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  1. Artie


    , sweet set up Kev !
  2. I have downloaded the mod into the folder that says MOD , so hopefully it's in it's right place and yes count me in for the Africa campaign Friar, I will be there this time
  3. Artie


    From the album: Artie's Pics

    loving it in 'ol Mexico :)
  4. Happy Birthday Kelly ;) 

  5. Barring unforeseen circumstances, I shall attend this weekends soirée @ 13:00 PDT
  6. 5 Parked Bombers 3 Vehicles 8 Heavy guns Several Searchlights
  7. For March 20th 2022 2 AAA 4 Pak 40 1 109 fighter and landed safely with Delta in time for tea and crumpets
  8. One Choo Choo engine One Flak Gun and One Spot Light One Building and we all got home in time for tea and biscuits ... all in all a fine day for the Tiffies
  9. 5 flak sites for me and independent comms for the next mission would be great thanks for running another great mission boys
  10. Happy Birthday Pook ! :) 

    1. Pooka


      Thanks Artie, I really appreciate your sentiments.

  11. Artie


    Well maybe the one I saw was one you were not attached to .. but good for you for having scruples when it comes to loving and devouring chickens
  12. Artie


    yes I was intrigued by your infatuation with the Chickens , being Frozen don't you find that they tend to frost bite your extremities and does the fore mentioned frocking taint the bird before it's cooked?
  13. Artie


    So you didn't see me lurking around the house yesterday ? Then my camo does work .. it was worth trip across to check
  14. Artie

    Happy Birthday Nicky !! :)

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