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  1. I stand and salute the big BG. Always remembered, sadly missed.
  2. Its the standard Assetto Corsa. As long as you have all the updates. RaceDepartment.com is the place for lots of extra resources. We need to have a chat about add-ons. If you think you will play it a lot, then there is a third party launcher called "Content Manager". You can do load of stuff extra to the game. There is a free standard version and a donation of any amount unlocks the full version. There is a mod called "SOL" that enables day night transition and working lights (something Kunos said they could never do with the AC graphics engine!) We will have to hook up on a server. 1 convert down....how many others to follow.....Fruitbat? you next.......?
  3. Check this out for those interested....
  4. Pick up Assetto Corsa and you can drive that Lotus around a "Highlands" road circuit.....
  5. Nice video chaps - whats with the comms? no one asking about what they had for tea?
  6. Can not get audio to windows default at the moment. It has also altered Assetto Corsa which runs without Steam VR. I can not get that to use Windows Audio at the moment....
  7. If you want to know owt...ask Fenrir. Cheers
  8. just re-connected VR speakers and got sound back. I still have the Oculus Home, devices, store etc screen. Is that correct. I am also getting this screen in front of the BOX screen if I dont have the Rift up and running first? Cheers
  9. Just installed OpenComposite as suggested Sunday night but now have no sound in game when playing in VR? I use default windows sound and not Rift Audio. I have read a bit about updating an .ini file Did you guys have to do this? regards Colin
  10. Yes starting from cold in the quick mission. Trying to get key bindings sorted. Plane is parked with everything off. i have put mixture and rpm to max throttle to about 15% got it on the yak yesterday but think I have had it on others?
  11. Salute chaps, i am getting engine over cooled warning message when starting up. What am I not doing? Or doing wrong? now that I have my stick sorted and with sids help got the mapping profile software working, this will probably be the first of many questions...... friar
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