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  1. Well if it’s that flu that’s going around it takes a long time to get over all of the symptoms.. glad you’re feeling a bit better
  2. Well Thank God for that hope all is well with you FT i heard you weee flying below the weather
  3. So in a nut shell. whats happening with Blitz ?
  4. Dave i went into the steam settings in the main page top left corner and shut off a few things , bets testing etc and it worked after that I have no idea which one was the ticket but t worked ..
  5. i went into Steam settings ( top left corner of the main page ) and clicked off the beta option and few other items and it fired up after that ..go figure thanks again FT for your knowledge and patience
  6. since downloading those damn updates I can't get the game to launch ...period
  7. where do we download the latest updates (which file etc) . will that info be posted here soon ?
  8. Happy Birthday FT !!!!! :) 

  9. Sweper's Haynes Service Manual

    I read his chapter on Vulching and it was inspiring .. a true master at his craft and one hell of a squadron commander
  10. Artie

  11. Pin uip girls

  12. Scrimmage?

    Sounds like a plan to me too
  13. Happy Birthday Gec

    Happy Birthday Gec