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  1. where do we download the latest updates (which file etc) . will that info be posted here soon ?
  2. Happy Birthday FT !!!!! :) 

  3. Sweper's Haynes Service Manual

    I read his chapter on Vulching and it was inspiring .. a true master at his craft and one hell of a squadron commander
  4. Artie

  5. Pin uip girls

  6. Scrimmage?

    Sounds like a plan to me too
  7. Happy Birthday Gec

    Happy Birthday Gec
  8. Gameplay With Icarus Screen

    If I were to hit the Lottery , well lets just say , that one would be tame compared to the one I'd get built ... I think I speak for all Dogz on this item .. lol
  9. 4.13 News

    I for one , Hope it never stops and that we are still playing it well into the next decade or two .. by then it'll be in a super ultra 3-D format or some spacey thing like that
  10. Salute Bg!

    Happy Birthday BG... We miss you on every sortie we fly ...
  11. Movember - Please Donate If You Can

    Done and done and thanks for doing it Chris
  12. Shoreham Airshow - 30Th-31St August

    I agree with FT ... Poooooooo !