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  1. Wow Crasheroony, what a weekend you had mate !
  2. Painless

    New Toy Mmm

    Thanks chaps ! Hey bongo, now you know how we feel when we watch you, ( through high powered binoculars), as you climb into the cockpit wearing those fetching, bun hugging flying overalls you dashing devil ! 😂
  3. Painless

    New Toy Mmm

    Here is a cold start and rev to 4000rpm at the end... https://www.dropbox....45 (1).MOV?dl=0
  4. Painless

    New Toy Mmm

    Power to weight is all important Arthur.... that’s why Artie is such an accomplished love terrorist ! With those pipes she has 362bhp (crank) and weighs 1584Kg (curb)..... The car not Artie.... All the power is from 5000rpm to 7500rpm so I have not used any of that yet. Self imposed 4000rpm redline until 1200 mile oil change, (also self imposed).
  5. Painless

    New Toy Mmm

    After seven years of "window shopping", I finally was able to get myself a nice sports car. Had to sell both children and the dog but hey, what you gonna do ? It's a 370Z Nismo with short tail resonated exhausts. Sounds rather nice : )
  6. Bloody shame Hunter, was looking forward to seeing you guys again ☹️
  7. Waiting for Dave to arrive. The moment he arrives we will immediately have a cuppa and a rambling conversation about the route we intend to take. Then it’s check hair, makeup, exfoliate and roar off towards DX. Hoping the weather stays splendid for the duration.
  8. Painless


    A bigger piece of heaven ?
  9. Painless


    A little piece of heaven ! 😉
  10. Carrier ops would get my vote Tom 🤓
  11. Painless

    Summer's here!

    I love it mate, looks good, sounds good, and by golly it will do you good 😎
  12. I am up for that Tom, as long as you have the training and patience to teach special needs students ?
  13. Good one Redtail, No problem with “Danger Doggers” btw. You may not know but my car number plate is DD55DOG. I have to be careful where I park, especially at night......
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