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PWCG P-38 Lightning Strikes Co-op Campaign - Next Mission Tuesday 2nd February 2021 21:00 BST


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  1. Welcome Chaz, hope you find a home here amongst us Dogz sir.
  2. Wow! I bet that leaves a few bruises Nick ! Nice vid BB.
  3. I use that two stage sight in the T34 with my normal “zoom” slider. I can’t make any sense of the sighting arrangement in the ISU122, has anyone worked it out ?
  4. First of all, congratulations to the 402nd ! It sounds like you boys had an even rougher time of things than we did regarding AAA. Having said that we have concluded that the bosh troops manning the AAA you came across were almost certainly raw recruits whereas our chaps were seasoned veterans hence the difference in accuracy !? Just go with it! 😉😘 Seriously, bloody good show both 402nd and 485th. We look forward to meeting 2nd Lt Iden Kare’s replacement as we are now a man down for the officers “knock out whist” fours team.
  5. Agree with most of the points raised both by Friar and FT. I really enjoyed the mission on Saturday as it was a massive improvement on the one before. I liked the misdirection attempted by the Germans posing as Russians Friar put into the last mission particularly. Different comms worked well and smaller units with separate tasks was fun. Adding a navigation challenge is a good idea as is including different types of tanks and self propelled guns. Imagine having to bring up a tank killer if you come across a Tiger or two. The fastest tank is the T34 so that could be used to scout with KV1
  6. Nice job Squawk, how do you see those tiny 1/72nd pieces ? 🤔
  7. A drink incorporating my squad number and one of my favourite pass times...... excellent.
  8. De brief for 485th was pretty much covered by Squawk above. Dam shame we lost Pooka to enemy ground action but he will rise again from from the ashes and shrubs and trees again ! I can gladly confirm the 8 kills registered to you in the game Tom, (3 air, 5 parked aircraft). I always check your score as it is invariably annoying! Despite you being younger, better educated, better looking, taller and more skilled, I force myself to remember that there is a war on when it comes to being “British” about things 😜 Good show 485th !
  9. Happy Birthday you Marvelous Bastard , may today be the happiest you've ever had and tomorrow, even better ;) 

  10. You should see the scratch built bridges that FT has made. Also the large RC aircraft the likes of Papabear have built. They are seriously talented fellows. Quite a few of the chaps have put together some bloody nice models, have a browse on the forum Reg.
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