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  1. 485th had pretty much the same mission brief as 402nd. Flight of 3 and a flight of 2 proceeded with 2 x 500lb bombs allocated to the Weeze bosh types. However, once again we came across a gaggle of winged box heads, this time Bf 109 G14s near to the front lines. All but two aircraft ditched bombs to engage. All black hearted nasty Nazis were knocked down. As an encore yet more 109s entered the arena (K4s) and were afforded similar treatment. We then communicated with those splendid 402nd chaps and established a “don’t get in each other’s faces” ground attack strategy which avoided any col
  2. Panther if possible please Col. 3 man crew : Sidly, Parts and myself, ( the three muskrat tears), will rotate positions and the turret as required.
  3. Thanks sidly, excellent work ! Printed them off mate 👍
  4. Did another two man crew mission in a winter village this morning. It was very different from an open terrain battle where multi crew gives you no real advantage. Having two pairs of eyes trying to spot concealed enemy tanks amongst buildings was a big help but more importantly the driver can react quickly to an enemy tank turning its turret in our direction by driving the tank behind cover quickly once we had fired a shot at the target which did not knock it out first time. The driver needs to concentration on driving only, always keeping a rapid “take cover” manoeuvre in mind. When we got it
  5. Cool, that is useful with a couple of clarifications...... Are the units in yards ? What are “shell HE Super” and “shell HE Normal” in game ?
  6. Very eventful sortie today 485th ! Set off as a four ship flight along with the 402nd on a combined Sqn air patrol mission over the front lines north of Zulpich. 2x500lb bombs were carried by all to suppress flak for 410th bomber Sqn if needed. From 15,000ft before we reached the front lines, what turned out to be a single Ju88 was spotted. Since the armorers had forgotten to load 2nd Lt Lucas Rockwell’s aircraft with bombs and the refuelling chaps had only given Capt Rea half full tanks, I sent them in as a bombless pair to despatch said Bosh bastard whilst 2nd Lt Artisan Well and myself kep
  7. We had a session this morning with two tanks each with two crew. Great fun swapping roles on respawn. Comms were busy even with only two tanks, separate channels will be a must. You have to constantly talk to each other as a crew. With a two man crew in a Panther or Tiger...... Driver picks the tank and spawns in, unlocks all “gunner” positions. Next crew slot is commander. Driver then drives looking through the gunsight in gunners position because the view is much better than through the visor. Commander gives directions, scans for threats and spots for the gunner/driver. Three man crew wo
  8. Well up for multi crew Saturdays. It has the potential to be way more fun. No problem with single and multi crew tanks in the same mission either. Something for everyone. I would like to team up with the ex fire service crew (Sid, Parts and myself) to avoid being intellectually overwhelmed !? 🤣😂😉😘 🖕🏻 Separate crew TS channels but with whispers between all ?
  9. What have you got to do to get a gong around here? 🤣😂😳
  10. Gee thanks chaps 😘. Sending you all some lube so you can “hide” your graphics cards 😳
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