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  1. I am sorry if I came across wrong - it was just an observation - don't undo all your good work on my account. What you are doing will be really appreciated within the group. I choose not to use chkskins due to the size, but if it could be tight trusted resource of only good clean skins, then who knows. Salute. Friar
  2. Does not reporting skins that are ok in here defeat the point of the thread. Will I have to wade through loads of skin names that are fine to see the broken ones. Would it not be better just to have the broken ones? Love the fact that you are getting on board with this sort of thing though Tbone. The Dogz are getting to you I can tell
  3. Just in case.... Sorry, just posted and did'nt realize they would come up so big. Both are PNG's so can be used easily
  4. A. To install JSGME if you currently do not have it. If you do have it, then move to B. 1. Download JSGME (Jones Generic Mod Enabler) from: https://www.softpedia.com/get/Others/Miscellaneous/Generic-Mod-Enabler.shtml#download 2. Unzip JSGME to a temporary folder, and run jsgme_setup.exe, install it to your BOS game folder 3. Run JSGME.exe that was placed in that folder. It will start and a screen will display, it will show you the standard folder it will create where your MODS need to be placed. 4. Now close JSGME. This sets up the proper location for the JSGME MODs folder for your
  5. 485th: Saw nothing. Got nailed by AAAA no hot water for shower. gin supplies running very low. Sorry for the edit Col, see below....😉
  6. No, just a weather update - My original announcement - you posted in it Crash has that... Remember to pick the white camo.
  7. As we have moved to December, I thought a winters day would suit.
  8. I have to admit I did not watch it through to the end.. 😧
  9. I have been thinking about what I can do to get the fighter jocks a bit more involved, so, I will have a look
  10. Yes I have and Sid being the genius he is converting the file, we now have the right solution, plane icons but no ground icons, so everyone wins! You will need to apply the attached file into JGSME and apply the mod. It is in our downloads and get it here
  11. STOP PRESS: IGNORE THE POINTS ABOUT ICONS - WE NOW HAVE A SOLUTION FOR NO GROUND UNITS BUT PLANE ICONS ON! Salute We are going to have another go at running the tank event as it seemed that people did actually like it! However... I have taken on board some of the comments that I received and suggestions as to what could have made it even better for everyone. To this end I am going to make the following changes. 1. We will run the event with icons on. This will enable the fighter jocks to have more fun with each other and we will also have icons on the map s
  12. Welcome to the Dogz mate. Hope to stick around to have lots of fun with us. We are an informal bunch, no ranks or orders etc. no formal training but lots of people happy to get you back up to speed. Are you interested in the Tank Crew module at all? as we are having fun with that as well as the planes. What modules of IL2 GB do you have?
  13. Salute Is there an appetite to re-run the Tank event before Christmas? If so we are looking at 6th or 20th? We will run it this time with an icon on the navigation map for the tanks. Unfortunately, we are unable to just turn on plane icons. Should we forget the planes for this time (I am not saying that the pilots do not matter for this event, its just that without icons it was not as enjoyable for them as it was for the tanks. I have posted over at IL2 forums to try and get a solution to this, but nothing doing at the moment. If you want to fly it again of course you can a
  14. Found the attached over at SGC. The tank video within this video comes from World of Tanks but he talks about actual tank data so if TC is modelled as it claims to be, what he says should still be relevant.
  15. Gulp! I have put the HS20 (or whatever it is called) on pause at the moment, that is real crap for you Mick. Hope you are able to get it sorted.
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