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  1. Spent the day at a family's hobby of a miniature railway IMG_1467.MOV IMG_1480.MOV
  2. Windows Creator Update

    i had to re-install the wheel and pedals, stick seems ok
  3. Windows Creator Update

    as soon as i got it on my machine i went into settings and turned all the new wizzie things off......
  4. Being Sid Viscous...

    " I know - sproglet dependent! - that I shall be aquiring the 2.0 install ".... Fen thinks he is going to have free time once "sprog" arrives......
  5. if anyone else adds a "Yes!" it will be like the conception.......
  6. Steering wheel

    @Arthur - Thanks. Please see below the same action from some of the other default camera positions. There are others but these were the easiest to capture. Enjoy!
  7. Steering wheel

    I use a logitech G25 (wheel and 3 pedals). Consider Assetto Corsa as an alternative to Pcars if the bug bites............ This is me in the McLaren during an on line race
  8. Happy non-denominational winter holiday

    Salutations to all from the Priory.
  9. I posted an idea about what to do on the Saturday evening, I thought I ought to gain a consensus of opion....
  10. HSFX Static Objects.zip View File This zip file contains a catalogue for all the static objects that can be placed on a map for map building. Submitter Friar Submitted 08/08/2012 Category HSFX 6 Checksum  
  11. Member Map And World Time Zones

    There is a new member map chaps and some of you are not on it. Could we all check it out and have a look please?
  12. Server Migration

    Even if funds are ok I think we should have a drive for some extra and allow Mr Enkel to take Mrs Enkel out for a meal as a thankyou, perhaps Ft and a plus 1 as well for all the hosting and effort in keeping the dogz flying (not as a foursome of course - we are not paying his airfair!) It is getting near to my birthday and I useually chip in around this time, so I will start the plate off......
  13. Friar