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  1. Painless


    Good one Tom !
  2. Painless


    The moon doing an impersonation of Mars Swoop ! Great picture mate. I have been to our local observatory twice with a friend lately and on the last occasion we looked at the moon through the 7 inch refractor telescope. I could clearly see mountains, canyons and craters especially at the terminator. It was like looking through a heat haze off a hot road surface with everything dancing about which was down to Earths atmospherics I was told.
  3. Painless

    Surving RAF Pilots from the Battle of Britain

    Excellent to know that some of these chaps are still alive today especially considering that they were probably all a little surprised to still be alive in 1946 !
  4. Painless

    Geoffrey Wellum Obituary from The Times

    I read the book a few years ago Nick, your post has inspired me to read it again. To think that this man was grateful to have been "of use" at some point in his life is almost comical. In my opinion he was of more "use" than any ten of us ! Thanks mate !
  5. Painless

    All debriefy and things

    Ah Swoop, if you heard the words “ dancing queen” that was Sid talking to me mate 😉
  6. Painless

    All debriefy and things

    Thanks so much for putting that together Chris, a great way to give friends and family a taste of Flying Legends mate. Bravo !
  7. Just an idea which I have run by FT already. What do you guys think about running multiple short 1946 coops on a Sunday when we are due to fly BOX on the Tuesday which follows it. Then we run a long 1946 mission on the Sunday followed by a 1946 multiple short coop Tuesday. This would mean that we would have one multiple short coop session every week either on a Sunday or Tuesday and a FT special 1946 long mission every other week on a Sunday. BOX would remain every other Tuesday. Your thoughts please chaps.....
  8. I have no problem with Tuesdays being an exclusive BOX evening Arthur but I also have no idea when that will happen. When it does then I suppose we could still alternate Sunday sessions as described .
  9. Not yet as far as I am aware.
  10. Painless

    All debriefy and things

    Great pics Nick and Dave !
  11. Painless

    All debriefy and things

    It was indeed great fun, reminds us all how well we get along and why we are still dogz ! 😎
  12. Painless

    All debriefy and things

    I had a shandy because I am a Southern poofta ! Also had a Dansak curry for the first time, yum yum ! Bloody good show, great weather, good laugh CHEERS !
  13. Painless

    All debriefy and things

    Completed the weekly shop at Sainsbury’s, walked the dog, setting off soon ....
  14. Painless

    Models from your childhood

    @ Gypsy, LMAO mate, you and I seem to have a lot in common. I built airfix 1/72 aircraft first in Singapore aged 7 to 9. Then got into Tamiya 1/35 tanks back in England. Set fire to and shot the lot in my teens ! 🤪
  15. Painless

    Last Sunday

    Nice pics Crash. I went to a “run what you brung” weekend at Santa Pod years ago. I raced against my mates tuned Peugeot 205 GTi in my BMW 325i E30. Got rid of the back seat, the spare wheel, contents of the windscreen wash bottle, Nearly empty fuel tank and took a pee ! I still have the ticket with a 15.76 sec @ 88mph. Slower than the burger van ! Lol
  16. Painless


    Looks like great fun Crasheroony
  17. Painless

    Dedicated DCS evening

    The numbers speak for themselves Tomsk ! Especially considering the financial and time investment required.
  18. Painless

    Sunny Scotland- more pics added

    RHD, LHD Lol
  19. Painless

    Hey fellas!

    Hello Smash, glad to hear you still have a pulse sir ! Lol
  20. Hurrah ! Very glad to see this come to fruition chaps. 🤘🏻 Well done FT !
  21. Painless

    Amazing miniature engines

    Wow, W32 Patelo has to be my fav Sid, see the coins balanced on top ! Also the F1 engine picks up so quickly , just like a real one, gorgeous. The turbine goes to 95,000 rpm ? You got to get six of them in your MX5 mate ; )
  22. That looks like a popular idea, let's go crazy and actually do it ! Lol
  23. Hey Gypsy, Sid is worth his weight in gold when it comes to bombing...... he once took the whole squad out with one bomb ! Just ask...... Lol
  24. I can have no say in this either because I haven't made the effort to upgrade my machine to CLOD or BOX standards. I would still be delighted to see BOX get a regular slot of some kind if for no other reason than to help prolong the life of the squad moving forward as they say : )