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  1. Problem ! I found myself bursting with ideas on the subject, did as I was told, now suffering from “altered gate syndrome”……… requesting advice on the next best step ? (hoping it’s a very small step)
  2. Good fun and pretty busy at the start ! Thanks Col.
  3. Yes Reg, that is exactly what Tom is going to do. He has a record of everyone’s accumulative scores but will be starting afresh with all scores at zero.
  4. Good luck Bob. No panic if you have to miss a flight mate, remember we is relax and ting innit 😉
  5. Making myself available and reasonably priced skipper !
  6. It will be good to get you fully involved again Reg, 485th needs as many “challenged” pilots as it can get ! 😂🤣😉✌
  7. If there is duty to report for, I would like to do so now.
  8. Welcome Mainz, very much hope you like it here sir…… We have experts in various disciplines, some of which are both legal and flight simm related. Our top pilot is Fenrir and we are very fond and proud of him but he is sensitive so please don’t shoot at him for a while 😳
  9. Hello Mainz, we pay Bob to say nice things about us 😉
  10. Dog’s bollocks…. Mutt’s nutz…… “Canine cojones” or in our house…. “Dexter’s danglies”
  11. Thanks for all of your time and effort Tom in trying to sort this baby out mate.
  12. Painless

    The DD Poster boys.jpg

    Brilliant ! Love it. 👍🏻
  13. Oh dear, so the 485th was reduced to the 4/85 😟 Bloody shame the Luftwaffle didn’t show but worse that the 402nd had a blast ! Buggery balls with a Jerry on top !
  14. Possibly the most romantic debrief I have ever read…. Good show 402nd !
  15. If you can persuade them to do so then yes….. ….so good luck leading 485th Tom 😉😳
  16. Great work Tom, fingers crossed the “stone cold bitch” doesn’t need tying down… they hate that ! Unfortunately I cannot attend tomorrow as it is my eldest’s 26th birthday but I hope all goes well and the 485th royally outperform both the Luftwaffe and the 402nd 👍🏻 You have the conn Fen, good luck sir.
  17. Nice work Gary ! Looks really good mate.
  18. I know it was a dream but well flown 485th anyway. A couple of problems…..we had Artie’s fartys at the start and then Fen had similar followed by a tickle from Dora. Flak had a “speedy” landing which could have been worse. Good show for a decent amount of air kills chaps, BUT….. at a cost. Next time we go cheap and keep the “cost” down 👍🏻👍🏻
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