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  1. Are there any....women.....here today......?
  2. So maybe your nickname should be 'TakAtak' as in the Battle of Britain 'Watch out for me Simon....TakAtakAtakAtak!'
  3. Welcome Ben! I hope you settle in and enjoy the flying and our company.
  4. It is worth the effort BB. It's a joy to look at and is easy to fly. I did a circuit today from Gloucestershire Airport, touch and go at Birmingham then west to the Welsh coast. Turned south and followed the coast back up the River Severn to Gloucester. Did it at real time and with live traffic. Great views of the aircraft at 30,000ft and at sea level. No piccies and no vid but it looks brilliant.... Fix it...you won't regret it...
  5. Not bad. I sat in the one at RAF St Mawgen last month and it was small.....so is this. It doesn't compete with the best cockpits available but it's not far off with resolution and overall look. There is a payware in the pipeline but this will do until then. It's clickable...not that that interests me. As a free package I think it is very good. The externals are excellent. I'm a huge Hunter fan so I am grateful for anything I can get....
  6. Just spotted a booboo....fuselage drab is meant to be the same as the outer/inner wing drab.... 😬
  7. Looking good... A Freeware Hawker Hunter....love it. Taxying at RAF Valley before departing into those Welsh mountains
  8. Still a work in progress but almost there..... Changed some colours, found a way to get the D Day stripes without making them, fiddling around with metal colours and reflectivity...a learning curve indeed. P51D is a popular aircraft and is pretty well covered with skins but if anyone has a request I will crack on with it. Shiny/dirty, silver/green/combination, nose colours etc., all good practice This official template is one of the best.
  9. Chaps/Meine Herren If you are looking for an airfield that can land and allow enough room for a take off run for the Ar234 and Me262 on the Bodenplatt map, try these airfields in 'Quick mission builder'. If you find any others please post name and map square in this thread. See this thread https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/79119-airfields-for-jets/ Rheine 0628 Hopsten 0529 Hesepe 0431 Twente 0624 Achmer 0531 Munster 0930 Vorden 0432 If you air start on the map try landing first and then take off - I haven't selected an air start with the Rocket assist packs attached yet so I'm not sure if they stay on. Try the drogue chute on the Ar234, it works a treat....although....once used, that's it. Can't do circuits and bumps with one drogue....Alternatively, select a ground start for your mission and maybe it will place you on one of these airfields. Hint ALWAYS use Rocket assist on the Ar234 to take off, apparently that is what happened in ops. Select them in the 'Modifications' list. Activate by using the 'Rocket' key, hold down though, it isn't 'one press' like firing a rocket weapon. Once in the air, release the button and release them using the 'Jettison weapons' key. Cheerzen
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