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  1. Hi Ben, we are a small group of mostly older chaps who don’t take ourselves too seriously. We have a number of flyers who fly DCS as well as BOS. Some of us were born in the early 1400s some more recently but we all share a passion for aviation. Please tell us a little about yourself……
  2. Painless

    MB issues

    Bugger ! Hope you can get it sorted ASAP Crasheroony.
  3. Wow Col, not only is the decimal point in the wrong place but you have converted to imperial as well. Dude !😉
  4. Would that be the Junkers Panzer IV and the Lockheed Sherman ? 🤔
  5. This game just keeps getting better, still need a Swordfish for Arjenski ! Sid has his Arado, Tom has his P38, I love the Mosquito, if you had to pick a “favourite” plane what would it be ?
  6. The 23rd July Sounds entirely possible provided RL doesn’t Chuck a spanner into the Eaton Mess. Junction 22 on the M25 if I’m not mistooken.
  7. Which date in July will be sunny with minimal traffic Col ? 🤣
  8. No real problem Sidly, either way it’s a win for you mate 👍🏻👍🏻
  9. 28/01/45 Will Cheqsiks maims… 1x machine gun 3x Artillery 2x AAA 2x Armour
  10. I like to play “dress up” 😳
  11. 27/01/45 Will Cheqsiks (who also can write perfect England) 2x planecraft not in sky 6x Anti planecraft in sky guns. 10x Big ground guns.
  12. You could be right Chetly, like the way you think mate.
  13. I would like to request that my new “William Cheqsiks” persona joins the 402nd for tomorrow’s campaign mission if possible skipper…. He is chiselled, cheap, from Poland and speaks fluent England.
  14. I think we can muddle through and there is no “magic bullet” which would cure all of our issues. We are still a great bunch of chaps but like in all friendships there are phases of the moon shall we say. The plandemic has undoubtedly played its part as Chris has said, especially when it comes to getting together face to face from our own shores and abroad. The many years we have had doing Duxford and other events will always be extremely precious memories and who is to say we won’t find something similar in the years to come. I intend to keep that “DD55DOG” number plate on my car until I pop my clogs.
  15. I remember Bear, really nice guy.
  16. This has been coming for a long time, our group has splintered for a number of reasons which was always going to dilute the numbers. Speaking for my self I have had quite a few real life issues in a row to bumble through added to the last campaign mission I did where “team work” was entirely absent. I miss leading the 485th and the rivalry with the 402nd, that was fantastic fun. I have simply got out of the habit of flying the usual evenings and for that I apologise. Having said that I miss flying, it’s been 16 years and I really do miss it. I love flying with Sidly and the old gits because we are birds of a feather, our skill levels are similar and the conversation has common ground. I’m sure this can be said for each of our “splinter groups” . Still on day 9 of being Covid positive but apart from feeling tired I feel fine. Up for flying tomorrow morning if you are about Sidly ?
  17. Thanks Crash, I am oh so familiar with all of that … the “TickTac” footage was first on YouTube in 2007 ! Only 10 years later was it officially “disclosed” in the NY Times and re released all over the media as a rebranded UAP . Even Hillary Clinton did a tour of media talk shows including here on the BBC trying to change the name to UAP and emphasise the “Threat” aspect as in “AATIP” (Advanced Aerospace THREAT Identification Program). Luis Elizondo is a CIA counterintelligence shill who is still on the payroll pertaining to be a whistle blower who’s life is in danger. All BS. The “Why” is simply to try and make UAPs sound like a new thing which distances the seven decades of UFO denial and cover up. The “threat” aspect is of course a great budget generator. US pilots have all of a sudden been given the all clear to go on the record about the numerous encounters they regularly have with objects demonstrating otherworldly flight characteristics. Although it’s now officially admitted by the US Naval intelligence Agency and the CIA that these objects are real and commonplace they have stopped short of saying that they are extraterrestrial….. I have no doubt that some of these objects are manufactured here on Earth but they would require some form of anti gravity drive negating the need for any visible propulsion system or means of lift. Since very similar objects have been reported for as long as records exist (including WWII “foo fighters”) they probably weren’t all manufactured here. Fascinating stuff if you have an open mind.
  18. We still have a house full of Easter guests at the mo Tom, they show no sign of leaving. Will miss tonight but for next mission new persona from Poland is Fg Off Will Cheqsiks
  19. Sam Fox killed immediately by German fighter upon reaching target area.
    Top flight product from a top flight company 👍🏻😉
  20. Proper 7 person multi crew ay, I can already imagine the intercom issues !🤔 🤣😉
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