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  1. Bloody hell ! Lack of crowd control, firefighting equipment and ambulance is as you say Chris, "shocking" !
  2. Amazing how little damage there is considering what might have happened. Good skills !
  3. Lol. To be fair Artie does tell his good lady that she does not appreciate how exhausting it can be, being right all of the time ! ; )
  4. I see a possible career change Arjen, that is quality mate !
  5. Thanks Chet, I am as OK as I will ever be with this kind of shit.
  6. Welcome to the kennel !
  7. Looks like another Fan Tastic project m8 ; )
  8. Love this aircraft, first model I ever built aged 7 ; )
  9. Thanks Nick m8 ; )
  10. WTG Tonar old son.....
  11. Shuttlecock ?
  12. Konnichiwa !
  13. It's not just our hands that are looking old these days Chetly ; )
  14. I will wear something inspiring ; )
  15. I love the flamethrower used to light the bugger ! Lol
  16. Excellent news Arthur ! I did get a call back from Mr Jason exactly on time last night and he said that for my connection to improve so quickly it was most likely a "load balancing" problem fixed. He explained that this is simply redistributing remotely more evenly, the local traffic at peak times between several local servers. So it can be done : ) Connection has remained steady and fast with good ping, UL and DL at peak times.
  17. Tom..... " come on old chap, she is healthy she is strong, it would be a fair swop ? "
  18. Tom has one last Vape !
  19. After speaking to a jolly nice chap called Jason who seemed to understand my peak time only problems, the buggers seem to have done something at last. Ping was around a constant 40ms and I only had one green bar in IL2 last night : ) First time that has happened in 3 weeks at least. I have been promised a return call from Virgins "second line" people next Tuesday at 8pm to discuss... I did get a call back last time but not within 48 hours as promised but within 4 days.
  20. At peak time as well Nick, excellent.
  21. Now I have ping envy ! I see the time of that test Arthur, what do you get at 8.30 pm m8?
  22. News papers are always right of course ; ) lol
  23. Unfortunately I was lied to. Ping was still over 100 all evening and download reached an all time low of 11Mb. Rang Virgin again while the evening speed problem was evident. This time they could see how slow things were for themselves. All of a sudden there was a recognised "power outage" in my area apparently ? I asked if this had been the case since Christmas but no one had bothered to mention it to me. I then got a "ticket" number for my complaint and told that a manager would ring me in the next 48 hours. Arthur, you can see how much fun you can have with Virgin !
  24. Arthur, Had another great conversation with a chap from Virgin today, only half an hour this time. I have almost no idea what he said other than some apologies and something about sending binary packets to my new "superhub3.0" to improve my connection during peak demand times ? It's also possible that he said that I should "buy many rackets" which would "improve my serve"..... I'm really not sure : ( Good luck mate ; ) Nick, I hope to test things this evening with FT if he is about. I installed Sid's GTX970 today so I am, perhaps foolishly, hoping that the graphics card/ super hub optimisation combo might make a difference ?
  25. If virgin have installed fibre in these parts it will only be to the junction box I assume ? It doesn't come all the way to my place. I pay for "up to" 200 Mb and Ookla speed test sometimes tells me I am getting 220 Mb download mid day. The chap on the phone said I could go for the top package which is "up to" 300Mb with Virgin. Arthur, I have never changed my ISP , in fact I was with NTL before they became Virgin . 90% of the time they have been great but when there is a problem it is a right pain to resolve on the phone.