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  1. I don't run my oculus with the tool tray. I just launch the application directly. I don't run it from steam or anything, although I am seeing that steam VR launches its self.
  2. I have installed voice attack as well (£8 or $10 for full version). I can see it being really useful for the sort of things Crash suggested. i am finding the 3D images amazing. When I had Painless fly up close to me last night it looked so real. The scenery looks amazing. i also need glasses for distance viewing so have bought prescription lenses to fit inside the Rift which make things so much more comfortable.
  3. Its like a 4-D motion simulator - if he was to wear a VR headset and drive round a field like he was on a track......
  4. Salute my choice is quite simple, GBS on Sunday. no time for any other night. cheers colin
  5. Salute Guys, I must admit that I have had my head turned by Assetto Corsa and now the new release of Assetto Corsa Competizione, enough to upgrade to a new computer to get the best out of my new graphics card I got from work and the VR headset. I have had the new pc a while now but have not got round to re-installing my flight controllers, a really big reason for not turning up to fly also my Sundays have changed and family demands meaning that timings no longer fit. Flying in the week is totally out for me as I am still hammering up and down the motorways of the UK. When I did fly recently it was more to catch up with you guys and I am sad to say that 46' no longer got me excited. If we were to move to a sim that meant I could utilize my VR in a flight environment , that would be a slightly bigger stick to beat me with to get my arse back in the skies with the Dogz. If we were to go with the VR compatible option (BoX?), could we do it in the public arena rather than a private server, might help recruitment? Cheers, Friar
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