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  1. That looks like a popular idea, let's go crazy and actually do it ! Lol
  2. Hey Gypsy, Sid is worth his weight in gold when it comes to bombing...... he once took the whole squad out with one bomb ! Just ask...... Lol
  3. I can have no say in this either because I haven't made the effort to upgrade my machine to CLOD or BOX standards. I would still be delighted to see BOX get a regular slot of some kind if for no other reason than to help prolong the life of the squad moving forward as they say : )
  4. Manslaughter charge for Shoreham pilot

    Absolutely Chris ! I remember the long discussion we had here following the incident going through all of the possible reasons , trying to make sense of it. Siobhan will never forget it either.....
  5. online servers

    LMAO ! Oh I just spat my tea all over the place! PS. Just pm me a photo of you and I will make sure everything fits ; )
  6. online servers

    Ha ha, I can so relate to take offs like that Arthur ! I hope to enjoy such moments as much as you do when I eventually get up and running with a new PC and Box installed . In the mean time, here is a selection from my new spring range that might interest you .... 👙👗💄👛👜👢🍌🍆🏏📽🎞🚬
  7. online servers

    Excellent video Arthur, great to hear you boys chatting away. That made BOX look like a lot of fun !
  8. SE5a

    Beautiful Dave, as FT said the rigging and woodwork are top notch !
  9. Spitty

    Nice job mate, now you need a friend with a 109 ! Lol
  10. Merry Christmas!!

    Happy Christmas Nick !
  11. Merry Christmas!

    Thanks mate and right back at ya !
  12. We need to talk...

    I remember when 32bit meant something, sob sob.
  13. Kennedy Steve: JFK Ground Controller

    That guy is sharp !
  14. Hello fellow flyers!

    Welcome Thrudd, got to ask, what is a "Thrudd" ? : )
  15. Try a scramble at 0 dark30 o'clock with a hang over and only 2 hours sleep for added realism ? Lol
  16. WTG not so "fool" trottel sir.
  17. Coming back to the kennel!

    It will be splendid to fly with you again SkyPup, retirement is great but busier than you might think !
  18. We need to talk...

    After all this discussion, I feel the need to ask a risky question chaps..... If we keep Sunday evening as an IL2 46 exclusive session for the foreseeable future, should we take the plunge and make Tuesday at 7.30 pm GMT a BOX series official DDz session ? Maybe start after Christmas ? Will we get back some of our long lost American/Canadian brothers at that time, on that day ? If you feel outraged by such a suggestion please say so, we are all good friends here and no opinion is worth more or less than any other. No disrespect intended to those who already fly BOX at a different time or with the Wing Walkers, what else can you do, we don't fly that sim as a squad....YET . Respectfully, Painless.
  19. We need to talk...

    Thanks Craven, you guys have already been through the same thought process that we are currently wrestling with and had a positive outcome. Some of us are pretty old dogz and don't like learning new tricks and it sounds like you had similar issues. Again, thanks for sharing your squads story, it is both relevant and useful sir. Painless.
  20. We need to talk...

    Interesting reading this thread, for many IL2 is still number one for the time being. CLOD has a fair following also. We accommodate both of these sims with dedicated sessions. DCS is flown on an individual session basis as and when, which seems to work. BOS/ BOX seems to be the favorite to replace IL2 when we have or want to do so perhaps at some point in the future we might consider converting Tuesday sessions over to this sim ? This would give those who already have and fly BOS/BOX a squad session and I suspect might encourage some of us (myself included), to upgrade hardware and/or purchase the necessary software for the sake of inclusivity ? This would also provide a transition /familiarisation period for as long as we like. Opinions ?............
  21. We need to talk...

    Sidly has summed up perfectly how I feel also.
  22. We need to talk...

    We have already acknowledged the fact that we need to move with the times to some degree. CLOD has taken the place of IL2 on Thursdays and it needed to due to popular demand. For me, as long as the squad, ( an online group of well established friends), share whatever flight sim on whatever day I will be happy. Tom makes some very good points about the future of IL2 and I share Swoops love for the variety it offers. From what I have heard DCS is probably the best flight sim on offer but maybe not the best thing to replace IL2 if and when we need to because of its complexity. I have no expieriance of BOS or BOX but it sounds like it might be a possibility along with CLOD if it expands. As Tom has asked, everyone needs to express an opinion here so we know where we are...... Painintheass : )
  23. Sid at Sweper's place

    Fantastic pics chaps, I see you also have large firefighters in Sweden ! Lol
  24. Looks like fun Col, you were very polite ! Lol