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  1. Just to confirm I will be unavailable for Sunday as on R&R
  2. yes but what colour were his underpants on that day....
  3. I have been following the guy below on his MS202 videos. This one is using the sim to fly a real flight path obeying real flight rules.
  4. That's it then, we go public with "Dogzford" stream it live with tickets and merchandise, invite pilots to display......worked for GT3 racing
  5. All the hotels in the area will take a big hit as well - perhaps we could now afford a meet up in the old Red Lion for our own "Flying Legends"? Sad news all the same.....
  6. it not that - no trackir connected
  7. X52 pro stick and pedal recognised. Started setting mappings to be as close as possible to Box. having to use hat switch to look around as no trackir set up
  8. Got up early, well 7:40 bought from steam and have the sim installing within 10 minutes, no hoops to jump through, set where I wanted it installed and off it went. big download just started so back to bed for a cuppa.
  9. Despite Jabo's best efforts I gave up and got a refund but found a fan - -the book has gone international...
  10. I failed again to get it up and running so have given up for now. This video makes me even more cross as to what I am missing!
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