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  1. Hurray!! I have spent ages trying all sorts of key mappings to correct the pilot's head position in the IL-2mod, 1942, all to no avail. It didn't matter what I did, I had obviously created a 'remove seat cushion' mod somewhere without knowing it as my view in the aircraft looking forward was like being von Smallhausen....I could not see over the top of the instrument panel cowl without standing up....not good for flying. I looked online, obviously where I should have gone first weeks ago, and found out that each aircraft pilot or gunner head position has a .svc file (or a _t1.svc file for example for a turret position) in the folder here: IL2 Battle of Stalingrad/data/LuaScripts/snapviews. Closing the game, deleting this file for the relevant aircraft position from the 'snapview' folder and then restarting the game resets the pilot's head position to default, creates a new .svc file and hey presto, allows me more BoX joy because I can see what I'm doing now. Simples. A much happier Sid. I don't feel so much like Sid Viscous now..... Cheerzen
  2. Well, that explains a lot A film to cherish.....
  3. One for Painless....these are amazing. Fantastic engineering and demos of miniature engines of all sorts
  4. Sid

    Amazing miniature engines

    Would that be a gas turbine type by any chance Mr. Luddite? 😉
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    Sid's profile stuff

  6. I seem to remember this being a suggestion last year but I can't find the thread. If I remember correctly we decided that Official Dogz nights could be Sunday as a '46 night, Tuesday would eventually turn into BoX night when it became accepted by the Dogz and thursday would be CloD night. Other than those official ones peeps would do and join with eachother in whatever way they wanted.
  7. Sid

    Version 2.5 Graphics Question

    I had the blurry image and also not so good colours when I updated the 2.5.0 beta to the new version. When installing the new version I allowed the new one to import settings from the beta and I think that was the problem. I carried out the simple instrctions here https://stormbirds.blog/2018/01/31/what-to-do-if-your-dcs-world-2-5-doesnt-look-right/ and now have a lovely shiny new game. Just a case of deleting old imported settings and letting the new installation sort itself out with new ones. I know it refers to installing the 2.5 beta but it works going from beta to new 2.5. Cheerzen
  8. Hi mate, hope these help. Here are two sheets of info that I use as an aide memoire and backup. First is a list of my key mappings (Aircraft controls.doc) the second is a pictorial view of my controls that is a quick reference for me in game. it's worth remembering that the key mappings are particular to me and linked in with my Saitek X52 stick profiles but it gives you an idea of what is needed. I use Mode 2 (the middle column) on the controls reference picture for bombing, it keeps it seperate from flight and engine modes (1 and 3 respectively). Hope you can read the handwriting, I'm not renowned for legible handwriting!! Also you will see controls on the picture that are for my offline BAT IL2 46 install eg. wing sweep and drag chute and aren't relevant to our Dogz HSFX installation. Cheerzen Sid Aircraft controls.doc
  9. My nights would be Sunday (regular), Monday (could be regular), Tuesday (regular), Wednesday (most) and Saturday (most).
  10. Thursday would be doubtful for me for anything I'm afraid
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    Lancaster MkI 1/72 Revell

  12. Sid

    Watcha Got Cookin'?

    Blimey, brave man FT...not a practice I would ever consider but you practically ooze confidence
  13. Sid

    Flying Legends 2018

    You could always do a Fruitbat and just kip on the floor in mine and Painless's room...the hotel won't be any the wiser
  14. Hi chaps Does anyone know where the file is within the game that records the key mappings? I've had a mooch in the folders and online but no joy yet. I would like to back it up. Cheerzen
  15. Hmm, can't see the piccies Couple of screenies, First the default 4K winter white skins replacement, Then a couple of the Moscow summer map
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    New Topic 😁

    Motorcycles, flight sims, streak of anarchy....classic Dogz profile. Welcome!!
  17. He111 and MiG3 over Kuban summer, 8.30pm map time, 4k textures. Looking lovely
  18. No mate, 'out of the box'. HDR but no SSAO
  19. Installed and looking good :), thanks for the link
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    He111 5.jpg

    Kuban summer, 8.30pm map time 4k skins
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    He111 3.jpg

    Kuban summer, 8.30pm map time 4k skins
  23. Sid

    He111 2.jpg

    Kuban summer, 8.30pm map time 4k skins