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  1. Actually I would like to change mine to M - My Little Piggy.....I miss having a green top LOGGED
  2. Do you want my .psd template? It has the greens/greys/metallic finishes/desert/markings etc. You untick those you don't want to use before saving it as a D3D/dds file.
  3. The "alpha" named one is the template that contains the glossy/med glossy layers. I copied them from that template and put them in my saved La Patrona .psd file, switched off the normal metallic finish and saved it to create the new one.
  4. It may be possible to directly place an image over the .dds file but I haven't done it in this sim
  5. Hi mate. You can't edit any layers in the .dds file, it is a snapshot of the layers put together in GIMP or Photoshop so is a saved image. To edit you need a template of the aircraft that you can open in your chosen editing software, you can find most aircraft here on the forums. These templates contain the layers that you save to make a .dds file. I don't use GIMP but in Photoshop you require a plugin programme that creates the .dds file. I use an nVidia one.
  6. Morning! I've done an update on the A20 skin 'La Patrona', it has a better finish on it I think. It is based on the F7F Tigercat 'La Patrona' that graces the skies over Reno in the Unlimited Class Air Racing Competition.....the 'Lucky 4' of us saw it when we went although she unfortunately suffered an oil leak and had to withdraw. I think it suits the A20 beautifully so I tend to use it as my 'Go To' skin when flying it. For those that would like it please place the .dds file in your 'IL2 Sturmovik Battle of Moscow/data/graphics/skins/A20B' folder or alternatively it will be downloaded when you use FT's great 'Checkskins' utility. Cheerzen Sid 1 A20B_La_Patrona.dds
  7. Basically what FT says but mine has a few more....non essential other than visual effects and personal choice
  8. I can't let you do that Dave....
  9. Sid

    Sid's profile stuff

  10. Hi Dave These are the ones I use. I haven't activated the polished canopies or 4k cockpit textures since the 4.006 update as I am liking the new canopy reflections and aren't fussed about cockpit mods yet. Have you checked and made sure that your various folders inside your Mods folder, when opened, show the 'data' folder? The 'ICON_D_D_ etc' folder for example when first unzipped is a folder within a folder, you need to copy/take out the one you want. In GBS, the first folder you see in a usable Mod folder when opened should be 'data' although others eg. 'documentation' may be present. The incorrect file path is generally the most common issue as to why a newly installed Mod doesn't show up in game. Cheerzen
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