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  1. i had to re-install the wheel and pedals, stick seems ok
  2. as soon as i got it on my machine i went into settings and turned all the new wizzie things off......
  3. " I know - sproglet dependent! - that I shall be aquiring the 2.0 install ".... Fen thinks he is going to have free time once "sprog" arrives......
  4. if anyone else adds a "Yes!" it will be like the conception.......
  5. @Arthur - Thanks. Please see below the same action from some of the other default camera positions. There are others but these were the easiest to capture. Enjoy!
  6. I use a logitech G25 (wheel and 3 pedals). Consider Assetto Corsa as an alternative to Pcars if the bug bites............ This is me in the McLaren during an on line race
  7. Salutations to all from the Priory.
  8. I posted an idea about what to do on the Saturday evening, I thought I ought to gain a consensus of opion....
  9. HSFX Static View File This zip file contains a catalogue for all the static objects that can be placed on a map for map building. Submitter Friar Submitted 08/08/2012 Category HSFX 6 Checksum  
  10. There is a new member map chaps and some of you are not on it. Could we all check it out and have a look please?
  11. Even if funds are ok I think we should have a drive for some extra and allow Mr Enkel to take Mrs Enkel out for a meal as a thankyou, perhaps Ft and a plus 1 as well for all the hosting and effort in keeping the dogz flying (not as a foursome of course - we are not paying his airfair!) It is getting near to my birthday and I useually chip in around this time, so I will start the plate off......
  12. £15 puts your name on the fin i saw your post on Iceland
  13. Hi, Do yourself a favour, grab a coffee and kinck back for 45 minutes and watch the attached video by Chris Harris at the Bloodhound land speed record head quarters. It contains stuff about motering and flying demonstrating the G-forces the driver will go through. Oh...and if you have some spare cash, why not donate and get your name on the car.....I have... Friar