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  1. Many of the chaps fly both DCS and GBS Gravy, you can choose your poison/s For DCS help see Fenrir, for GBS help see FoolTrottel , for life advice and coaching see Sid 😎
  2. Painless

    Corona Gathering.jpg

    As recommended by the W.H.O 🤪
  3. Have to say the “Foolrir” / “FenTrottel” combination is a highly effective cocktail .... what !
  4. Ha, I for one would like a more comprehensive explanation Tomsk ! 😉
  5. ....and now for something completely different ...... Sorry Arthur, couldn’t resist. Sadly no btw. 🙁
  6. I know this is a bit “gay” but I like it when we all fly on the same side whether it be red or blue. That way it’s us Dogz against them spawn of the devil AI gits! You know, man against machine.... a bit like trying to drive a Wuling Hongguang in anger ! 🤣
  7. Ok Dave, thanks for getting stuck into this debate mate, “it’s good to talk” 😉
  8. All kidding aside Kelly it was excellent to have you back with us, I hope we can get back to ribbing each other mercilessly ASAP mate 🤣
  9. Dave, Sid has pretty much summed up my thoughts before I had chance to reply. If you fly with the small coloured triangle mod (is that what you mean by “small dot mod” ?) then excellent, that is what I would like to think everybody uses. Getting rid of the standard “radar” early warning on the map and name and distance icons really does level the playing field because as Sid says you don’t know who is flying the enemy planes you spot, you don’t even know if it’s a breather or AI initially . I don’t have everything turned of for full real yet like Sid because I would find that to be a guaranteed way of being shot down every time without seeing a thing, ( and that would be no fun either). Like a handicap system such as in golf the less accomplished, (by that I mean old, blind, deaf or returning to flying after a long break), have the “Wonder Woman” standard settings and the more accomplished have more challenging settings, that is fine because it makes for a good and fair competition. What you can’t have is the top boys using easy settings to dominate. That would be unsporting. I think (correct me if I’m wrong Sidly) that is what Sid is getting at ?
  10. Dave, are you ok with the “small coloured triangle” mod as many use already?As you know you can see it from miles away but no name or distance is shown. You also still have your plane only on the map so you don’t have to navigate. Also I would like to point out that flying more realistic settings or a more difficult sim like DCS is fun if that is what you like to do.
  11. @Colin, don’t worry about that mate, it was exciting to feel your bullets penetrating my slender fuselage as I floundered around not knowing what to do or say 🤣 I agree with Sidly whole heartedly, ( now there is a surprise). We have all been doing this for so long now that there is no reason why we should not be using more realistic advanced settings to challenge ourselves. If it’s easy it’s boring. We don’t need no “radar” or stinking name and distance icons 🤪 It is about everyone having some successful missions and some perhaps not so. Any rules should be by the Dogz for the Dogz.
  12. Looking forward soooo much to hearing you on TS when we are doing our 4th (20 seconds) restart Kelly ! 🤣
  13. Hey Tonar, if you could have the Moscow, Stalingrad, Kuban and Bodenplatte modules you will be fine and dandy sir. Premium versions have extra stuff included well worth having. See Arthur’s post for discount prices.
  14. Painless


    Just thinking about 10% of Artage right now 😂
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