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  1. 109s are built from girders and the pilot drinks Irn Bru
  2. No idea how you did that Friar...if you did it without a mod then you have achieved something many others wanted to do. Perhaps you placed the No Other Planes mod directly into your 'data' file before you started to use JSGME.
  3. I'm laughing so much because no fecker else does as they are told.... 😀....apart from some....
  4. @Delta I think very much like you in that I want the flying to be fun, in fact that is my main focus. Ultimately, if you feel you want to fly with the settings you want then that is your choice. I posted this topic to highlight an issue that is present in our flying together ie. names, icons and spotting, and in my opinion this issue takes some of the fun out of flying. In my first post I proposed that we adopt the Mods but there is no compulsion on anyone to do it, I can only suggest it. I'm not after flying with full real SEOW settings, that is a personal choice to have no speedbar and locked cockpit etc, I am suggesting that having planes visible on 'radar' via the maps is an immersion killer and takes away any element of surprise if someone is flying on the opposite side - this is what the second Mod gets rid of. Your plane is still visible on the maps so you can see where you are to navigate. There is some work involved to keep allies in view and know where they are because you can't see them on the map. Getting rid of the names would be a good idea because you are flying against an unknown pilot rather than a pilot with a known skill level...you will probably soon find out whether it was a mistake I'm sure. This is what the first Mod does. With regard to VR advantage I don't know if that is true in my case. To use VR my resolution has been lowered so that the view I get to fly with is like a crap version of 46...ask Painless, he's seen it. Compared to flying without VR the quality of view is a backward step but I like the immersion. I have no idea if dots are easier to spot so I can't comment on that, there may be evidence to show they are but I haven't paid any attention to it and haven't changed settings to get a better dot view. I use the default settings and get what I'm given.
  5. Don't need to plead for that Friar, the intention is to keep individual 'Plane only' as that what the second Mod mentioned does.
  6. Morning all During our flying sessions over the past few months I have been picking up feelings of slight annoyance through to deep frustration over how some of us have been singled out, shot down or spotted way before we should by other flyers. I am not talking about the AI doing this, but other human flyers. It is fair to say that all of us have been flying together for many years so I think I am able to speak freely. We flew 46 together too and got used to a set of icons that did away with a lot of unrealistic indicators so I now think it is time to get that sort of set up in GBS. I understand that there are flyers coming back to us and finding GBS something new and different and that is fully understandable so what I am suggesting is that we work towards a situation where we are all given a chance to fly more fairly and more realistically. There are flyers here that are more than capable of flying with limited icons and I think they should do so and there are also those that could work up to this position. Please note I am not saying that flyers should use the game setting that removes all icons (although that is what I am getting used to doing) because I am aware that an individuals' screen or eyesight can make spotting aircraft and ground targets difficult. As one who flys mostly ground attack it can be frustrating when I can't fly low to escape attacking fighters because I have a triangle permanently attached that says to fighters 'Here he is!!' I understand this is what happens when flyers use icons but for me, I am setting myself a challenge by switching them off. The only information I have displayed on screen is the small mini map (because pilots carry maps) and the technical information on the right because it allows me to see bomb and rocket settings for a short period before they disappear by default. However, if we as a group use the Mods below: we keep flyers' names off the screen we keep other aircraft off maps and prevent the spotting of enemy aircraft when they are many kms away. This can be a particular PITA! we keep aircraft (particularly enemy) out of view in the virtual sky until they are in a realistic spotting distance from in the cockpit ie. 10km we still can hear AI tactical spotting information so enemy flights can be picked up by other aircraft not by map icons...much better I think I suggest that we all work towards using these two Mods: Number one Number two I believe that most are using the first one. The second one works perfectly. When in use, on the minimap and briefing map a lot of us use in flight the only aircraft visible is the pilot's own so you can still use maps for navigation. No other aircraft appear on them at all and the first time you see them is when they get within 10k and their icon appears in the virtual sky. All in all, much more realistic, achievable and fun!! Would be nice to see more than seven downloads considering our numbers last night.....;) I would like to see these Mods adopted as standard use for the Dogz. What do you think? Cheerzen
  7. Picked up this thread today. Bloomin' marvellous seeing all these 'Gits' on the forum and getting ready to fly again
  8. Sid

    Joystick woes

    I went from an X45 to an X52 Pro many many years ago. I replaced it last year with another X52 Pro when a rocker switch became intermittent and the stick tensioning spring wasn't doing it's job very well. I stuck with Saitek because my setup works very well for me and overall I am very happy with their hardware and software. I, like you, expected to have to do re assigning but it wasn't necessary, replacing the X52 Pro with another one was literally Plug and Play as all key mappings and controller IDs stayed the same. I use Saitek hotas, pedal and lever quadrant profiles and most of the keys are mapped through those not via the in game key mapping however those few that ARE mapped through game remained when the new hotas was plugged in and used. If you are used to Saitek then I would recommend staying with it. I can't say anything about the X56 but all references to the X56 'Rhino' point to it being designed for Space games more than combat aircraft....that put me off as I didn't like the look of it. Cheerzen
  9. I most definitely know what I am NOT going to be trying this summer.....the usual requests for the unusual insertions I have to put up with are enough thank you 🤨
  10. Probably why it was best to verify me......may have served as a reminder 😉
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