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  1. Flying Legends 2018

    Room booked...6 twin rooms left by the looks of it
  2. A view with a sky

    Classic. Deventer?
  3. More tragedy

    Ok thanks mate. +1 Arthur
  4. Jeez...all that pollution....and shit
  5. Broadband in the UK

    They tried to call you Mr P but your connection was poor and they couldn't get through.... Great that you had a constant good connection last night, it certainly appears that something has moved.
  6. I really enjoy flying Operation Jericho, cheers Tom for putting it together. One of the best parts is the feeling of realism in the mission, it works really well for me. Browsing through the 'net today I found a short Pathe News film about the raid that shows what we are out to achieve and how accurate we are in what we do! Brilliant stuff.
  7. New Toy Mmm

    Great pic Swep!!
  8. New Toy Mmm

    Mate, the piccie with the lighthouse in would be my screen background.. If it wasn't for the fact that there was a VW in front of it....
  9. Wanted GTX970

    Only just seen this post....I have a 970 that I will part with
  10. Being Sid Viscous...

    Cheers Fen. There were loads of posts on forums but your suggestions are where I'd got to. I will probably await 2.5 unless I have loads of time on my hands before or after the house move.
  11. Being Sid Viscous...

    Pardon my perceived lack of understanding but from the DCS/Eagle Dynamics forums I believe my version of DCS World 1.5.5 will become DCS World 2.5 at some point in the future. I am asking because the Normandy map and assets looks very good and I would like to install them but can't because my version isn't ready for them yet. Is it worth downloading and installing DCS 2 and are all my current aircraft in 1.5.5 compatible? Cheerzen
  12. Unfortunately Painless and Sid aren't staying over, are looking to attend probably on the Sunday though.
  13. Theresa (my daughter) flew from Eindhoven to Manchester today of all days. Storm Doris made it interesting..... "Take off was bumpy. Above the clouds was pretty. Manchester closed their airport while we were in-flight. Then they opened it for landing. Circled for landing for 20 minutes. Tried to land twice...couldn't. Got diverted to Liverpool. 10 minutes before landing at Liverpool a fight broke out. Three minutes to landing and a very drunk idiot decided to walk up and down the plane....laughing and cheering at himself while 100 people are screaming at him to sit his butt down. 1minute later he does it again and a woman passes out (bear in mind it feels like we're on a rollercoaster). The plane landed sideways.10 people threw up around me and we've been sitting on the plane for 25 minutes while police taserd said idoit. Police escorted the fighters off and the paramedics are here treating the woman who passed out. And due to the shortage of baggage handlers (we're not next to the terminal, out in an open parking spot) we're going to wait a while before we can get our luggage. I need ground beneath my feet...pronto. And someone please give this cabin crew a massive bonus #bumpyflight #groundnowplease#imtoooldforthis " Looking forward to a Dad Hug later when I pick her up from her uncle's in Droitwich, he was good enough to offer to pick her up so had to contend with the diversion.
  14. takeoff and landing

    Cheers Dave, will have a go aswell
  15. Happy Birthday Sid and many many more M8!!!:salute: