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    From the album: DCS Delectations

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    From the album: DCS Delectations

  3. Good news chaps! Those of you not running the OpenBeta can now benefit from a host of updates, bug fixes and new content - including the Hornet! Also a new format of memory mangement is enabled in this release to better manage RAM allocation and reduce the risk of hangups whilst loading the more memory intensive maps (we're looking at Normandy and Nevada). You WW2 DCSers will also benefit from improved Normandy map features, an expanded Asset Pack and now Flak bursts can be seen by clients (and not just the host) on Multiplayer servers... yay! Note that the changelog is out however, it may be some hours before the files are available for download - looks like a biggy so those of limited internet bandwidth be prepared for an overnighter... Changelog is copied below: DCS DCS F/A-18C Hornet and The Persian Gulf map is available. Added CVN-74 J.C.Stennis aircraft carrier. L-39 Kursant Campaign and F-15C Aggressors BFM Campaign is available The first version of the video memory manager is presented, which will purge the video memory when the video memory budget allocated by Windows is reached. The resources that were not used in the last 10 seconds are first to be purged. New OFFLINE mode is now implemented. User can turn on OFFLINE mode that allows the game to be used without internet identification and without a time limit. Note: user must turn off OFFLINE mode on the same PC. OFFLINE mode cannot be turned off from another PC even with the same user's login. DCS World Kh-25 and Kh-29 will follow the laser beam target point of the Su-25/25T optical station when player to shift the target point after launch. Aircraft AI will be changing altitude between waypoints less aggressively. Removing scenery objects via trigger will not be stay in the invisible mode, they will be removed completely. MP. Added additional list of checkboxes for advanced IC server options: require pure textures, require pure models and require pure clients. If an airbase has multiple runways in parallel the ATC will indicate which runway the player should take. GUI. Input window. Device names in Input table can be customized. Added China Asset Pack. AI helo crew will not sink into FARP surface. StaticObject.destroy() on cargo object will removes the cargo instead of killing it. MP. Client will not gets wrong briefing from last played single player mission instead of the right briefing from current MP mission. Fixed crash with Transport.dll F10 map. labels in high resolution (1440p, 2160p etc) with turned on Scale GUI option will be in correct position on the map. Fixed crash when briefing is set by trigger. LAU-61 and LAU-3 rocket launcher will not looks empty when rockets in the tubes. Multi Display. Fixed some freezes in 140 degrees FOV. Deferred Shading render locked in the game and can not be turned off. DCS ceased support of old graphic render without Deferred Shading. The SF key linked to user's account can't be activated with another account. A-10A, A-10C. Corrupted TV display fixed. Fixed CTD when Helicopter AI group landing on the ground.. The sun will not shine through the rearview mirrors. ME maps. Fixed the captions that could be corrupted by zoom and moving. MP. Changed the order of server IC options on client. The player will not have the opportunity to see the usermarks of the opposite coalition. Added option to use built-in to VR device mic and speakers or not. The aircraft will not ignores the task via triggered action for changing waypoint. Restored moonlight in the night. ME. MLRS FDDM vehicle has been moved to Artillery category. ME. Fixed GUI Error after deleting a unit when using the list box. MiG-29S. The old R-77 launcher replaced with corrected new one. ARM Kh-25MP. Minimum range was increased. ARM AGM-45. Minimum range was increased. Added new warning window with switching to OFFLINE mode. AA missile R-77. Corrected data for launch zone calculation, turn off the loft maneuver. Fixed incockpit heavy breath sound at high G. ME. Fixed error caused using the list box of vehicles with appointed target mark. Su-25T: training mission CN voiceover fixed In-cockpit mirrors will not have red outline. Sound - reworked guns sources loading routine to allow aircraft-module-specific samples to be used. Restored texture of KDO G40 Added scripting functions for airbase parking data (true/false parameter). Group list immediately shows changes which user made in unit panel Airlifted troopers will not ignore point and radius zone of embarking. Aircraft with "uncontrolled" setting will not damages aircraft carrier. Aircraft will not takeoff from an unactivated aircraft carrier. Graphic options. SSAA disabled above 1080P. Updater updated (worked with 'deltas') Spawn cold aircraft on ship deck with folded wings. If the unit being followed is destroyed DCS crashes - fixed. ME. Added feature of static templates. JTAC radios comms error due to SA-18 fixed. ME. Ground/water units numeration corrected. The modulation of shipborne radios set to AM by default. MP. Server will show a warning to clients who do not have a map used in the mission. NVG brightness adjustment is over sensitive - corrected. AI armed speed boats. Corrected performing turns in the formation. Mi-8MTV2. Rear gunner will be removed when cargo doors are disabled. Western aircraft RWR's will not be pick up the FA-18C Lot 20 as Unknown. Chinese J-11 will shows up as 29 on RWR. Corrected a supersonic sound Mach cone of the missiles. The radars of SA-3 will be displayed on RWR: P-19 Flat Face radar - FF, SNR S-125 Neva Low Blow radar - LB. Long radio subtitles are superimposed with triggered messages - fixed. Radio subtitles will not appear if you are not on the same frequency. DCS Flaming Cliffs MiG-29. R-27R aligned on launcher. MiG-29A fuel tanks position corrected. MiG-29. External light adjustments, headlight color tuned. Corrected carrier arresting cables physics. Su-33 will not explodes if arresting hook contact with cable in backward move. J-11A. Corrected pilot suit skin. Different skins will have its own pilot skin in F1 view. J-11A. The HUD symbols will not place out of glass borders. J-11A. The HUD language will depend by selected language in the options. J-11A. Will be displayed on the RWRs of western aircraft as Su-27. J-11A. Added customized cockpit support for J-11A J-11A. AI and Flyable have no Su-27 sound effect fixed. FC3: added A-10A CN flight manual Su-27. Slat indicator will works. Su-27. Fuel level gauge fixed. Mig-29. An instrument and flashlights lighting corrected. DCS Hawk T1 by VEAO First round of changes to the FM behaviour. Improvements to departure from flight logic. Improvements to electrical system logic. Fix for the taxi bug. Improvements to AoA calculations. System damage improvements. PBR improvements to the external model and skins. DCS AV-8B N/A by RAZBAM EHSD Moving Map Enabled EHSD Data pages DMT axis control enabled ECS System operational (oxygen and cabin pressure logic) Hypoxia modeling enabled Auto-start functional (deployed with EHSD updates) Auto-stop functional (deployed with EHSD updates) SAS Pitch, Roll, Yaw WCA indications functional DEP RES WCA indication functional Radios functional in non-easy comm (only controllable from UFC/ODU currently) Added KC-135 Drogue Tanker AI AG master mode selection improvements USS Tarawa TACAN enabled Armament control panel improvements and corrections STRS Page update Laser code input updated AGM-65E handler enabled (WIP) IRMV Sensor select bug fixed TPOD THC select bug fixed DMT sensor movement in LSS Vapor effects initial implementation ACNIP and Radio Control Set (Backup Radio Control functionality) Cold cockpit switch position corrections MPCD brightness glow/reflection added EDP brightness knob functional Cleaned up cockpit command params of unused duplicates Engine stress damage overhaul (better indications as damage occurs, correct resetting of damage, more dynamic modeling of damage through RPM range) Corrected inertia modeling of weight and balance with respect to fuel consumption and refueling Corrected actuator movement rate of flight controls actuators Corrected aileron effectiveness coefficients Corrected COMM2 UFC knob not animating correctly and tied with water flow light on EDP Added LODs for external model for optimization Optimized collision model IR Maverick slew and lock updates Stabilator indicator correction Corrected water flowing on and off rapidly in Landing STO mode Corrected MPCD glow not going off when MPCD goes off after being on Corrected minor shake due to gear model when not moving with parking brake Increase canopy open/close speed to match video references Canopy open/close keyboard shortcut now automatically performs unlock handle Corrected Radio COMM 2 not working in UFC mode Corrected ARBS/DMT TDC bug. IR/TV Mavs launch constrain keyhole is now active. AGM-65Es are now active. MPCD behavior after firing a Maverick has been updated. IR/TV Mavs axis slew is now active. STRS Page WPN FAIL message bug is now fixed. (The bug appears when using mavericks). Weapon AUTO (CCRP) release mode improved logic, cues, and accuracy Weapon CIP (CCIP) release mode is upgraded. Still WiP. NVG Brightness control Altitude Sensor Selector preventing use of IRMAVs bug fixed. Updated KC-135B model Updated UFC font DCS M-2000C by RAZBAM Added 9 Training Missions for NTTR from Baltic Dragon Corrected overall hydraulic logic and fix loss of control when engine going off and using emergency hydraulics Corrected control surface hard-over when on ground for high AOA (tail wind on aircraft when sitting on deck) Corrected fuel pump switch being able to move when engine start cover it Corrected Gun ARM, else SAFE joystick abstraction not working when going back into SAFE Corrected transfer light not coming on during refuel Vortices/vapor effects Cockpit clock bug fix. Vortices/vapor effects Corrected issue when on engine idle on ground and subsystems not receiving power correctly Corrected endless refueling when on ground and requesting less internal fuel than currently in aircraft Corrected AI main gear pos contact point slightly above ground Corrected linearity in pitch control for consistent pitch down response Caucasus campaign bug fixes for Mission 01 and Mission 13. DCS SA342 by Polychop Simulations Added SA342Minigun module Added SA342Minigun addendum.txt file in module Doc folder Corrected PBR textures, no more "roughmet" textures are used, according to particular light conditions some issues may still show Multicrew mode, Nadir use has been moved to copilot, pilot is no more able to use the Nadir if a copilot is aboard. Corrected Rockets range and effect Corrected Mistral missile, now it's all aspects and 7km range Corrected HOT3 effect regarding unarmoured vehicles (infantry, trucks ...) Added Copilot Intercom functionality Corrected Cockpit glasses Reworked Gyro and AP logic In order to prevent conflicts between the main joystick and a possible second joystick when targeting with the camera, a new option has been added in Options/Special/SA342 named "SECOND JOYSTICK FOR CAMERA", it has to be unchecked if you don't use a second joystick for the Camera (Viviane or else) and it has to be checked if you use a second joystick. Due to latency issues, ability for the copilot to pilot the helicopter in multicrew mode has been removed. Added missing keyboard or joystick assignments in controls, Warning, Due to new input additions, it could be needed to re-assign some inputs. Restored behavior at ground, the helicopter will begin to roll or pitch around 45% torque Corrected controls position for FFB or non-FFB sticks, including diamond, 3d stick in cockpit view, 3d stick in external view Corrected ADF guage CAP flag Cockpit lights have been fixed including writings flickering, issues may persist under specific light conditions Replaced "Improve your skill" mission 2.5.0 version Corrected sun glasses A new document has been added to the module doc folder, named "Gazelle Multicrew 24-04-2018.txt" talking about multicrew limitations. Damages due to negative g has been added FM has been refined in some areas Corrected camera control when in slaved mode NADIR, Auxiliaries will display continuously i.e "AUX 1-6". Pressing AUX key again or using the EFF long key press will revert to previous display. Weapons training missions changed for Caucasus and Nevada. Minigun gunner animation is still WIP and will be corrected The Gazelle module goes out of beta state, potential still existing issues will be corrected in time. Gazelle TV black screen fixed DCS A-10C Adjusted default VR View. A-10A, A-10C. Corrupted TV display fixed. Datalink restored. A-10C: training mission CN voiceover fixed. Internal cockpit flood lights restored. DCS Combined Arms UNCONTROLLED checkbox will disabled control of ground forces from F10 map for all roles except Game Master. Briefing panel can be called in the game. DCS Ka-50 Fixed crash in the Beslan airport when user asked taxiing. DCS F-5E Taxi/Landing lights corrected. DCS F-86F Corrected missions: training F-86F Bomb and 4 singleplayer Street Sweeper, Flight Suit Attitude, Sabre Strike, First Jet Strike Fighter. DCS NS430 fixed backwards scrolling breaks autofill/info for App/Dep fixed NRST USR WPT screen not working. fixed Night time kills pop out window. Right Knob scrolling through letters randomly - fixed. DCS C-101 by AvioDev Updated CN localization. Updated external model with new nose shape as it was too sharp. FD command bars will stay in view with FD powered off only when battery power is available. Kneeboard: Solved the inability to assign page up and page down to kneeboard both with keyboard and joystick. Solved the inability to assign shortcuts to kneeboard both with keyboard and joystick. Solved the inability to mark current position in kneeboard map with joystick. Inputs: Fixed possibility to assign HSI Course and Heading Knobs to keyboard and joystick. Fixed possibility to assign Speed Bug to keyboard and joystick. Fixed possibility to assign Altimeter Pressute Setting to keyboard and joystick. Updated EB keyboard and joystick input files. Multiple corrections and additions plus added rear cockpit. Fixed TACAN range. Fixed helmet glass in VR. DCS MiG-21Bis by Magnitude 3 LLC Updated instrument needles to stop Z buffering. Fixed ADI tape’s animation and 3D mesh. Adjusted phosphor green glow to be brighter. Fixed cockpit lights. Chinese cockpit added by uboats. HUD glass changed for visual enjoyment. Canopy glass alpha channel adjusted. Fixed landing gear strut lights from being on constantly. Fixed material attributes on RN-24/28 bombs and APU-13MT rail. Fixed 3D mesh vertical tail top section to be more curved. Fixed non-rotating compressor blades. Added PLAAF white livery by uboats. Added Chinese localization for missions. Created new indicator lights. Fixed textures on English ASP switches and other objects. Adjusted red flood-lights to be brighter. Adjusted pink color lights to red-ish Fixed see-through areas in cockpit. Fixed flap and ARK buttons' position animation. Corrected SPO's center area not to rotate when switching between night/day modes. Fixed RSBN NPP Glideslope animations. Fixed RPM 2 needle not overtaking RPM 1 needle. Fixed non-rotating compressor blades. Fixed landing gear strut lights from being on constantly. Fixed a bug that caused small errors in aerodynamic forces calculation for the landing gear. Slight improvements in "Game Flight Mode" and/or "Simplified Engine Management" is on. Engine won't shut down on high lateral or high negative longitudinal acceleration (such are in spins) Engine won't stop at low oil pressure time trigger. Engine won't shut down at low fuel pressure. Added Iran, Iraq and Syria liveries by Jack MiG-21Bis now works in the Persian Gulf. Corrected Russian text on the T-10 indicators and radar lights. Corrected radio channel numbers and Russian text on list. Corrected material attribute on mirror. Added raindrop effect. Corrected materials on LOD4 causing objects to be invisible. Corrected UVs on tac-numbers. Added DPRK 2016 livery. (Based on #42) Added Slovakia livery by Jack. Corrected glass material setup. Reflected colors on the HUD and windscreen should not be so bright now. Adjusted HUD and windscreen reflectiveness. Removed duplicate 3D mesh objects in cockpit. Adjusted landing and taxi lights as a temporary fix to prevent cockpit bleed-through. Added RSBN frequencies for Persian Gulf. Fixed missing kneeboard maps. Updated mission folder structure. DCS Mi-8MTV2 by BST Corrected training mission MI-8MTV2-Training-Weapons. Corrected instant missions Mi-8MTV2-QS-Convoy Raid and Mi-8MTV2-QS-Target Practice. DCS MiG-15bis by BST Corrected cockpit white lamps. Corrected training missions. DCS L-39 The behaviour of CB "МРП-РВ" when mission started first time corrected. DCS UH-1 Added new Instant action missions for Persian Gulf. Player aircraft will be able to born on the ramp of carrier. DCS Spitfire IX Tail wheel animation corrected. DCS Normandy 1944 More detailed objects and realistic airfield textures. The textures now reflect the more dusty, lighter, sandy surfaces Removal of permanent structures from ALG airfields Concrete surfaces for the airfields of Evreux, Carpiquet, and Tangmere Shallow water zones along the coastal areas New stone bridges More structures like farm houses outside the detailed areas of the map Added more objects like windmills WWII Assets pack New units added: M12 gun motor carriage M30 cargo carrier M2A1/M3 halftrack StuG IV Sd.Kfz. 234/2 "Puma" Sd.Kfz. 7 artillery tractor Sd.Kfz. 251 Sd.Kfz. 2 Kettenkrad Horch staff car Barrage balloons LCVP Higgins boats UK soldier Campaigns A-10C BFT Campaign. BFT01 - Some minor vehicle updates. BFT02 - Corrected voice over. BFT04, BFT09 - Corrected bug after missed approach. Adjusted the altitude triggers make them work better. F-15C The Georgian War - missions 2, 11, 12 updated. Mi-8MTV2 The Border - missions 6, 11, 13 updated. A-10C Sturmovik - missions 7, 10 fixed. A-10C The Enemy Within Campaign - missions 7 and 17 corrected. UH-1H Argo Campaign - some missions corrected. A-10C Advanced Campaign - corrected missions AAT10 - AG Missile Employment. Mi-8MTV2 Oilfield Campaign - fixed conditions of landing in missions 10 and 14. Mi-8MTV2 Spring Tension Campaign - fixed condition of landing in missions from 1 to 9. BS2 Republic Campaign - added CN localization. A-10C NTTR Red Flag Campaign - added CN localization. New Skins: F-86F IIAF Imperial Iranian by carss. KC-135 Turkish Air Force by c@sper. F-5E IRIAF 43rd Tactical Fighter Squadron by jponti. F-5E IRIAF by drPhibes. MiG-29A IRIAF Sand-Blue skin by bounj. Mi-8MTV2 NAJA Special Police by OfficerAMR. Mi-8MTV2 Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Blue by OfficerAMR. Mi-8MTV2 Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Sand by OfficerAMR.
  4. DD_Fenrir

    DCS F/A-18 Released to Client Stable version

    Good work Gypsy - I think I speak for all here who have time in the DCS Spitty when I say that this entirely mirrors what we have all experienced; as you're finding out, you can be told or shown the "right way" but much of the process is just plain old practise, refining and finnessing. Persistence pays in DCS as you are discovering. Eventually you'll wonder waht all the fuss was about!
  5. DD_Fenrir

    DCS F/A-18 Released to Client Stable version

    Done a repair Arthur? If that fails, try deleting the fxo, metashaders, and metashaders2 directories in your C:\Users\yourname\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta. Then run DCS again and let it rebuild them.
  6. DD_Fenrir

    DCS F/A-18 Released to Client Stable version

    Because you played after midnight your time yesterday! Force the update via the Windows Start icon in the task bar. Scroll down the alphabetical list under the recently added until you reach the Eagle Dynamics folder click and under the sub-tree select 'Update DCS World'. Et voila!
  7. DD_Fenrir

    Need a force feedback base for your WartHog?

    I feel a sudden need to re-mortgage....
  8. Thanks for this Chris. Well found. My heart was in my mouth watching his approach, even knowing the outcome.
  9. DD_Fenrir

    Whatcha Flyin'?

    Generally the missions I run on Normandy do ok on 16GB; some intelligent spawning and de-spawning units helps. Take note that the memory manager that is being currently trialled in the Open Beta branch may help with loading Normandy, which I know some with 8GB had issues with. Actual performance when in mission with 8GB... good question!
  10. Hi boys, whilst finding some stuff to listen to during my working luck I stumbled upon a great channel called Aircrew interview. I've posted some of the ones I found particularly interesting:
  11. DD_Fenrir

    DCS WW2 Sale

    Thinking of starting in DCS with WW2 modules? Or considering expanding your existing hangar of WW2 types? Maybe you've put off getting the Normandy Map & Asset Pack until prices came down? Well, now here's an opportunity: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3476473&postcount=140
  12. DD_Fenrir

    warmed up engines

    Well... about f_ing time!
  13. Well, if you flew for Mother Russia at least you won't miss the clatter of tractor engines...
  14. DD_Fenrir

    Awesome 2.5 Update Vids

    Happy New Year all! Wanna see more of the upcoming re-engineered Caucasus map? What about the F/A-18? Well, volia! and:
  15. Hi Dave, BoX is fun but with only two nights (and maybe soon only one) to fly my focus will be on Sunday night Coops and CloD Thursday with some DCS thereafter. If I could join a BoX session on any other night it would be after 10pm. As such I don't believe my opinion should be weighted in this particulat straw poll.
  16. DD_Fenrir

    We need to talk...

    ... about the future. The future of flight simming in general and the Dogz place within the idiom and the community. Now let's be clear, I have not started this discussion with the aim of having reached some definitive agenda or decree about how the Dogz will move forward from hereon in. Think of this as a brainstorming effort. I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts, conjectures, opinions and even crystal ball consultations on the genre flight sim and what we think the Dogz will look like in the future. The first point of discussion will be the state of the sims we currently fly (if I miss any candidates please let me know). So in that vein let's look at our primary - Il-2 1946: Il-2 is a grand old lady, with a breadth of content unrivalled by any subsequent simulator offering. And it does not skimp on depth - it strikes a fantastic balance between simming enough realism to be satisfying without becoming inaccessible or tedious. In short, it's fun. With mod support we have unparalleled access to theatres and even eras. However there are issues technically and community wise that I suspect will come to make 1946 less and less viable as our primary sim in the future. It could be argued that perhaps some of these issues already are snapping at our collective heels. 1) 32-bit Program Support - we have to acknowledge the possibility that at some point in the future, windows support for 32-bit programs will disappear - this means no more Il-2:1946! There are of course ways around these things but this is an important aspect that must be recognised. 2) Player Base - the Il-2 community is dwindling. As people dedicate more time to more modern offerings or move squads wholesale to the next big thing the community around Il-2 contracts. Those still persevering end up in ever smaller and less relevant squads or go offline only. Newer entrants to the genre will generally want the newest, best looking and higher fidelity sims, and whilst some could be brought round to the delights of 1946, they will be a minority. We could perhaps pick up some these and also target the veteran disaffected types whose squads moved on to newer things against their opinion, both of which could boost our attendance in the near term but these cannot but delay the inevitable - that being that Il-2:1946 will eventually become a anachronism of the flight sim genre. If the Dogz stay with it then it is likely our fate will be similar. Pause cos babies making noise. To be continued...
  17. DD_Fenrir

    Lancaster MkI 1/72 Revell

    Excuse me whilst I remove the appendage terminating my leg from my cake-hole.... The B-type Roundels (just red & blue) look good, but the C-type (with white and yellow rings) appear ill-proportioned and the red - at least in the photo - doesn't appear to be centered correctly. Apologies if I offended Arjen.
  18. DD_Fenrir

    Lancaster MkI 1/72 Revell

    I'd ditch the roundel set from that decal sheet that came with the set FT; looks 'orrible!
  19. DD_Fenrir

    Version 2.5 Graphics Question

    Are you chaps running with "deferred shading" on or off?
  20. This is where Painless asks for photos...
  21. DD_Fenrir

    Version 2.5 Graphics Question

    Hey Gypsy. Can you post a screenshot so we can better see what your looking at? I have my suspicions but don't want to send you on a wild goose chase changing settings etc if I'm wrong.
  22. DD_Fenrir

    DCS 2.5 progress update

    I know some of you are a bit in the dark as to when the release version will be available for you to update to, and wondering what's taking so long, so I've copied in the patch notes detailing the bugfixes and some of the ongoing issues the developers have come across: Improved NVG picture. ES and CN localization update. ME. Ships groups. Ship skill will not accidentally changed after mouse click. APC AVV-7 40mm Mk.19 HE ammunition replaced by HEDP. Added new model of small helipads (FARP) for single helicopter. Added AI China AWACS KJ-2000. DCS NTTR Object 'CONCREET_CAN" destroyed state corrected. DCS Ka-50 Added separate option slider for the helmet sight-ring displacement. DCS AJS-37 New feature! auto-generated data cartridge. Choosable in the kneeboard (# 6) The Auto-generated data cartridge is a cartridge with five pre-programmed waypoints, where the third waypoint will be located on the first expected enemy units. This waypoint will take into account projected target movement and if you follow Time on Target cues, you will intercept your target. This is a work in progress feature. You can now load a data-cartridge file stored in the saved games-folder without respawning. Details on this will be posted on the forums. New Export of ELINT-analysis data to Saved games-folder added! It will be located in the %SAVED_GAMES%/DCS_AJS37/ELINTData.info file. The DCS_AJS37-folder must exist for export to work. This is a work in progress feature. Added new JA-37Di “Akktu Stakki” Livery by Magnus Almgren https://imgur.com/a/FiYYE Fixed FORMLJUS not illuminating tail with deferred rendering on Fixed fuselage FORMLJUS (slimelights) not appearing with deferred rendering on Corrected landing light sprite movement Landing light distance and attenuation reworked for deferred rendering Landing light will no longer illuminate the cockpit Landing light will now follow nosewheel strut rotation. Wing nav/formation lights will now cast dynamic lighting Fixed static airfield AJS-37 missing canopy & ejection seat issue. Adjusted PBR materials for new tonemapper gamma Fixed missing Bare Metal livery Fixed missing ordinance icons Fixed duplicate material name of canopy glass & rocket pod (Thanks Home Fries!) Replaced default Viggen briefing UI image Corrected AKAN Gunpod size Fix to RWR showing ghost signals Fixes to Time On Target calculation accuracy Fix to second BK90 MJ1 not releasing Fix to Glideslope indication issues. Fix to inaccurate DYK and NAV bombing Fix to Maverick-sight going off target Fix to Easter egg triggering erroneously. (or, rather, in common flight parameters) Fixed Lysbomb not releasing and FÄLLD LAST light not activating Various Fixes to U22 and U22/A pods Corrected shader parameters for cockpit Corrected shader parameters for LoD1/2/3 to fit better with LoD0 Exterior. Removed all instances std::rand() and replaced with ED’s replay-consistent random object. (does not fix all replay issues yet!) Fixed Droptank fuel weight not being removed from aircraft Fix to lift performance in slow speeds/high alpha flight Corrected shader parameters for all ordinance models. Fixed default radio frequencies. Fixed an issue where an AI aircraft could not be assigned to common frequency ranges. Adjusted missions for 2.5 Caucasus. Fixed Canopy Glass in cockpit being practically invisible. Fixed doubled up canard vortices and right wing will now generate vortices. Adjusted ‘Mozdok Attack’,‘Moscow Takedown’ and ‘Attack the Camp’ Single missions for new Caucasus (thanks Grimes & Graywo1f!) Darkened HUD Glass & adjusted indicator material for better HUD visibility Added new F7 Skaraborg’s flygflottilj livery for Caucasus Mini-Campaign DCS MiG-21Bis by Magnitude 3 LLC Adjusted external textures for deferred shading. Stabilized radar on horizon. Control panel for Nukes now shows. Nukes’ 3D model now shows on aircraft. SPS Box now shows. CampaignsAdapted paid campaigns to new Caucasus: F-15C The Georgian War Сampaign A-10C The Enemy Within Campaign A-10C Tactical Training Qualification Campaign A-10C Basic Flight Training Campaign A-10C Advanced Aircraft Training Qualification Campaign UH-1H Argo Campaign The Border Campaign A-10C Operation Piercing Fury Campaign The Museum Relic Campaign P-51D High Stakes Campaign Black Shark 2 Republic Campaign Su-27 The Ultimate Argument Campaign A-10C Stone Shield Campaign Mi-8MTV2 Oilfield Campaign. In additional added two new missions for single and multiplayer. NOTE: for all those campaigns implemented the new keyless copy protection. This update will be available only for Open Beta so far. 02-06-2018, 02:56 PM DCS 2.5.0 HOTFIX 1 Fixed crash on loading mission with Bf-109 in VR mode. Fixed CTD in "A-10C Sturmovik" campaign mission 1. Fixed corrupted font in kneeboard. The Grace Period will be granted even if DRM Server is down. Fixed login issue in Steam version. Fixed crash on mark panels added by scripting engine. Ground unit will not shoot at targets if a friendly unit is behind target, in the firing line. Flak 37 will not shoots below the target at short ranges. Corrected sound of controllable ground unit in the cruise control mode. Now you can delete missions or tracks with Delete key in the Mission and Track open panels. Fixed CTD when static object destroyed by scripting engine or AI unit. Changed tainted files checking logic. NS430 - Arrivals should only appear once in the popup scroll window, transitions are chosen separately. NS430 - popup window interferes with night vision goggles and has odd visual artifacts. NS430 - GPS incorrectly activates flight plan when arriving at direct-to destination not in the plan. Fixed launch type of AGM-84A. UH-1H UN Pilot campaign. Fixed CTD in final mission. CA. BMP-3. Corrected main sight appearance after switch to secondary and tun back. Operation Piercing Fury Update to Mission 2 & 4. NOTE We are working hard towards a memory leak solution. 02-09-2018, 12:31 PM DCS 2.5.0 HOTFIX 2 FC3 aircraft. Eliminated green dot in the HUD. NS430 - approach data errors: KVGT The 'comment' value of User mark panel via scripting engine will be optional. MP server list. First 3 columns will not be too narrow. MP server list. The ability to sort the rows by clicking on the column title. Corrected air-launch Harpoon performance. AWACS. Corrected "at bulls/at bullseye XXX" messages. MP. F10 map. Nickname of client will not be displayed after client's icon disappearing. Fixed crash on cargo intersects with objects. MP. Fixed server crash with transport.dll. HAI : Game freezes when Mi-28 trying to land - fixed. 02-14-2018, 12:53 PM 2018-02-14 HOTFIX 3 Updated several missions of UH-1H Argo Campaign. Updated several missions of A-10C The Enemy Within Campaign. MP anticheat. Speed relative explosion power is clamped to 500 m/s. Controlled Ground units can pass through tunnel wall. Fixed. Fixed issue with ground AI when given stop and resume triggers returns to previous WP instead of continuing the route. UH-1H UN Campaign mission 2 trigger will working. Fixed ME error me_map_window.lua in dynamic weather panel. Sea waves animation will be works correctly from inside some cockpits. Multiple flights starting on a FARP at the same time will not spawn on a player. Tanker will be fill external tanks of aircraft. B-17G ball turret will fire. B-17G will attack enemy at second approach. UH-1H: Fixed issue with barometric altimeters when atmospheric pressure below limit. AI Radio. Fixed error in wMessage::buildSpeechQ appearing in some conditions. DCS AV-8B N/A by RAZBAM Corrected empty fuel tank definition Cockpit model improvements External model improvements Added EHSD Moving Map (Work-in-Progress) Added TPOD laser ranging Updated TPOD TDC movements Updated TPOD target transfer Corrected aircraft basic empty weight (slightly too low before) Corrected aircraft basic empty roll inertia (too high before, creating incorrect roll response) Corrected combat rating not allowed when nozzles not aft or gear down Corrected very high altitude engine performance (>35000ft, was insufficient before) DCS M-2000C by RAZBAM Improved pitch responsiveness Improved AP responsiveness and control Improved extreme angle of attack behavior Improved engine malfunction modeling during in-flow loss Controls indicator now also shows trim position (previously only shown during AP engagement) Removed innacurate altitude limitations for AP engagement Corrected nature of trim control sensitivity to be relative to framerate Corrected nature of AP heading and trim control sensitivity to be relative to framerate Corrected helmet visor animation and reversal between external and cockpit view Corrected direction of trim indicator in controls indicator Corrected innacurate pitch moment with airbrake deployment 03-14-2018, 09:35 AM DCS 2.5 Open Beta Update 4 MP. Fixed issue when client can only see up to 5 ground units that are stationary. MP. Ground units will be able to activated on client. MP. Fixed crash on P-51D MainPanel:update_arguments(). MP. Client in multiplayer will see missiles of SAM launcher after its rearming. MP. Fixed issue when player can't join server with password if he previously enter incorrect password. MP. Stingers and Igla missiles will be visible for Clients. MP. Fixed multi-monitor setup crashes when joining or hosting multiplayer game. Speed indication on external view status bar will show more number positions. Aircraft AI will take damage after collision with trees. Enemy Within campaign. Added Doc folder and corrected missions. Museum Relic campaign. Added corrected missions, version 2.6. A-10C. Typo correction German A-10C manual. Mi-8MTV2. Spring Tension campaign updated for DCS 2.5 Mi-8MTV2. Wrong reading of the working pressure in the hydraulic system fixed. A10C Sturmovik campaign adapted for DCS 2.5. Stryker M1128. Corrected machine gun position. Corrected waterline level of several amphibious ground units. NS430. 2nd ref wpt for user waypoints is calculated incorrectly when changing distance manually. NS430. Approach data errors: KHND. NS430. Menu button breaks Right Knob. Updated and corrected Vegas tour missions. Fixed issue when trigger zone can't be moved. GUI. The open mission panel. Sorting order in mission list will be saved. Increased max number of sound hosts for avoidance runtime errors in complicated sound conditions with many sound emitters. L-39. Update training missions. Fixed crash when player switches to another aircraft on the ship's deck. Georgian Hammer with CA campaign adapted to DCS 2.5. As you can see the bugfix list has been quite comprehensive, but the most serious issue is of course that memory leak, which annoyingly seems to most afflict multiplayer. Hopefully they've made progress towards this and we'll see some solution soon; I for one can't wait to join up with some fellow Dogz in DCS 2.5 skies! Hang in there fellas....
  23. DD_Fenrir

    DCS 2.5 progress update

    To quote NineLine (artist formerly known as SithSpawn): Full thread here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=3444654#post3444654
  24. DD_Fenrir

    DCS 2.5 progress update

    Right - the RAM isn't bad but 2.5 is happier with 16. What is your preload radius setting in the graphics settings menu?
  25. DD_Fenrir

    DCS 2.5 progress update

    What RAM and GFX you got Arthur me ol' china?