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  1. Ha , I remember the FT “elbow” incident in my garden, the nearest Arjen has come to saying the “F” word...... 😤 Fantastic memories chaps, some of the best I will ever have me thinks 👍🏻🧐
  2. Bloody hell that takes you back ! A Jedi and a Zooly 🤔 Must show that pic of me in the Spit to Siobhan to remind her that my face hasn’t always been in need of ironing !
  3. Tonar WTF ! Y’all come back now ya hear 👍🏻😎
  4. Friday and Saturday for me sirs, will talk to Sid about a room ......
  5. Hey Kelly you old dog you. Hope you manage to find time to fly with us again mate. Looking forward to having a long chat about who and what you have been doing these last few years sir . 😉
  6. You are a clever bugger Mel ! Is that a “Tiger meet” paint job ?
  7. Is there any way our DCS server could have the Normandy map running on it Thursday during the day so anyone who is able could practice taxiing and circuits on the same airfield as in the mission together FT ?
  8. Will be there Tom, dress code ? ( Panama hat, slippers and driving gloves as usual ? )
  9. Excellent fun last night chaps, I was a bit surprised to find out it was a full on 443 mission rather than an in house DDz practice. Not sure where I got my wires crossed there ? My confusion continued as I stole FT’s aircraft and promptly bent his prop on landing, ( other than that things were textbook!) ”You can train monkeys to fly better than that” 🤪
  10. Excellent find Sidly, installed and working fine sir. We never flew 46 with the plane “radar” on so this is ideal 😁
  11. We are still here Jim ! I would like to be able to tell you that we no longer have multiple coop restarts........... 😳🤣
  12. Painless


    See.............. 😎
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