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    Siobhan, my sons, the dog. My M8s. Flying virtually and in the past for real. Virtual Tank warfare, WWII aircraft, pilots and history.
    Formula 1. WEC racing. Driving anything around a race track as fast as I can. : ) Model aircraft building.(In that order)
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  1. Chris, I thought we had agreed to discuss that type of equipment in PM only ! ?
  2. Yup, with almost everyone killed or badly damaged, (with the exception of BluJabo ), the bloody thing took 🙄
  3. Hey Beagle, welcome to the Dogz old bean. Looking forward to flying and or tanking with you soon. We have managed to muddle along for around 16 years now mainly because our philosophy is “real life comes first” which means that there is no pressure to turn up for every session or to demonstrate any appreciable skill level. Mistakes are encouraged because it gives everyone else a good laugh. Hope that sounds good to you 👍🏻😉
  4. I just don’t understand that Tom….. it’s not like you are busy or under pressure because of other demands on your time !? 😳😉
  5. You haven’t missed anything Reg, come on down for a few “normal” coop sessions mate 👍🏻
  6. Painless


    Massive wooden shoes to match your massive wooden ……….. 😂🤣😂😘
  7. Painless

    The Boys from BC

    The good, the bad and the cuddley ?
  8. Hopefully we will be able to discuss all of these “incidents“ over a beer one of these fine days !?
  9. Elbows next then Sidly 😉
  10. Well said Bob, that was almost certainly the reason sir 🤣😂 Bloody shame the bugger didn’t take though, Tom will not be happy.
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