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    From the album: DCS

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    As a rule for all FC3 level aircraft (and even the full blown jet modules) these are the primary bindings to map to joystick or throttle as you'll reference them often and usually under stress!: 1. Target Designator Cursor (TDC) Up, Down, Left, Right - put this on a hat switch. Yes, even if it means banishing trim control to the keyboard; you'll use TDC control more! 2. Weapon Select 3. Airbrake 4. Chaff and Flare dispense
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    From the album: DCS Oddities

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    DCS Oddities

  5. Hello chaps and chapesses, New DCS update dropped today for you stable version users. The big news: MiG-29 Professional Flight Model is available to those who own the DCS Flaming Cliffs 3 content. It's a lotta fun! Many other fixes and tweaks, but... still no dice for the Spitfire canopy/windshield issues, alas....
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    DCS F-14A/B Pre-order Now Available at Heatblur

    https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=221819 Oh dear Christ- I had a bit of sex wee come out watching the trailer.
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    DCS: Fw 190A-8 Announced

    Little more to add than: Wh00t! https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=221655
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    From the album: DCS Oddities

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    From the album: DCS Oddities

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    Storm of War

    Hello chaps, Just a heads up to keep you abreast of developments that are emerging on the horizon. Storm of War (SoW) multiplayer campaign is working towards a new Normandy 1944 campaign to be flown in DCS. This makes me VERY happy, and I'm sure some of you will find this news equally pleasing. Provisionally it looks like Friday European evenings are shaping up to be the event night - until such time as it may become a 24hr a day deal. For those unfamiliar with Storm of War, it is a full switch (no externals, no map icons, but custom labels to help spotting in DCS), dynamic campaign server. What this means is tracking of unit losses and target destruction is persistent from one mission day to another - you hit a target on day 1, day 2 that target stays destroyed and persistently so into days 3,4 ,5, etc., unless resources are dedicated for it's repair. There are fixed stocks of aircraft (and possibly vehicle units) for each side which suffer attrition as the campaign progresses; there is resupply but if your losses (at both squadron level and for all units ground, sea and air!) outstrip your supplies then prepare for some restrictions to your operations. If they are able to integrate the features from the old CloD SoW, this could mean tracking of your allotted a/c serial numbers, repair of damaged airframes, logging of your mission hours, tracking of your statistics and victories... and also your deaths! So, may be you're interested - what do you need? The first thing is DCS World 2.5, with the Normandy 1944 map and the WW2 Asset Pack modules. We've been provisionally allocated as an Allied squadron so Spitfire IX or P-51D (not TF-51) Modules would be required. There is a move towards Simple Radio Standalone: https://github.com/ciribob/DCS-SimpleRadioStandalone/wiki This uses the in cockpit radios in DCS as the primary voice communication system - we still use TS3 as a lobby and back-up but you communicate through the frequencies set in the DCS cockpit radio - clever stuff! I'm investigating this currently and will expound further on this as the requirement matures. What this means generally is for the Mustang and Spit that you will have to have the correct radio button (A, B, C, or D) pressed to communicate with your Squadron, Air Traffic Control, Ground Control or other respectively; if you takeoff from your home base and forgot to switch your channel from ATC to your squadron channel, you won't hear your flight leader's orders! That's it from the software requirements! There will be further requirements in terms of competency 1. You'll need to be able to get on or off the deck 9 times out of 10; or at the very least doing so with minimum damage (damaged airframes could be taken out of availability for a variable period of repair dependant on how bad you broke it - do so regularly and it will limit the airframes available for operations and detrimentally affect your squadron's sortie rate). 2. You'll need to be able to keep loose combat formation - no Blue Angels stuff here but to be able to keep well up on your leader so you can in the same breath look at them for station keeping but also clear their tail without losing peripheral vision of their plane - and just as importantly so that he can do the same for you. From our previous experience in SoW this is the single most important tactical consideration because the opposition are some of the sneakiest and well disciplined opponents you will face they will bounce you at every opportunity and good cross-cover is essential. 3. Be conversant with systems for arming/selecting and dropping of tanks/bombs. Nuff' said. 4. This is less a requirement but is definite must if you hope to maximise your enjoyment of the campaign and make the most of fleeting opportunities as they present themselves. Work on your gunnery - understand how crucially important keeping the slip ball/needle centred is and how changes in power and airspeed affect your directional trim so you can compensate instinctively. If you feel lacking in any of the above then contact me and I'm happy to do some 1-to-1 or small group training sessions to help you refine these. Otherwise please let me know below if this is something you'd be interested in taking part of! Cheers! Fen
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    Storm of War

    Storm of War test server running over this weekend: http://www.stormofwar.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=6860
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    Reflected's P-51 Skins

    You want these. Trust me. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3123988/
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    Storm of War

    Was a pleasure old bean. An audience does raise the stakes and the heart rate, n'es pas?! Well flown - as discussed, your fundamental technique is about right, it's just a case of tidying the edges. Oh, and bloody good gunnery by the way. You could teach some of the chaps a thing or two!
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    Storm of War

    Hi Redtail, and a hearty welcome to the kennel! Firstly, to address the status of Storm of War: SoW development in DCS is best described currently as slow but steady - part of the issue is the various DCS bugs that have crept in vis-a-vis labels and cockpit transparencies recently, another is them hanging on in the hope of seeing more WW2 content to flesh out the environment and developing passable workarounds where possible in the interim, and a further delay in the hope of the release of the promised revisions to the DCS WW2 planes damage models. It's coming together but we will have to be patient. Regards Spitfire training, I am always more than happy to provide mentor ship. Our Primary DCS night is Monday from 2030BST/GMT, and we often have a sneaky DCS fix, generally at or about 2230BST/GMT after our Thursday Cliffs of Dover session. Otherwise, I can often be found online in DCS between 2200-2230 on other nights, depending how knackered I am from the rigors of the day! At any of these times I will be happy to give you any assistance you require to further refine your Spitfire airmanship! Regards The DangerDogz, come in, make yourself at home and enjoy all we have to offer; as a rule we don't take ourselves too seriously here (if at all!) and there's a wealth of characters, knowledge, entertainment and plain old fashioned good-will round these here parts. If you're in to other forms of flight sims, we do Il-2:1946, Il-2: BoX, Cliffs of Dover and some rather insalubrious types even mess around in Rise of Flight still, and whilst some of these titles are showing their age, an evening in them with the Dogz is still guaranteed some hilarity, bawdiness and delightful fun - you'd be remiss if you didn't check them out sometime. I've had the privilege of being introduced to some of the finest people I know by joining the Dogz and I wouldn't be without them (but don't tell them that). Looking forward to catching you online soon, Regards, Fen (AKA Tom, AKA Tomsk, AKA Britney)
  15. Hello chaps & chapesses, Heads up to alert those of you running on the DCS Stable Release Version that there is a significant update today, 19/09/18. Here's the changelog: DCS Mi-8MTV2 and Ka-50: Memory of Hero campaign added Added Helicopters Ops mission dedicated to start of sales the Helicopters bundle (Ka-50, Mi-8MTV2, UH-1H, SA342)DCS World GUI Error when using task ‘Embark’ to transport for vehicle fixed GUI Error when user tries to open tab Stop Condition after add waypoint fixed Aircraft initial speed calculated based on optimal cruise values Rain droplets option listbox replaced with checkbox MSAA 8x option removed F10 view can be unzoomed now when mission saved with maximal zoom in ME Box for ‘Time left’ text expanded (offline mode) BRU-42 weight is corrected Ground units are no more moved out of the bridge being attacked Mouse camera control now works after mission change Smoke from generators no more displayed after aircraft damaged F10 map will center on players aircraft at first entering ‘Twin S-25OFM’ payload weight corrected DCS crash when user lands on carrier in VTOL aircraft fixed Flight model updated for all AIM-7 family Rain droplets artifacts fixed for all cockpits Dust and smoke atmosphere effect added to Mission Editor New label option added: Off, Full, Abbreviated, and Dot Only AV-8B AGM-65E CTD fixed VR glitch with modal windows fixed Unit icons on F10 view fixed for multimonitor configurations (note: second screen doesn’t cleared after switching to F10 view) GUI Error when try to load some static templates fixed GUI Error when selecting a group of units after loading a template fixed Senaki parking positions fixed in "FC3-Su-27-Blockade.miz" mission Wrong mission texts in no-EN locales for "SoH-F-15C-IA - BFM" Quick Start mission fixed Mission Editor crash fixed Multimonitor configurations: picture on second monitor now cleared when user switches to F10 map Fixed crash at start mission in the Persian Gulf and Normandy. Fixed issue of Oculus Rift with Asynchronous Spacewarp mode. Corrected GUI panels behaviour. Panels will be automatically closed when player opening new panel. MP. Intermittent Multiplayer Server Crash VCRUNTIME140.dll on F/A-18С rearming - fixed. Fixed crash with multi-monitor setup procedure. VR. Fixed issue when some menu items are unreachable at high main monitor resolution. VR. Cursor stretching in VR with windows cursor scale - fixed. ME. The high default speed of helicopters at initial WP - fixed. ME. Removed Double dots appears near the pasted unit on the map. A-10C "Stone Shield' campaign: CN localization added. Normandy: terrain shining removed Old style Labels option recognized incorrect fixed GUI Error when trying to paste a linked unit fixed Fixed a rare sound-related startup freeze Controls in the window bottom now accessible in 4k resolution Uncontrolled HAI falls through the ship fixed MP. Network: receiving max ping fixed MP. Chat Window key bindings fixed FC3 No more HUD avionics freeze when Mer*6 Fab-100 jettisoned Su-27 SoH BFM mission will not required installed F/A-18C module. Added czech localization to missing FC3 instant action missions. FC3 and Su-33: added missing filename extensions Su-33: twin rocket blocks moved from 4,9 to 3,10 pylons Yak-52 max weight is corrected Engine damage appears when player exceeds max possible RPM Engine start sequence is corrected ‘Fighter’ aircraft icon replaced Logbook will work with Yak-52. Yak-52 input russian localization corrected for undercarriage commands F/A-18C AIM7 FLOOD mode corrected PRF selection label by OSB 1 changed to PDI cannot be changed unless the lock is dropped Hornet PAI will now engage targets with radar-guided missiles Power Up sound, EW Tones and Lights added HSI brightness now can be adjusted Corrected AIM-9X search tone Over-wing vapor added AIM-9X HOBS extended to 90 degrees New EW symbols added ACM indication error when select AA weapon fixed Carrier catapults will work correctly at low and high temperature of the environment. Added missing Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF) for RWS. Fix radar boresight mode. Now scan range is equal 10 Nm. Incorrect radar azimuth coverage after lock-on - fixed. HSI waypoint will be the incorrect location on moving map. F/A-18 Lesson_2 Cold Start mission corrected (static object moved from of aircraft) L-39C Gunsight option for L-39 moved to the Mission Editor, aircraft panel F-5E RWR intensity knob now rotates smooth F-5E Chinese cockpit texture added Trimmer reverse in pitch channel fixed Flight manual CN added. Mi-8 Mi-8MTV2 Chinese cockpit texture updated MiG-15 Throttle sticking in max and min positions when controlled by keyboard fixed Nose light cone from landing light will not be seen if battery depleted. DCS Combined Arms M1A1 sound issue with error message - fixed. DCS UH-1H Corrected cockpit glass transparency. China Asset Pack Surface-To-Air missile parameters updated Campaigns Mi-8 Oilfield: Mission 12 improved, APA-80 starts after switching off the external power Known Issues Input commands disappears at some multimonitor configurations ScaleUI does not scale properly to UIMainView if not the Same Resolution as DCS Resolution Custom labels in mission container doesn't applies in simulation
  16. Been promising this for a while now and - finally! - managed to complete it this evening. Hope it is of some use. DCS Spitfire LF.IX Engine Setting & Fuel Consumption Quick Reference Guide.pdf
  17. DD_Fenrir

    DCS: F-14 Update - Jester AI

    Think I'm looking forward to playing RIO for my DD buddies as much as getting my virtual hands on the Tomcats stick!
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    Hi Bill, A-10A is a Flaming Cliffs module - it has the high fidelity flight model but simplified systems, with NO clickable cockpit. As such it has more limited armament and targeting functionality. However it is still FUN. A-10C is a full on DCS hardcore, melt your grey matter, take-you-years to fully understand, clickable cockpit and ALL the bombs + a cool targeting pod, module. It's an investment of time and practise, but the payoff is it's more rewarding, flexible to operate and you can undertake a wider range of mission types. You could the A-10A first to get used to concepts of ground attack flying in the modern air war idiom and then move on to the -C later... but in some regards, the sooner you start on the -C the sooner you get proficient. Either way happy to give you all the advice and training you need to get ordnance off the rails and into the enemy ground units!
  19. DD_Fenrir

    Dedicated DCS evening

    We now have the following DCS owner/operators: DD_APHill DD_Arthur DD_Artie DD_B16Enk DD_Bongodriver DD_BluBear DD_CaptJackG DD_Crash* DD_Fenrir DD_FT DD_Kira DD_Muscobe DD_Papabear DD_Sid DD_Snacko DD_T_O_A_D DD_Wingflyer If I have missed anyone from this please advise and I shall add you. It is my belief that this represents a significant portion of the membership and as such is deserving of a dedicated DCS evening. However, this should not substitue a regular evening for the existing sims so I have created a poll to see which other evening would be more agreeable. Please vote for the evening most convenient for you.
  20. DD_Fenrir

    Dedicated DCS evening

    Gents, in light of the passed few weeks attendance and the fact that at last three Dogz who own DCS cannot partake on a Friday eve, I am moving DCS event night to Monday evenings commencing Monday 20th August. Friday 17th will go ahead as normal for this weeks DCS fix. We'll start with a multi-era dogfight map to satisfy all tastes and thereafter move to co-ops focussed alternately on jets/warbirds on a bi-weekly basis.
  21. As I originally announced the shout box but now posting in forum in case others have missed it ahead of tonight's co-op session: DO NOT UPDATE TEAMSPEAK to 3.2 on your next load as it cannot communicate with the Dogz server version - I did and (as Sheriff posted) I too now get the message "server version is too old for command". Don't know if a rollback on the client is possible, will investigate. In the interim we will have to look at updating the server version if Dogz wish to continue following client updates.
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    For those like myself who have already updated, TeamSpeak host an archive of their older versions. The previous iteration appears top be 3.1.10. 3.1.10 can be found here: http://ftp.4players.de/pub/hosted/ts3/releases/3.1.10/
  23. Hello chaps and chapesses. I'm making a series of DCS Spitfire videos to highlight some of the quirks, nuances and idiosynchrasies of operating the Spitfire in an effort to help operaters refine their technique and get the most out of the old girl. In the first we look at one of the most fundamental control surfaces - the elevator. Your feedback is most apperciated chums. Let me know if my efforts have been of any assistance.
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    Storm of War

    Further information coming forward from Storm of War admin: Server is running on the latest OpenBeta version of DCS: Update 8 Hotfix, released today (03/08/18) Server is running on the latest Simple Radio Standalone version,, available here: https://github.com/ciribob/DCS-SimpleRadioStandalone/releases/tag/ Server live from 1900BST.
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    Storm of War

    I should clarify that the SoW mission tonight is more a test/practise session, testing the system, seeing what works and what doesn't, finding out some of the inevitable bugs and ensuring the format and DCS are going to be compatible. I doubt that any bent airframes at the end of this event will be an issue for further missions just yet. Ergo, the pressure to be on your best form is off; I would suggest those who are curious come and try it out just to see if it's your thing, and we'll worry about the tidying up of our airmanship later! Event starts at 1930hrs BST UK time. I'll be on as close to that hour as possible given sproglet responsibilities. I would recommend that you install Simple Radio Standalone: https://github.com/ciribob/DCS-SimpleRadioStandalone/wiki so that we can figure out how we're gonna use it going forward in the campaign, plus all other participants will be on it. We'll be using our TS3 as a backup. Turn up on the DangerDogz TS3 and we'll go from there.