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  1. Imagine how sick that would make you feel ! Brilliant...
  2. Excellent outcome. As soon as things get back to normal, (for us at least) here, I will be showing up as often as I can. Thanks for the hard work and honest debate Dogz.....
  3. Painless

    Duxford and Normandy 2014 458.JPG

    I fecking hate tall blokes !
  4. Painless


    300 DDay veterans assembled in Portsmouth today, the last time that is ever going to happen. ~S~ !!!!
  5. Painless

    My new way

    Fantastic Crasheroony sir, looks very professneal 😉
  6. Excellent. Make it so number one !
  7. It is a pickle for sure Tom. Look at tonight, GBS on a Tuesday and only Arjen was on TS at 9.00pm !
  8. Great job Tom. GBS on Tuesday looks like a winner, ( no change necessary ) DCS on a Thursday ? CLOD on a Monday or Sunday (only one point difference between those days) ? If CLOD was on a Monday we could go with Crash’s idea but perhaps rotate GBS with IL2 46 every other week ? Maybe Arjen and Tom should have the final say with these stats in mind .......
  9. I would love to see the likes of Pooka and Ovy fly with us again. With that in mind I am retracting my previous statement that we should no longer fly 46 in the name of reducing the total number of sims we cater for. Fen’s idea about flying IL2 46 aircraft we simply cannot fly in any other sim because they are not included seems like a great one . As long as folks turn up to fly 46 it makes sense. 😉 ( no pressure lol)
  10. Painless


    Fantastic set up Ross !
  11. Get well soon Ovy, you are missed mate.
  12. Twenty listed preferences so far, good show ! Can we get to Thirty ?
  13. Thanks Crash, I will let Dave know mate. Much appreciated.
  14. Ok Crash, thanks. If either you or Nick has a spare that Dave can buy into please let me know ASAP. 👍🏻
  15. Hey chaps, my mate Dave (who took a few of us up in his plane), would like to come to Duxford this year. He would like to stay at our hotel Friday and Saturday nights attending the show on Saturday. Anyone have a spare bed in their room ? If not he will have to try and book one...... cheers.
  16. Good point Tom, I would not like to see anyone leave us because we drop IL2 46. If that would be the case for anyone, please say so !
  17. Personally I think we really do need to drop 46 and have done for too long now. Not sure changing evenings would make any difference? Let’s see what Tom’s stats spread sheet comes up with, see what Arjen is ok with and go from there. Funding is an interesting one, fewer numbers = more expensive for each of us I guess without some kind of change in donations or server expenses.
  18. Rgr Wilco.... 1. GBS 2.DCS 3. 46 4.CLOD —————————————— 1.Tuesday 2. Thursday 3. Wednesday 4. Monday 5. Sunday 6. Friday 7. Saturday
  19. Amazing to remember that we once flew just the one sim on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and often Saturday ! Simpler times ..... Anymore opinions chaps ?.........
  20. Good to hear some views being expressed chaps ! From what I can gather GBS and DCS are going to be our future with a good case being made to keep the CLOD server going for free. Would it be totally unacceptable to anyone if we put 46 “in the cupboard” so at least we drop from flying four to three sims ? Can old Dogz learn new tricks ?
  21. That is a worry Arthur ! Here is a politicians sneaky angle..... what are the chances of the CLOD server users you are talking about also being recruitable GBS or DCS users ? See where I am going with this .......
  22. I would like to hear Arjen’s opinion on this as it is him and Tom who have put so much time and effort into the squad...........
  23. Cards on the table time..... I would not be upset to see GBS on Sunday and Tuesday, DCS on Monday and Thursday. There I said it 🤭
  24. Salute chaps, the numbers flying have been alarmingly low across the board lately. I have been guilty of not flying on a Sunday myself over the past few weeks so this is not a soap box request. For those who host it is always nice to have a good show of DDz for any session so if you have let things slide a bit or have been distracted by other “stuff” please consider getting back in the saddle more regularly. If there is a problem with our calendar of regular flying events now would be a good time to voice your concerns. We all have an equal voice here remember ! Thanks Dogz !
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