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  1. That looks like a popular idea, let's go crazy and actually do it ! Lol
  2. Hey Gypsy, Sid is worth his weight in gold when it comes to bombing...... he once took the whole squad out with one bomb ! Just ask...... Lol
  3. I can have no say in this either because I haven't made the effort to upgrade my machine to CLOD or BOX standards. I would still be delighted to see BOX get a regular slot of some kind if for no other reason than to help prolong the life of the squad moving forward as they say : )
  4. Manslaughter charge for Shoreham pilot

    Absolutely Chris ! I remember the long discussion we had here following the incident going through all of the possible reasons , trying to make sense of it. Siobhan will never forget it either.....
  5. online servers

    LMAO ! Oh I just spat my tea all over the place! PS. Just pm me a photo of you and I will make sure everything fits ; )
  6. online servers

    Ha ha, I can so relate to take offs like that Arthur ! I hope to enjoy such moments as much as you do when I eventually get up and running with a new PC and Box installed . In the mean time, here is a selection from my new spring range that might interest you .... 👙👗💄👛👜👢🍌🍆🏏📽🎞🚬
  7. online servers

    Excellent video Arthur, great to hear you boys chatting away. That made BOX look like a lot of fun !
  8. SE5a

    Beautiful Dave, as FT said the rigging and woodwork are top notch !
  9. Spitty

    Nice job mate, now you need a friend with a 109 ! Lol
  10. Merry Christmas!!

    Happy Christmas Nick !
  11. Merry Christmas!

    Thanks mate and right back at ya !
  12. We need to talk...

    I remember when 32bit meant something, sob sob.
  13. Kennedy Steve: JFK Ground Controller

    That guy is sharp !
  14. Hello fellow flyers!

    Welcome Thrudd, got to ask, what is a "Thrudd" ? : )