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  1. Excellent show 485th ! Not sure about you chaps but I thought it was an honour to be part of the support act for superstar Capt (DD) “Deadly Dave” Prang ! No prizes for guessing who will be buying the first round of drinks at the up coming “triple M“ (Mincing Mud Movers) ball. Now the sad bit.... we lament the loss of Capt Hawker Siddley and will be having a collection for his family at the triple M, ~S~ Sir , nuff said . We are expecting one 2nd Lt Sidney Gittins as a replacement who has a reputation for settling any disputes in the ring. Pretty sure that means he is a keen boxer so beware gentlemen ! Bad luck on the joystick malfunction Lt Reginald, it can happen as you get older sir. Looking for a good score from you next time !
  2. Thank you very much for sorting it out Arjen! Yet more Karma points coming your way. If you carry on like this, you and Tom will be reincarnated as a well hung princes who can fly !
  3. Interesting read chaps, it seems to me that the only “fair” way to artificially balance things retrospectively is to award another 5 confirmed air kills to any pilot of Major rank or above and call it quits 😉👍🏻
  4. Seems we had a bit of a milk run 485th. Still worth noting that we all managed to land (very nicely indeed), all aircraft and pilots undamaged. Congrats to 402nd, looked like the you boys caught the Bosh with their trousers down this time !
  5. Painless


    Welcome Kimo, great to see you still have a pulse sir ! 😁 We would be glad to have you join our jolly band of brothers. Looking forward to speaking on TS. There is plenty of help available here to get yourself set up and familiar with the newer flight sims GBS and/or DCS. We also have a few of the guys flying IL2 1946 on occasion. Check out the calendar for flying times.
  6. Now that does sound interesting......
  7. Dam shame you getting pinged by AAA Dave, I’m sure those stutters didn’t help ! Also the loss of Pook was regrettable. Seems that locker is jinxed so we have removed it from the locker room and blown it up. Expecting two top notch replacements ASAP. Other than that bloody good show 485th, good team work and comms. Very impressive improvisation concerning our initial attack plan for the combat area AAA and ground targets. BRAVO chaps ! Side note: have removed (1) from new skins Capt Siddley.
  8. Reporting for duty with clean undergrollies ready for tomorrow skipper....
  9. Thanks for putting so much thought into this so that we can have a large selection of the latest dresses Arjen ! Much appreciated 👍🏻😉
  10. There you go Reggie, hope everyone reads that as it has definitely happened before both on takeoff and landing 😉👍🏻
  11. 485th, fine work chaps ! Sad to loose the new lad but we made Jerry pay for it ! Capt Hawker Siddley will be back with us as soon as he has been de briefed 😳 We have set a standard of excellence so far, no reason to change, take pride in that and well done ! A big thanks to 402nd for keeping those FWs off of our backs !
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