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  1. And the next one: A bridge, an old one: Ships

    Are you going to weather it all to look old and shift ?
  2. And the next one: A bridge, an old one: Ships

    Some have two uprights some have three , wood shortage or accurate ? 🤔
  3. And the next one: A bridge, an old one: Ships

    Fancy getting your mouldy jiggers mixed up FT ! Lol Glad your pinky is ok now OUCH !!!
  4. And the next one: A bridge, an old one: Ships

    Good show, none of the voices in my head disagree !
  5. And the next one: A bridge, an old one: Ships

    Looking very good so far Arjen, are you sure your mother never had you tested mate ? 🤔
  6. Jesse Combs.jpg

    She is prettier than you Flak ! Lol
  7. More Modeling 1/64th scale

    Very clever Arjenski !
  8. Mixing steam engines and modelling

    They take years to make , beautiful.
  9. Flying Legends 2018

    If all goes well I will be there chaps. I also want to go to the LeMans 24 hour if I can. It's a bucket list thang...
  10. Excellent pictures Nick thank you sir. Glad you enjoyed your visit Delta, shame I missed the chance to meet you after all these years. Just read the airshows forum link Chris, plenty of bitching going on I see !! State of the nation mate : ( Was bongo really the best looking pilot there chaps ? LOL
  11. Are we there yet? Can I have an ice cream ? Where are the photos ? Lol ; )
  12. Photos photos photos ........ !!!
  13. French Spitfire comes a cropper

    Bloody hell ! Lack of crowd control, firefighting equipment and ambulance is as you say Chris, "shocking" !
  14. Wither Jabo? Part 2

    Amazing how little damage there is considering what might have happened. Good skills !
  15. Lol. To be fair Artie does tell his good lady that she does not appreciate how exhausting it can be, being right all of the time ! ; )
  16. Building A Bridge

    I see a possible career change Arjen, that is quality mate !
  17. More tragedy

    Thanks Chet, I am as OK as I will ever be with this kind of shit.
  18. Welcome to the kennel !
  19. Building A Bridge

    Looks like another Fan Tastic project m8 ; )
  20. IMG_2731.jpg

    Love this aircraft, first model I ever built aged 7 ; )
  21. Wither Jabo?

    Thanks Nick m8 ; )
  22. Newbie in need of assistance

    WTG Tonar old son.....
  23. Wither Jabo?

    Shuttlecock ?
  24. My Thoughts

    Konnichiwa !
  25. hello fine gentlemen

    It's not just our hands that are looking old these days Chetly ; )