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PWCG P-38 Lightning Strikes Co-op Campaign - Next Mission Sunday 12th July 21:00 BST


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  1. So it was just a bad dream, speaking personally, thank f**k for that 😓 I think Pook will be relieved as well. Always a silver lining......
  2. 485th: As you know my mission was over before it started due to a fluke collision with a Bf110. Saw the bandits at 11 o’clock high, saw them break towards us, increased power ready for combat looked left to see a 110 very close in plan view, banking left and cutting in towards me from my 10 o’clock co alt at high closing speed, had no chance to react and BANG all over. Hope the rest of the mission went ok. My replacement should be with you before the next mission 😉
  3. Dam, I will have to have my hair styled on Wednesday evening now ...🤬🤯😳
  4. Painless

    Off for a bit

    Hope it is all going OK Dave, see you soon. 👍🏻
  5. Good points Sidly, some of them we can address but as we know a post on the forum may not be enough.... A session on TS with everyone checking mods, key assignments and functionality would probably be productive, slightly painful 😂and worthwhile ? Comms issues are a very old chestnut and really need to be split into A : informal free for all with added banta, side stories and singing. B : formal disciplined brevity with any whispers taking priority when announced. “B” only when appropriate for the type of mission obviously . We could even have say, one coop (so it doesn’t alter the light hearted nature of the DDz), in a normal Coop session declared “Formal” just for practice when we all form up in flights on the same side (Allied or Axis) and make surviving the priority rather than a good individual haul of points ? Not sure if this idea will appeal to the majority or not ?
  6. I for one did enjoy the mission (dream)Tom. I hope the multitude of re starts and tech issues we have consistently experienced is not putting some of the guys off ? The importance of staying at the very least a pair in combat was the main learning point for 485th from last night. I lost my wingman (Crash) due to tech issues and Horus lost his (Pooka) on takeoff. Sid, myself and Friar regrouped and stuck together, scored two kills which could be confirmed. Unfortunately Horus became separated, scored a kill and then was killed himself. His kill could not be confirmed so it did not count. I hope we can make progress with the reliability of this campaign because it is potentially brilliant fun.
  7. “For we are jolly good fellows” Bloody great idea this campaign Major Tom !
  8. Excellent news, three cheers for FenTrottel !!! Thanks Tomjen.
  9. @Llama, as fruitbat said... “REAL LIFE ALWAYS COMES FIRST” has been the DDz way since 2006. It is essential for all of us to never feel pressured or overly obligated, flying with the Dogz should always be painless 😉 @ Friar.... no worries Col, you still played your part in a successful mission and we have a spare P38 available for the low low price of $149.99 per calendar month 😎
  10. Sid would like to keep 485th White flight as it is whenever possible : White 1 - Sid White 2 - Friar White 3 - Delta White 4 - Pooka I am happy to take whoever is available on the night in 485th Red flight but I am anticipating Horus - Red 2 ( my wingman) and Crash - Red 3 (element leader) being there on most occasions. A regular Red 4 would be marvellous....
  11. Delta and Friar, I explained what happened to you both to Tom in the de brief and as far as the near the edge of the map “kick” is concerned that is the first time anyone had heard of it. Bloody shame as it buggered up our planned approach and was the cause of you getting tagged by flak Dave. I told the boys that it was not your fault at all. Col, you were really unlucky to discover that double key binding,(if that is what it was) just when you did as it gave you no time to react and save your airframe. We could tell you were not best pleased mate. I am pretty sure Funflak just went over the 250mph limit with flaps out and of course they jammed which then became a problem for the whole flight on the egress. Crasheroony was a first class escort for Funflak and his rates are very reasonable ! We could and should have achieved our mission AND all got home safely if it wasn’t for those few little issues. Next time we will find some different ones 😳 Sid did a great job of leading his flight and Horus of being my wingman. The whisper channel worked well between squadrons and we all knew the state of play good and bad as long as the leaders say when they are on whisper and the chit chat stops briefly.
  12. Thanks for keeping this Bee in your bonnet Tom 👍🏻
  13. Greetings soon to be DD_Llama or DD_Thumper ( no time for more than two syllables on TS) 😉 Nice formation pic with the P47 btw. We need good formation flyers to keep our OCD members from a having a meltdown but on occasions when they are not watching we fly the “DDzCF” formation (just ask). Looking forward to having you fly with us sir.
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