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  1. Thanks Kira, I would indeed consider following that path because we already have four sims in which you can fly WW2 aircraft so for the sake of variety flying a modern jet like the F14 really appeals to me : )
  2. I have to say that if any aircraft could tempt me into the wizarding world of DCS, it would be the Tomcat ! A weekly DDz session dedicated to F14 carrier missions would be bloody fantastic..... calling the ball because it’s lost that loving feeling would give me the need for speed 🤪
  3. Painless

    ethics question.

    The North Poles were .......
  4. Painless

    ethics question.

    Quite right sheriff, it also depended on your perception of the enemy in as much as if you were Polish for instance, you wanted blood not oil !
  5. Painless

    ethics question.

    Wish someone had told me that in 2006 ! 😇 Hey Crashes, just curious, are you an old git like most of us or what ?
  6. Just had a thought, when you start flying with us ( very soon I hope) we can’t call you “Crashes” because we already have a “Crash”. What would you prefer ?
  7. Off the top of my head......... fly a fighter ? Lol
  8. Don’t worry about that crashes’ , at the very least you might make us old gits feel better about ourselves ! Lol
  9. Check this out...... https://www.battleofbritain1940.net/document-25.html
  10. Painless


    He is right you know, this should be a “Hot Topic” 😉
  11. Painless

    Would Love to Get Back!

    Welcome back Glendower sir, hopefully one of our many bilingual, bifocal, bi...... tech gurus will be able to advise you on the steps to take .
  12. There are several disadvantages to engaging without a wing man, chief amongst which is not having a wing man when you engage ! Lol
  13. Painless


    I always had a sneaking suspicion that we were encouraged to built those carriers so that when the USA send a battle fleet off to do some battle fleet stuff they can take our chaps along with them so it becomes a “coalition” battle fleet. Politically expedient ?