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  1. Sid

    Skins Question

    Ah, I see what you mean now. They don't show.....you have to remember what it looks like. Sorry, I over complicated what was a simple question.
  2. Sid

    Skins Question

    First thing to check, from the hangar screen go into the 'Settings' screen. Select 'Game'. ensure 'Enable mods' and 'Show custom paint schemes' are checked. The mods needs to be on so that you can fly with the Dogz because we fly with mods on and the custom paint schemes need to be turned on here to be able to see them. Secondly, if you already have the above checked have you installed the custom skins into the right folder? The path is '1C Game Studios/IL-2 Battle of Moscow/data/graphics/skins/..... This is where the aircraft skin folders are. Cheerzen
  3. Sid


    I think the waypoints are displayed well and give you the right info easily seen. This is the briefing from a Ju52 mission showing the waypoints from take off to landing, pretty self explanatory I think. I also think that the written stuff that is part of the briefing is getting better (to the right of the map, not included here). This mission is by JadeMonkey, a third party, not done by the developers, and is good fun. Yep, the host sets the difficulty levels but afaik a pilot can choose whether to have speedbar/aiming assists on or off - I think. We are still learning here
  4. Sid


    Hi Beebop, the yellow diamond is a game 'Aiming assist' for rockets. Getting this diamond in your sight and following it means you will go into a dive and become a lawn dart unless you pull up.... There is also a bombing assist, a yellow circle, so in an IL2 for example loaded with bombs and rockets you will have both visible. They are good for learning with. The teardrop is a waypoint indicator showing you heading to the next one. If you are attacking something it is red over the target. The aiming assists and the waypoint indicators can be switched off in the 'Realism' page available when you are in the first mission screen. It is down bottom right of the screen, click on it and it takes you to a settings screen. Cheerzen
  5. Better that than being a crickin' fritic...that hurts...apparently
  6. BoX can produce some great screenies with the skins and scenery...
  7. Sid

    Sid's profile stuff

  8. Sid

    Il-2 1946 Cup Jet Age Module Simpit

    I love diving into this every so often, works great and has a massive planeset and extra maps.
  9. Sid

    Just Dropping By

    Thanks for dropping in mate, nice to see stray mutts popping in to say hello.
  10. Umm....2....me and Crash were there for the duration.
  11. I've been playing GBS/BoX single player and multiplayer and thinking that I would like to play it more often with you guys. I believe the consensus of those that have it is that it is fun and that it is possible to go online with eachother relatively easily. This has been the case for a few weeks now as I have hosted some missions and Arthur has kindly provided a server for us to use on a map rotation basis...as far as I am aware no-one had any major issues with connecting to either of us or suffered from issues online whilst flying on our servers. We both run a mods server but you don't need mods to fly with us, just have mods enabled in your game, once that has been enabled most join us easily. The biggest issue I have found with a bunch of us flying together is that the mission selection can be affected due to people having a limited selection of aircraft but I am sure that will resolve itself in time as people adopt the game and aquire modules in the future as it becomes clearer that this is a fun, interesting and great looking way to take off, fly, shoot down, bomb the crap out of things and land again......something we are very used to. I'm not suggesting we replace '46 with GBS/BoX as the Dogz preferred fun platform because we all have our preferences to what we fly and there are dedicated nights for other games available to cater for this. What I am asking is what people feel about Tuesday nights being dedicated to GBS/BoX. What we could have is: Sunday 46 Monday DCS Tuesday GBS/BoX Thursday CloD Watcha think? Cheerzen
  12. GUI mute for sure, will try the other one too
  13. Sid

    The Big Fat Aeroplane Video Thread!

    Going to have to build a model Viggen again.....gorgeous
  14. I would like to look at hosting and have got into my router and created a rule like this. Have I put the ports in correctly?
  15. Can't wait to give this a go....