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  1. Painless

    MS Sidewinder2

    Ok Arthur, I found my old, old one in the cupboard as well mate. So you can have two if you like..... Now to find a massive box and some packing material. : ) PM me your addy darling.
  2. Painless

    MS Sidewinder2

    Just wondered if anyone would like my Sidewinder Joystick for free ? It worked just fine for 46 but has a centring issue in BOS. Probably nothing wrong with the stick itself.
  3. Painless

    Laptop required

    Ok thanks, I will pass on the info Arjen... He is a plasterer at the moment but is ex Army and has been doing some bodyguard work for the last few years with a view to running training courses with another ex Army guy.
  4. Painless

    Laptop required

    Hi fellas, a good mate of mine is after a second hand laptop. He can go up to £150 and would like Windows office on it. He only wants to use it for work related stuff and probably won’t even go online with it. I said I would ask you guys and see what the response was, thanks....... Mick.
  5. Painless


    Thanks mate, I am afraid that beneath this resilient exterior lies the soul of a soft squishy dad who is going to miss his ( not so little) buddy immensely! Pass me a tissue Tito.........
  6. Painless


    I imagine we will be leaving around tea time mate.
  7. Painless

    for FT- arnhem eye witness account.

    What a wonderful lady !
  8. Painless


    I’ll be in your neck of the woods Nick, delivering Marc and all his gubbins to Uni on Saturday.......
  9. Crash suggested that Tuesday would become GBS night when the Bodenplatte module was released and that seemed a popular idea. However if enough chaps want it to happen now, why not ? I am fine with it Sidly.
  10. Painless


    Nice job! Your RC building skills were useful I am guessing...
  11. Painless

    Ready for High Altitude!

    I now have beard envy Bill !
  12. Painless

    Ready for High Altitude!

    Lookin’ good Gypsy, is that the bottom of your beard or the top of your chest hair mate ? Lol
  13. Painless


    Good one Tom !
  14. Painless


    The moon doing an impersonation of Mars Swoop ! Great picture mate. I have been to our local observatory twice with a friend lately and on the last occasion we looked at the moon through the 7 inch refractor telescope. I could clearly see mountains, canyons and craters especially at the terminator. It was like looking through a heat haze off a hot road surface with everything dancing about which was down to Earths atmospherics I was told.
  15. Painless

    Surving RAF Pilots from the Battle of Britain

    Excellent to know that some of these chaps are still alive today especially considering that they were probably all a little surprised to still be alive in 1946 !