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  1. You will soon come to realise that once you have become a DangerDog and get to prefix your tag with DD_Reggie, that is it, you are in for life. The Eagles wrote a song about us, ..."you can check out, but you can never leave..." Dont let all this banter fool you, we can switch it off and fly a serious mission if the need calls for it.
  2. Welcome, no I am not from Wales, bit of a long story but as a group we had a practice known as "S.H.E.E.P" which stood for "Sufficient Height Emergency Exit Procedure" Before entering SHEEP you need to be inverted, travelling at the correct speed with the correct angle of attack, but as I say, we are more experienced now and dont often find the need to get into a SHEEP. I am the squad Chaplin (in name only). I come from the Priory of ST Oleg (if you are an old IL2 er, that name should ring bells, similar to Brother Andrew on a sunday morning.) The Sisters of the Priory are a friendly bunch and are often sent round on birthdays etc. Should you step out of line, we can call on Sister Johnathan for "re-alignment" training. We do not require you to pass any flight skills test to gain entry. We just ask that you have an open mind (some of the banter on TS can get a bit weird), you treat people with respect, have fun when we are flying and just turn up whenever you can. We all know real life gets in the way sometimes and it wont be held against you. Out of courtesy if you have put your name down for an event that you are then not able to attend, a quick note in the forum is welcomed. Above all, have fun, watch out for Painless and say good bye to your self esteem. Welcome.
  3. Watched the filmed stage musical "Hamilton" last night on the Disney Channel. enjoyable, a few US history "in jokes" . Twigged why there is Maddison Ave in New York etc. I would give it 8/10
  4. Who are you guys?...What have you done with the real Bluebear, Arthur and Fenrir? I did'nt realise that you 3 played the Ukulele
  5. That may be the case but both myself, Sid and Painless were all running without instrument lights, so it was news to us......
  6. I would also like to pass on an excellent tip provided by Crash - turn on your cockpit instrument lights. It makes the dials MUCH easier to read. Nice one Crash. This seems to be an improvement for both VR and screen users. (evidence from myself VR, Sid and Painless screens)
  7. I would like to congratulate everyone for last night. Should we be deleting the previous mission files now every time before re-loading the game? before re-loading the game?
  8. Sorted it, it was a combination of a couple of settings between Windows and another application thanks guys.
  9. Salute Anyone know how/why my windows sound level will not let me go above 50% and also how do I get it back to 100%?
  10. I totally agree with Delta. People also need to get themselves up to speed via the forum. All the information is there. I also was at the point of jacking it in last night. That is ABSOLUTELY no reflection on all the hard work Fen has been putting into this.
  11. If that was you Arthur, well flown sir on what I imagine is a difficult aircraft to master
  12. If you do not get a chance to try it before I can show you in November
  13. you can still go to static external in VR fixed on my plane, rather than fly-by view, I often do.......
  14. Really sorry for blotting what looks like to have been an excellent mission by trying to follow Sid into land and not having eyes on the speed dial (as opposed to the speed bar) and coming in to fast I bounced 1 too many times and nosed over. I felt it was not a good approach and should have gone around to re-try the landing (which on the dogfight maps I have been practising and getting right, probably due to having visibility of the speed bar). Excellent work everyone else. Just one 38 in the repair shop awaiting new props. Salute
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