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  1. Sid

    Pooter won't boot

    Not a bad influence, just the 'Voice of Unreason'
  2. Sid

    Pooter won't boot

    That I could.....dilemma....ooooh. Wouldn't need a high spec monitor if I'm flying with a Rift.
  3. Sid

    Pooter won't boot

    I've PM'd him 👍
  4. Sid

    Pooter won't boot

    The pooter runs very smoothly but I think the monitor is in the process of leaving us..... The lines reappeared this morning and I have slightly blurred text. It doesn't prevent me doing anything but the colour and clarity isn't what it should be. Apparently these issues are common in this monitor although the posts on the interweb were 2014/15. What is a nuisance was the way in whatever happened caused the nvidia driver issues. Those are sorted now...still running the earlier version from 2018 but may well update at some point if there is a need although everything I run predates the driver anyway. I won't be running SLI as I don't need to now, I think those days are over. A single 1070 is fine for 2k monitors and high refresh rates so I am thinking about replacing the monitor before something explodes.... Cheerzen
  5. Sid

    Pooter won't boot

    Excellent progress. Uninstalled device, removed drivers, cleared out nvidia driver folder from c drive. Rebooted and have DP monitor without lines, have nvidia control panel and 2 monitors running. Pooter installed nvidia driver version 399.07 which doesn't appear to be very old so I'll keep it for the next few days...maybe for good if it all works ok. Going to reinstall the RAM and gradually put things back, rebooting and checking. Looks like a corruption of the nvidia files took place somewhere along the line. Thanks FT and Crash
  6. Sid

    Pooter won't boot

    Okie dokie. EEEEEE...….keeping me busy......
  7. Sid

    Pooter won't boot

    There are 2 usable pcie slots on the mobo. Either card in either slot creates the same issues. Perhaps both cards are broken? I don't have another pcie card to check. I don't understand why the nvidia driver isn't installing, that's what makes me think the issue is mobo. I don't have an error code on the mobo, it is showing AA which means all is well apparently. I can't find any reference to the information given in device manager on the internet.
  8. Sid

    Pooter won't boot

    @ crash...no I don't @ FT Following the process of elimination you described it appears that there is an issue with the graphics somewhere. Maybe a Windows driver update that has caused a problem? The pooter boots up fine now but I still have the lines on the display port monitor so I am doing everything on the DVI connected monitor that doesn't have the lines. I can't update the graphics driver. I have done a clean install. In 'Device Manager' the only device that is showing a fault is under 'Display adaptors' and is the graphics card. looking at it's Properties and opening Events I get the attached information. Any idea?
  9. Sid

    Pooter won't boot

    Hello fellows. I have a problem, or maybe more than one, with my pooter. I have had some graphics freezes in DCS and BoX rececently when other flyers haven't. I have two monitors, big one connected by display port the smaller by DVI. I have been running 2 x 1070s in SLI for the life of this pooter. The rear panel doesn't have any graphics connector so the pooter relies on a graphics card to supply imaging. I have been monitoring temps of cpu and gpus for a long time as i'm interested in how the system ran - these have always been within mid range (cpu max mid 50s gpu 70s) and never been a cause for concern. Yesterday the big monitor developed thin fuzzy horizontal lines that moved up and down slightly but the small one didn't. I suspected monitor issues because the lines were on the big screen even though it wasn't connected to the pooter. Just to check I ran a graphics card driver update. it installed but afterwards I couldn't bring up the nvidia control panel. I then ran dxdiag. this told me that the graphics card had a problem and to look up "Graphics device driver Code 43". I did this and on the Microsoft site it says it could be one of many things...motherboard...Windows...graphics driver....graphics card. I looked on device manager and a graphics card was showing a warning triangle, the details said that it was not connected. I tried a few swaps with monitors and graphics cards but the issue got worse and last night I couldn't get the pooter to go from bios to windows. This morning the situation is the same. I loaded bios defaults but it didn't have any effect. I don't have a graphics connector on the rear panel so I can't plug a monitor in to check anything independently of the graphics cards. Ant ideas? System: AsusX99-A/USB 3.1 motherboard Intel i7 5840 socket LGA2011 v3 Win10 Home 32gb ddr4 RAM Corsair 850 watt power supply 1070 FTW graphics card/s with 8gb vRAM each Asus 27" monitor 144hz running at 2560 x 1440 Cheerzen
  10. Sid

    Laptops ??

    @ Delta, just as an example of a set up this is how it is in my flat. I've used a chunk of one of the two bedrooms that would normally be used as a wardrobe area. My 'office' and 'cockpit' fit into a square area that is 5' 10" by 5' 10". I stow my controls on the shelf above the monitors and slide them in when needed. I understand the need for stowage having downsized from a 3 bed semi to a 2 bed flat and accept that I only have one bedroom. Cheerzen Sidley
  11. Sid

    Game version

    Correct me if I'm wrong but I am assuming that the reason I can't see or download the Tomcat is that I don't have the open beta version, just the stable version.
  12. Thanks Crash...looking positive, getting more support now
  13. @ Kira, you can add me to the list of crew members
  14. Sid

    Using JSGME

    Morning. Currently I am using 'C:/Users/...../Saved games/DCS/Mods/aircraft' for the A4 and a couple of other mods. This works fine and I'm quite happy to keep using it as it keeps stuff out of the main game folder and is easy enough to switch mods on and off. However, being used to JSGME I tried to use it in DCS. I set it up and, as there was already a 'Mods' folder created by DCS I renamed the mods folder created by JSGME 'SidsMods' to ensure no compatibilty issues. JSGME set itself up ok. I tried the A4 by using 'Mods/aircraft/A-4E-C v1.3' as that is the immediately visible mod that can be seen on the UI. It didn't show up on the list of aircraft along the bottom of the page by using the same filepath 'Mods/aircraft' that is in the 'Saved games' setup. There are two folders that have an 'aircraft' folder in the game root folder...'Mods' and 'CoreMods' but directing JSGME to either one of these doesn't work. Does the game block use of JSGME in favour of the 'Saved games' or do I need to use a different filepath? Cheerzen