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  1. at point 1 Ahmen to that brother I fly last night and shot down 3 of the enemy planes, a good tally for me. Perhaps I had a lot of rage to get ride of from a bad day at work. But VR settings are sorting themselves out now and getting used to flying model all helps.
  2. Thanks to Jabo last night I am now sorted with JGMSE and a ickle dot above the planes. I also have no other planes on my map (done it without a mod) so must have over written one of map files perhaps? anyway, however I did it, it does what I want.
  3. I dont have a MODS folder or JGMSE - could some nice fellow point me in the right direction. I have found the post with the icon modding files but have no where to put them?
  4. I try and spec my headset up for the eye candy and often do not spot the icons before others using a monitor
  5. I can't say I have noticed people being singled out - its usually me getting shot down early because i have put myself in a position making me a target. I would support not having names (@painless - I did not know it was you until I got really close after spotting your icon - I had height and chased a red dot down). I may not have spotted you if not for the icon it has to be said. I would support doing away with icons above planes, as Sid says it does give the game away. I would plead for my plane only on the maps as I am useless at navigation. To this end I am going to do what is required from my part to remove in-game icons, but it does need all of us to buy into it. (that is the buy in without spending money of course)
  6. What they all said, plus the Sisters have missed you......
  7. spitties last time P51's today.....great ideas catch on.....
  8. Friar


    Jabo or crash want a room mate?
  9. Friar


    arriving friday late afternoon attending saturday, going home sunday need room
  10. Well, Well, Salute Sir. If you can find time from taking the Canadian political system by force then you will need to pick up the IL2 Great Battles series. We do not fly IL2 1946 any more. Get it from https://il2sturmovik.com/ It is more pay to fly with DLC content than 46' If you pick up the "premium" versions of the releases it works out as best value. Cheers Friar
  11. Bingo! - Thanks FT - that has sorted it. I posted in the GBS forum so I will post your solution in there as well. Cheers Friar
  12. Hello, I was working on building missions yesterday, all good. This morning when I try and open my map the properties box has located itself in the very top left hand corner of the screen (see picture below) I can not drag it. I have closing the application and re-opening. I have tried re-sizing the screen and putting it back. When I click on an object to set its properties I am losing most of the box so I can not get at the settings? Any ideas? The picture attached is a snipit from the very top left of my screen
  13. A scene from the upcoming move.....
  14. I stand and salute the big BG. Always remembered, sadly missed.
  15. Its the standard Assetto Corsa. As long as you have all the updates. RaceDepartment.com is the place for lots of extra resources. We need to have a chat about add-ons. If you think you will play it a lot, then there is a third party launcher called "Content Manager". You can do load of stuff extra to the game. There is a free standard version and a donation of any amount unlocks the full version. There is a mod called "SOL" that enables day night transition and working lights (something Kunos said they could never do with the AC graphics engine!) We will have to hook up on a server. 1 convert down....how many others to follow.....Fruitbat? you next.......?
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