teamspeak Overlay, I use it to see who is talking. http://www.teamspeakoverlay.com/ The other two can be turned off as you say,I'm not sure why I had left java on, but it isn't on today, from a fresh start,
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    I'ved used FS autostart, and Black vipers, but I eventually elected to do dual Boot. I have one side for regular PC stuff, and another for Flying,tweaked via what fs autostart tought me and BV did, my flying OS looks like this, when running. I may have something extra going on there, last I rememberd I had it down to 27 processes. I have it ghosted to a disk, so if I get to running too much as in spyware and such, I just ghost it back to new, with all my flyingperifials rady to roll.
  4. Howdy guys Someone mentioned last Tues. 07-29-08 while we were flying if any of us recorded tracks, Well here are mine, 1st one is some of us tryng a hand at formation, acrobat stuff, its not very good, but we were trying. http://files.filefront.com/TOAD+trying+ ... einfo.html This one is a partial of our first race, I didn't think to record till mid way through. Oh and I won
  5. More like infamous, Burn the Herotic!!!!! I'm glad to fly with anyone that will have me.
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    Present and deseased
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