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  1. There are quite a few others that do too now.....apart from Delta but that goes without saying.......
  2. @ Crash - Looks very busy, are you using it? Would use it if I could just use the kneeboard. A mod to replace the minimap with the BoX Quick Guide sheets would be good.
  3. Sid

    BoX/GBS screenshots

    A place for some game screenshots BoX maybe
  4. A20B_4k_8thGBAP_2.ddsA20B_4k_8thGBAP_3.ddsA20B_4k_8thGBAP_4.ddsA20B_4k_8thGBAP_5.ddsA20B_4k_8thGBAP_6.ddsA20B_4k_8thGBAP_1.ddsA20B_646BS_8U_A.ddsA20B_646BS_8U_B.ddsA20B_646BS_8U_C.ddsA20B_646BS_8U_D.ddsA20B_646BS_8U_E.ddsA20B_646BS_8U_F.dds Hello chaps. Back from a fantastic Duxford weekend and as always get inspired .... I have attached 12 A20 skins, 6 x USSR and 6 x USAAF. I thought that it would be good if everyone had them or at least the A20 pilots because it means that we can look like a squadron when on coops or dogfight. How cool would it be to run a mission where a number of A20s are dressed as a unit...Even if the non A20 flyers downloaded them it would mean they would see us all smartly dressed.... Perhaps even, and I know this is the Dogz, when selecting your A20 in the coop, if you are in the number 1 position, you took number '1' or the 'A' skin etc.... Aw go on...you know you want to... Cheerzen
  5. Is it just the Steam Home screen or is it the home screen plus Steam VR? Have you got Steam starting when Windows starts?
  6. Me262A Nice ones for the 262, all showing hakenkreuz Me262A_4k_mid green v10.dds Me262A_4k_mistel v9.dds Me262A_Weiss 3_500071.dds Me262A_4k_ nightfighter v1.dds
  7. @ Crash Yes, extract to a folder and run the .exe. It takes a few seconds to install the .dlls. You can then configure, by using the button on the small interface, applications to run either as default, Open Composite or Steam VR. At the moment I have Steam VR as default, GBS as Open Composite and Google Earth VR as Steam VR. You can also click a button to revert back to Steam VR. The page the link goes to does look a bit complicated but scroll down a little bit to the 'readme' and all becomes easier. @ Friar, if you start Open Composite before starting GBS it prevents Steam VR loading as the default VR provider. The Oculus Tool Tray (OTT) provides additional settings that aren't available through the main Oculus interface. The only one I have changed via OTT is the default supersampling to 1.5. You don't need OTT for anything else and it works with Open Composite fine. I think Open Composite is a good piece of software as it bypasses Steam VR and Steam completely, avoiding a mass of unnecessary clutter running in the fore and in the background.
  8. Morning chaps An enjoyable night last night...apart from me requiring anger management classes 😏 Not particularly big problems, coincidental updates and frustrations coming together I think. Anyway, one of those frustrations was the way in which the jaggies appeared. Couldn't change anything so it looks like it is Steam, Windows or Oculus causing a problem, all of which have updated recently. So, reading the GBS VR forum I found Open VR/Open Composite , very quick and easy to install, very simple to set up and still runs with Oculus Tool Tray. I have installed it. Jaggies have gone and my FPS has increased from 40 up to 56 and is no longer locked below 40. I am sure GBS looks better too. It doesn't work for everything eg. Google Earth VR, which is amazing, still needs Steam VR to run. Not an issue because you can configure OpenVR to default back to Steam VR for certain apps. Try it perhaps. Cheerzen OpenComposite.zip
  9. Another useful video by Custard here showing how to use the engine start assists whilst in game.
  10. Wow...bit of a change following Update 3.101. Interesting read on the GBS forums https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/51249-3101-new-startup-procedures/?_fromLogin=1 I see it as basically the new starting procedure means that you have to ensure the engine control levers are in the correct starting position before engaging start procedure, if not there is just silence and nothing happens. I don't know how it effects every aircraft but for example on the A20 before pressing engine start I have to set mixture fully forward (full rich) and RPM fully back (decreased). It might be that this is the case for all of aircraft but that will need time to find out. I have found that I have had to change my engine starting habit slightly in another way too in that instead of using E to start engines I have elected to have a separate starting/stopping button for each engine. This is in effect adding 1 additional button for use with twin engined aircraft except for the Me 262 which requires the addition of 2 more buttons into my setup because there are 2 new ones added in the 'Engine control' section of the 'Key Mapping' for engine starts specifically for the Me 262, namely 'Engine ignition (Me 262)'. With regard to starting the Me 262 engines this is a good video to watch by REQUIEM here , engine start procedure begins at 3.10. It works for me and I have separate engine start. Takes a bit of practice but watch the text on the right side of your screen as it gives you some hints as to what to do. Cheerzen Sid
  11. I have submitted a file here Hope it is useful. Cheerzen
  12. Thanks Tom 1. GBS 2. DCS 3. IL2 46 4. CloD 1. Sunday 2. Tuesday 3. Monday 4. Thursday 5. Wednesday 6. Saturday 7. Friday Cheerzen
  13. I think that this thread is the progression of those similar ones we have had over the past few months and is a sign of how the Dogz are settling into the available sims and personal routines over the time the discussions have been going. I am in favour of GBS Sundays and Tuesdays. Mondays and Thursdays are not so easy for me as my availability changes but I will make an effort to tie down a Thursday for DCS. I think even putting 46 on an alternative night won't attract any more to it so I think 46 should be put in a cupboard and available time used to develop those sims we choose to fly more. I have no input for CloD really as I haven't picked that sim up at all. However, my view is that if it is a valuable resource for the community as a whole then I would be up for the server kept going provided that those using it would be more willing to contribute to help Dogz resources if it is costing us to run it. If the server is run by an individual, is it FT?, then that would be up to them perhaps but I have always held quite strong views over contributions. In reality I think that having 4 sims has caused an issue as there has been too much choice however I think that is now sorting itself out and the time really has come to drop those that are not as popular. Cheerzen.
  14. Following on from our chat I will start a thread for our skins and liveries so that we can perhaps download them and see each other dressed correctly in all our shiny/drab skins Please add yours to this thread. I put my downloaded skins in C:\Users\..your account...\Saved Games\DCS\Liveries\.... Mirage 2000 Place skins in folder called M-2000C Aircraft user files link Mirage 2000 Skins I use: RAAF Mirage 2 RAAF Grumpy Monkey Chad anniversary skin Mirage III tribute bare metal and skins for the wing tanks to complete the look Tribute wing tank skins Yak 52 Place skins in folder called Yak-52 Aircraft user files link Yak 52 Skins I use: Rescue
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