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  1. I have pre-ordered the 'big' one. Unfortunately won't be around for the week of release so I will let the rest of you pre-orderers sort out the setting up...
  2. Well, apart from GBS I only dabble in World of Tanks now. Got such a good collection of vehicles it would be madness to give it up. So easy to drop into for a couple of hours and is an easy change of scenery. Have to say that GBS tanks is very good too....
  3. Another set of pro flight pedals
  4. @Swep, sussed it. To get all aircraft with the metric cheat sheet you put the folder I have sent in the post above in the Mods folder and keep the one you already have in the Mods folder. The important thing is the next move..... Enable the new one I sent first and then enable the one you have. You get a message about overwriting, say ok. Your folder overwrites the imperial measurements on the cheat sheets of UK and US aircraft in the first folder and the folders look like the piccie below. Bingo.
  5. This is the one that has all the aircraft Swep however it shows British and US as imperial, not metric. I haven't looked for a way to get the mod folder you have and this one working together so can't say how you can get all the aircraft metric..... Make sure that the one you unzip that is going into your Mods folder is named 'PNCP Base Version - Pilots Notes for Cockpit Photos' and that when you open it you see 2 folders, 'data' and 'documentation'. This will make sure you don't get a folder within a folder and the mod not working. PNCP Base Version - Pilots Notes for Cockpit Photos.zip
  6. Sid

    Sid's profile stuff

  7. Sid

    Me262 4k skin

    Version 1.0.0


    This is a representation of 'Red 2' of 10/NJG 11. A Git production made from the official template.
  8. New skin I've made for the 262, Red 2 of 10/NAGr 11. In the vault and available via Checkskins
  9. Looks very very nice.What would do for me is a float plane, some mountains and water to play with... Here is a start just found it is in the list of aircraft
  10. Ahhh.....hence the name change 😏
  11. Was that one of the 'Sange Man' days.......?
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