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  1. Sid

    Dogz new member

    Morning Beagle. Great nickname, fits in very well!! Welcome, I hope you settle in and enjoy your time in the pound
  2. Got a measly 3MBs internet speed at the moment...BT are looking into it but are travelling to me at 3mph so won't be here until Thursday morning. Hoping it will cope tonight....
  3. Thanks FT. I don't have it installed so can't check
  4. Sid

    IL2 Enhanced Mod Pack.

    From my perspective I like the map retextures but the others don't change much for me.
  5. Caught on camera again.... Out on the Guzzi with my mate last Sunday and the bikerpics photographer was on the same bend as last time on the A44 Bromyard to Worcester road. We were coming from the opposite direction this time. I was using my left foot as my angle of dangle indicator, it was skimming the road surface nicely. @Arthur, the centre stand is off now, it scraped once on a left hander in a dip where the suspension was close to bottoming out so I removed it....
  6. Hi Benboy As far as I can remember the B24 is included in the latest update which I think is 4.12.2. If your game is up to date the B24 should be there. If you are flying offline and you want other bombers and maps then perhaps you should try the BAT installation found on the SAS forum here Cheerzen Sid
  7. From my point of view it wasn't an issue because I knew we were up for 4 generated missions so expected them to be of a relatively short duration. If we are having an evening of short missions I don't think anything needs to be changed, it didn't take away any fun or sense of involvement at all. Cheerzen
  8. Sid

    Icon Settings

    Friar, check PMs
  9. Sid

    Icon Settings

    I am looking in the Dogz mods to see if they can be changed. Currently, Dogz icon mod v.1 allows pilots to see aircraft and ground target markers whilst flying and on the maps. I am testing it to see if the removal of ground markers still allows the map markers to be seen. Dogz Tank icons mod v.2 removes all markers from view and maps except for aircraft. I am looking to see if the map markers can be returned. Are either of these options what you are after?
  10. Sid

    Icon Settings

    Do you mean on minimap and briefing map but not whilst in a plane or tank?
  11. Probably won't be flying tonight, busy weekend, not quite finished.....
  12. Sid

    B26 Marauder

    Thanks for the positivity chaps There is a plan to use one of the remaining WW2 buildings at Rivenhall as a museum and represent the airfield as a working base. There is a possibility that they would like models of the aircraft based there, B26 included, to be built for display. Looking to get the job....P51B, Stirling Mk IV, Horsa glider and Dakota.
  13. Sid

    B26 Marauder

    Sorry about the no-show tonight, not like me to miss a Tuesday flying... However, time is short this week and I had a last minute project that needed completing before Thursday. My bro is a member of the Royal British Legion in his home town in Essex and has organised a Forces Day there this weekend. He has vehicles and all sorts turning up and also wanted to feature the local wartime airfields, particularly Rivenhall. This is because they were busy around D Day with B26 Marauders, P51s and other types and then were used for glider operations 1944/45 by the RAF after the Americans had moved onto the Continent. I volunteered to build a B26 for him. Short notice ie. a week, and I will be driving it down to him so I need it to be finished and solid as much as it can be. One of the quickest builds I have done. I built the old Airfix 1/72 scale version which by chance comes with the markings for a Rivenhall B26. It took a day or so to locate a usable one on ebay that I could get quickly however one arrived and I started building on Saturday. For an old kit it is surprisingly detailed and went together very well. The cylindrical fuselage top join took some sanding to get it looking good and the rear of the engine nacelles needed some filler to get the curves right but on the whole I enjoyed it. It isn't very often I build a natural metal finished aircraft as it used to be difficult to recreate the metal finish. However, Tamiya make a bare metal finish paint and it did the job nicely. Perhaps I would have spent a bit more time tidying up joints etc. but time was the limiter here, just a few touch ups and corrections to be done tomorrow. D Day stripes were done by painting a white area, masking it, painting the bare metal finish and then using a sheet of black decal from which the stripes were cut. Easier than painting I think. The idea is that the model will stay with my bro and will be used for exhibitions..... I think he wants a MkIV Stirling and a Horsa glider next..... Cheerzen
  14. What ho chaps! Well, I must say we had a spiffer with the Tiffies! 'Sidley's Sods' took off and made their way to the target area with some cover from those jolly good Spitfire types - they kept us company until they broke off to engage some thoroughly beastly Jerrie fighters that were escorting some even beastlier fighter bombers on a parallel heading to us. Safe from attack we carried on and found our target area a veritable feast of ground targets. Unconcerned about fighters we set to it. A few minutes in to gorging on the feast and having fun shooting off our wockets we noticed that the fighter bombers were giving our lads over the way a bit of unfriendly horses doofers so with rockets spent, we turned and engaged them. Three 110s went down looking like the mess Christmas pudding yesterday.....much too much brandy poured over it equalled lots of lovely flames. I think one or two of the enemy blighters managed to bail out of their fiery puddings as they crashed down....lovely show. Low on ammunition, a few more runs were made on the ground targets. Then, time to leave the field and head home for Christmas leftovers....turkey and pickles....lovely. All aircraft returned to the airfield intact. Excellent. Jolly Good Show 193 Sqn. And Christmas wishes to our Yank friends who, it seems, also had a wizard time!!
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