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  1. The only reason those carriers were ever built was so that when the USA send a fleet somewhere to police the world they can call it a “coalition” because the Brits are involved. It also affords them a lovely order for lots of F35 aircraft. We don’t need to “project power” globally, we don’t have an empire.
  2. Just saw this Sidly, not nice mate. At least the weather has broken today. Hope your antibiotics have kicked in and peeing becomes a pleasure rather than a pain. I can whole heartedly relate to water works problems, they are no laughing matter.
  3. “Nipples” are just the tip of the iceberg!
  4. Artie used to wear such garments on his head for to keep his passengers in line I understand ?
  5. Heal up fast Wingy, I hope this injury hasn’t necessitated cancelling any of your famous catwalk appearances mate, nobody wants that !
  6. Truth is Swoop, we have the same international five star Michelin restaurants as America………. McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut….. etc. Most of the best chefs in the world are not English and we are proud of that mate 🤣
  7. It has been a long time for sure chaps! For me it depends on if our dog is still around and what his state of health is. Also if Sid can make it or not as we could possibly car share to reduce the fuel bill.
  8. I saw it on YT , he tried so hard to stay with it ! Waited until it was nearly level before banging out…. Impressive.
  9. Thanks for everything Jimbo 🫡
  10. Salute Jim, thanks for saving our arses in Reno (we like to think) 😉
  11. Really missing that Dog pack vibe gents, hoping to get back to some form of routine ASAP.
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