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  1. Sorry T_O_A_D, only just seen your post. I use the 'ICON_D_D_NL_SM_T' mod found here . Others may use different ones but the idea is the same.
  2. Sid

    Maps other planes off

    Version 3010C_2-15


    Removes aircraft from briefing and mini map whilst flying except pilot's own aircraft. Works in single and multiplayer.
  3. Evening chaps I have been looking for a mod that removes all aircraft on the briefing map and mini map except for the pilot's. Painless and I were talking about this a couple of weeks ago as we thought it would increase immersion and prevent the spotting of aircraft on 'radar' which can be annoying for stalking aircraft but would also still allow the map to be used as a navigation aid. Here it is, attached below and can be found in the the vault here . Found it on BoS forums here I have tried it on single player and mutiplayer and when combined with the small icon mod that doesn't include pilot names works a treat, other aircraft only show up in the sky when in icon range so it is down to pilots looking around for friendlies and enemies until their icon is spotted with a 'Mark 1 eyeball'. Once unzipped it is ready for use in JSGME. Would be good if everyone used it. Cheerzen Sid Icon_Map_Other_Planes_Off_3010C_2-15.rar
  4. Sid


    It was a pleasure knowing and flying with you Bill. Thanks for being a part of my life and sharing your incredibly valuable time with us Dogz. Blue skies mate.
  5. Hi FT, can you verify me as a DangerDog please. Cheerzen
  6. Ah yes, of course, my bad. In that case just leave them in and ignore them. Personally I think this is a great programme and gives us the same effect as we had in 46 where, due to the games network cache, we all had the same skins and could see them. In Box it needs a bit of time as it has to be done manually by pressing some buttons and waiting for the download to finish.
  7. I don't think that duplicate skins by different artists are an issue because they are made differently and can look slightly different. If you don't like one or think there are too many similar ones why not delete them from your skin folder after downloading them through Checkskins? The good thing about the setup now is that everyone who uses Checkskins has the same ones and other flyers can see them...even deleting ones you don't like or consider surplus won't change that.
  8. Thanks for this FT, it is very much appreciated. There is one skin I have found that is an anomaly. I deleted it a couple of days ago and it came back today. After running Checkskins, '47th Bomb Group Tunisia' is downloaded into two skin folders, 'A20B' and 'P47D28'. It is an A20 skin, one I created. I didn't add anything to it to make it a P47 skin too.....honest guv'nor 😏
  9. I did the checkskins today and downloaded the 3700 skins. I then went through them deleting over 2000 2k skins, leaving about 1560 4k skins. The skins folder takes up about 30gb of disc space and is 4k skins only. Unsurprisingly the majority are 109, 190, P51, P38 and Spitfire. I'm happy to keep them all at the moment as it means I get to see other skins and the hakenkreuz when flying with you chaps. Assuming you use 4k skins lol
  10. I imagine that broken or really bad ones won't get used so will just sit there so maybe not too much of a problem. Thanks for continuing with this, it's a brilliant idea
  11. Is it possible to go through the Skault and take out the 2k skins? I don't mind doing that.
  12. @ Arthur, strange. My game and skins folder is also on the E drive but Checkskins found it
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