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  1. Hey  FT

    Thanks for reaching out. I have no issues with Fen's new rules for the missions , they make sense and I'm just tossing some poop Fen's way lol  

  2. Artie

    Happy Birthday Ovy !! ;) 


  3. I'm thinking flight control issues .. more so than engine failure ... but time will tell
  4. Happy Birthday !! :)

  5. Happy Birthday Snacko :)

  6. Hi Artie, Thank you for your donation of $25.00. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks DangerDogz Forum
  7. Happy Birthday Perf !! :)

  8. Artie


    i posted this to show you how big my Province is compared to England and surrounding countries .. there are 9 more of these plus territories in the North .. with a population of about half of England .. 90 percent of us live within a hundred miles of the US border .. not boasting , just a sharing of information
  9. Artie


    Hey Arthur .. these were at the Star Wars ride in Disneyland .. a couple of racks of these were in plain view .. I was surprised at how normal they looked in a futuristic setting ..
  10. Artie

    looks great and why not .. we only die once .. but live everyday :) 

  11. Artie


    yes .. they are
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