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    Siobhan, my sons, the dog. My M8s. Flying virtually and in the past for real. Virtual Tank warfare, WWII aircraft, pilots and history.
    Formula 1. WEC racing. Driving anything around a race track as fast as I can. : ) Model aircraft building.(In that order)
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  1. Salute Jim, thanks for saving our arses in Reno (we like to think) 😉
  2. Really missing that Dog pack vibe gents, hoping to get back to some form of routine ASAP.
  3. Chaps, I have been double booked to go to my mate Pete’s 60th birthday celebration on the 10th Sept. His son has arranged an indoor karting event followed by a meal so I cannot decline. Once again circumstances conspire to interrupt my Dogging ! 🙁
  4. Nice to see you all looking well (in a photo at least). Due to a survey and design cock up we now have to wait for both gas and electric meters to be moved before our already ripped out kitchen can be recommissioned! It could be a six to eight week wait for the electricity gits to fit us in for meter relocation. Deep fecking joy !
  5. Well as I feared RL has chucked a spanner in the works, we are having the kitchen and bathroom completely stripped out and replaced starting tomorrow and we will be living between our house and a friends mum’s empty place in Fareham, (10 miles away). This will require lots of logistical and organisational effort especially as the dog needs to be kept away from installers and chippies, both boys are still living at home(s) just to complicate things further. I have been and will be flat out trying to make it all work so having a whole day away this first weekend of at least 4 would be awkward to say the least. Apologies chaps, next time.
  6. Painless

    RedLion001c 016

    What a beautiful pair of humans ! 😉
  7. Wow Zukk, that is a hell of a lot to have on your plate. You have both my sympathy, (which I’m sure you don’t want or need) and my admiration, for tackling these incredibly upsetting issues head on mate. Positive vibes heading your way 👍🏻🙏🏼 …….
  8. Hi Ben, we are a small group of mostly older chaps who don’t take ourselves too seriously. We have a number of flyers who fly DCS as well as BOS. Some of us were born in the early 1400s some more recently but we all share a passion for aviation. Please tell us a little about yourself……
  9. Painless

    MB issues

    Bugger ! Hope you can get it sorted ASAP Crasheroony.
  10. Wow Col, not only is the decimal point in the wrong place but you have converted to imperial as well. Dude !😉
  11. Would that be the Junkers Panzer IV and the Lockheed Sherman ? 🤔
  12. This game just keeps getting better, still need a Swordfish for Arjenski ! Sid has his Arado, Tom has his P38, I love the Mosquito, if you had to pick a “favourite” plane what would it be ?
  13. The 23rd July Sounds entirely possible provided RL doesn’t Chuck a spanner into the Eaton Mess. Junction 22 on the M25 if I’m not mistooken.
  14. Which date in July will be sunny with minimal traffic Col ? 🤣
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