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  1. Hey Beagle - glad you have "gone public" Welcome "officially" to the pound.
  2. Release Notes EMG-TC v8 -Added Lapino map, template created by DD_Friar - Many thanks! -Fixed the option to use custom skins for player platoons. Check spelling though, not all characters are allowed. -Added 'Skill' option for the player platoons -Added option to create the mission in a specific folder -Added logging. Warnings and exceptions will be written to mission_generator.log
  3. Looks like a challenge has been laid down there chaps. I will get map building and see if we can not replicate a similar tunnel (with open hangers). I will make them non-destructible (or indestructible - take your pick ) Coming to a Dogfight server near you soon!
  4. Disappointed that Tank Crew never gets any mentions in these updates.
  5. Hi Reggie, Yes I had been reading that thread with interest and seeing how it develops. There are some included that I would probably not want to include so waiting to see how he breaks it down. Cheers Friar
  6. Not unless you were piloting a P51 at Reno a few years back...
  7. @Bob stay clear of people getting hit by planes...touchy subject...
  8. Salute For those of you that were playing on Saturday evening you are aware of the issue that once the objective was achieved the mission rotated. I have been investigating this and can confirm that it is not a feature built into the mission. It is controlled by a server setting for mission end time out. Syn_Vander is using the Mission Objective trigger to show the objective on the map. When this is achieved a signal is sent to the server and the timer kicks in. We could get round this by setting this time to a silly long time, however I think the same time is used if we wanted to roll a mission due to re-start etc, so has to be thought about what we do in such a circumstance. Cheers Friar.
  9. Default commands for the gunsight range are Right Alt + . (period or full stop) and Right Alt + ; (semi-colon) for increase and decrease (may be other way round) If it is very windy you can also adjust the horizontal by Right Alt + , (comma) and Right Alt + / You place the point of the triangle on the target.
  10. Friar

    Icon Settings

    The German tanks do, check this out...
  11. Version 1.0.0


    This is a special icon mod brilliantly created by DD_Sid. It will give you icons on the map but not in game. This will be helpful in finding the enemy on SYN_Vander Generated missions. Salute DD_Friar
  12. I have just been watching the pre qualifying for GT3 races tomorrow at Brands Hatch (I am going ) and happened to turn closed caption on in YouTube and witnessed this gem... "I love if you have to watch the race a transsexual what you get"
  13. Friar

    Icon Settings

    @Sid The reason I am asking is I am finding that with the Syn_Vander tank missions the location of the enemy is not always obvious. When we played last week a couple of the guys had not put the icon set on and were playing with icons on both on the map and in game and we needed them to give us a heads up where the enemy were located. For these missions I think it would help but what I do not want is when you get eye ball on the enemy to still have the icons in game giving range etc. A blob on the map would be good but not through a gunsight. Thanks for your time and efforts.
  14. Friar

    Icon Settings

    Salute Anyone know if it is possible to make an icon set that has blocks on the map (to help locate units of both sides) but not in game? Asking for a friend...
  15. Friar

    Dead Rig

    Excellent news Jabo - now don't just stand there - get one up!
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