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  1. Wow Crasheroony, what a weekend you had mate !
  2. Painless

    New Toy Mmm

    Thanks chaps ! Hey bongo, now you know how we feel when we watch you, ( through high powered binoculars), as you climb into the cockpit wearing those fetching, bun hugging flying overalls you dashing devil ! 😂
  3. Painless

    New Toy Mmm

    Here is a cold start and rev to 4000rpm at the end... https://www.dropbox....45 (1).MOV?dl=0
  4. Painless

    New Toy Mmm

    Power to weight is all important Arthur.... that’s why Artie is such an accomplished love terrorist ! With those pipes she has 362bhp (crank) and weighs 1584Kg (curb)..... The car not Artie.... All the power is from 5000rpm to 7500rpm so I have not used any of that yet. Self imposed 4000rpm redline until 1200 mile oil change, (also self imposed).
  5. Painless

    New Toy Mmm

    After seven years of "window shopping", I finally was able to get myself a nice sports car. Had to sell both children and the dog but hey, what you gonna do ? It's a 370Z Nismo with short tail resonated exhausts. Sounds rather nice : )
  6. Bloody shame Hunter, was looking forward to seeing you guys again ☹️
  7. Waiting for Dave to arrive. The moment he arrives we will immediately have a cuppa and a rambling conversation about the route we intend to take. Then it’s check hair, makeup, exfoliate and roar off towards DX. Hoping the weather stays splendid for the duration.
  8. Painless


    A bigger piece of heaven ?
  9. Painless


    A little piece of heaven ! 😉
  10. Carrier ops would get my vote Tom 🤓
  11. Painless

    Summer's here!

    I love it mate, looks good, sounds good, and by golly it will do you good 😎
  12. I am up for that Tom, as long as you have the training and patience to teach special needs students ?
  13. Good one Redtail, No problem with “Danger Doggers” btw. You may not know but my car number plate is DD55DOG. I have to be careful where I park, especially at night......
  14. Imagine how sick that would make you feel ! Brilliant...
  15. Excellent outcome. As soon as things get back to normal, (for us at least) here, I will be showing up as often as I can. Thanks for the hard work and honest debate Dogz.....
  16. Painless


    300 DDay veterans assembled in Portsmouth today, the last time that is ever going to happen. ~S~ !!!!
  17. Painless

    My new way

    Fantastic Crasheroony sir, looks very professneal 😉
  18. Excellent. Make it so number one !
  19. It is a pickle for sure Tom. Look at tonight, GBS on a Tuesday and only Arjen was on TS at 9.00pm !
  20. Great job Tom. GBS on Tuesday looks like a winner, ( no change necessary ) DCS on a Thursday ? CLOD on a Monday or Sunday (only one point difference between those days) ? If CLOD was on a Monday we could go with Crash’s idea but perhaps rotate GBS with IL2 46 every other week ? Maybe Arjen and Tom should have the final say with these stats in mind .......
  21. I would love to see the likes of Pooka and Ovy fly with us again. With that in mind I am retracting my previous statement that we should no longer fly 46 in the name of reducing the total number of sims we cater for. Fen’s idea about flying IL2 46 aircraft we simply cannot fly in any other sim because they are not included seems like a great one . As long as folks turn up to fly 46 it makes sense. 😉 ( no pressure lol)
  22. Get well soon Ovy, you are missed mate.
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