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  1. Beebop

    I'm Baaaack!!

    Thanks gentlemen. I checked the calendar but don't see anything scheduled. Am I missing something? Basically I'd like to do some co-ops with everyone and see how it goes. Have I lost what skills I used to have? I can still crash a landing with the best of them though. IL-2 1946 (4.14.3) or HSFX. I have been learning a bit about SEOW with Kopdorfer over at M4T. Although I have BoS as I said it's a very basic version and am not sure if I could fly with just that. Hope to see someone in the virtual skies soon. (added bonus...i'm an easy kill LOL)
  2. Beebop

    I'm Baaaack!!

    Hello you Dogs. It's been a while. Since I was last here... 1. I finally retired. I have all the time now in the world and at the same time no time at all. I'm sure you retirees know what I'm talking about. 2. My old squad, the HellHounds has disbanded. We went our separate ways but still keep in touch. Sadly Tim, Quazimoto, whom some of you might remember as the Tech Forums Moderator at the Ubi Forums has passed away. He is sorely missed by all of us. He was such a friendly helpful guy and one of my best friends. 3. I've dabbled with mods for IL-2 1946. Mostly though I like the "stock/vanilla" version best. However I have for reference and occasional use the following mod version: B.A.T Linebacker VP Modpack 4.12.2 DBW 1.71 HSFX 7.0.3 4.12.2m Modact 5.2 UP3RC4 UP 2..01 I also have the original IL-2 Demo installed. That's an interesting change of place. My how the sim has improved. I am a part time consultant to Team Daidalos. I don't directly create content but do occasionally beta test stuff. A few of my skins are now defaults in the game. Plus, I have had Battle Over Stalingrad, (just the base game, only the P-40 added and the 'Green Stalingrad' mod), installed for quite some time but never really got into it. Now I am looking at it more. It sure looks great! I will be looking through your Great Battles forum for help. Thanks to DD_Arthur for reminding me to check in. I'll most likely try and find some online DD sever to join soon. I still Admin at Mission 4 Today. If you have any questions about that site I will gladly try and help. Anyway, thought I'd drop by and say HI!
  3. Beebop

    Mission 4 Today Site Hacked

    We are now waiting on our host. They are the ones that need to clear the hacker out. We are already working on defenses against future attacks. No timelime yet so let's say we'll be back up in.........uh.......two weeks? Seriously it should be much sooner than that.
  4. As some of you might have noticed we have been hacked by an idiot with nothing better to do with his time. We on the Admin Team are working hard to bring back the site. Fortunately we have archived the enitere site elsewhere so it's just a matter of time before everything is (hopefuly) back. We apologize for the inconvience and will be looking at ways to combat this kind of senseless attack from happening again. Thank you for your patience. Beebop/M4T Admin Team
  5. Beebop

    Salute To Bg

    I just heard. My condolences to Helen and to all the Dogz. Jim was such a great person. I am proud to have been able to fly with him. He had such a wonderful sense of humor. ~S!~ Jim. Thank you for all the wonderful times. Fly high and free. (god I can barely see my monitor for the tears.)
  6. Beebop

    Farewell Saturday Night

    As some of you know my regular day job is as a Transit Operator for Portland Oregon's TriMet Agency. I started as a bus driver then moved to Light Rail as a train operator. Last September I was bumped back to bus due to "budget contrainsts and the ongoing recession". Now in their infinate wisdom (and a lack of qualified train operators, I have been called back effective 5 December. Unfortunately I am at the bottom of the seniority list so I got stuck with the "Midnight Train to Georgia". This means that I will be riding the rails until midnight and beyond. On Saturday nights I won't return to the yard until 2:45 AM Sunday morning. Obviously that means for the first time in over 6 years I will not be able to host the HellHound Saturday Night Flights. So this Saturday, December 4th I will host my last series of Saturday Night Flights for at least 3 months. Hopefully by then they will have added more operators and I can choose work that allows me to host my favorite, heck my only game, IL-2 Sturmovik. I am putting together a group of my best missions, ones those of you have flown have commented on and some from Zues-cat. He might even have a brand new mission for us to fly. I do intend to fly my War of 1812 where two TB-3's fly against each other with unlimited ammo. It's ahoot. and if more than 8 folks are around I have a 16 man version ready to launch. If there was a favorite mission you flew with us and you can describe it I will try and find it to add to the mix. For you regulars you know the drill. Flying will start at 6PM PST (GMT-8 ). Comms will be the DangerDog main server, Game IP is If you haven't flown with us before you are more than welcome. I'm going to sorely miss these sessions. During the next three months I plan on releasing a few campiagns that have been sitting in the corner waiting for finishing touches and relaease several skins than need just a bit more work. I will also continue to Admin at Mission 4 Today. Stop by anytime and see what's new. We have just opened our Storm of War site for the impending release of Oleg's new sim. I hope to see many of you next Saturday for a farewell bash that will blow the house down. (that's because I will attempt landings and will probably miss the runway by a long shot LOL! Cheers, Col. ~HH~ Beebop/HellHounds/Commanding
  7. Beebop

    Screenshot Thread

    NICE! I've been watching that thread for some time now and now that my new computer is up and running I'll need to get this. I think Redko nailed the desert with this mod. His other re-paints are nice as well but this, this is the creme del la creme of his work to date. Thanks for posting these ingame shots.
  8. Beebop

    Teamspeak 3 Server Help

    my guess is your router settings, but if your still just using local host, I don't beleive the router is even involved yet. I don't have or use a router. Just one machine. You did save your admin text it pointed out to not pad correct? I copied the info including the token directly from the DOS screen (Mark/Enter) into Notepad (Paste) and copied from there into the appropriate TS boxes.
  9. Beebop

    Teamspeak 3 Server Help

    OK, I finally decided that the HellHounds needed a comms upgrade and installed the TS3 Client and the TS3 Server on my machine.. I installed per the TS video: http://www.youtube.com/teamspeak#p/u/1/qa8T6KM9_go pausing the video at each step and then replaying to make sure I had done it correctly. So once done, there I was on the new HH server as a SuperAdmin when all of a sudden it shut down. I tried to reconnect but it said it couldn't find "localhost:9987" so I tired the edited name I gave the server "Firey Furnace 2:9987" and it says it can't find that either. Now I have the server on the machine but can't connect! GRRRR! Any ideas where I went wrong? Thanks in advance. Th' Bopster
  10. Beebop

    Screenshot Thread

    That 2nd Swordfish pic is spectacular! It's my new desktop! Thanks!
  11. You will be missed. As always real life and family come first.
  12. Beebop

    Help Needed W/ New Smoke Mod

    Wow, thanks for the quick responses. I did what you suggested first fruitbat but I didn't get the smoke mod effect. I do now and I possibly would have then too. It seems this only works with certain kinds/amounts of damage. Sometimes I only get the stock Urainium effects but that's OK. If I can get this occasionally too it's better actually IMO. Often you get a mod and it's the same effect time after time. The way the smoke mod works for me now it won't be the same old effects over and over. It will depend on what I hit, where and how well. A welcome variety to my way of thinking. Anyway, I have it working. It's pretty awesome looking I must say. A nice improvement. Thanks again for the help. Cheerio!
  13. Beebop

    Help Needed W/ New Smoke Mod

    I tried using the new smoke mod seen here: but it doesn't want to work. (Mod UP 2.0) The install instructions mention overwriting files but that option does not happen. I extracted the folder "Fire smoke effect" and placed it in my JSGME folder. When enabled I get a dialog box saying a variety of Uranium folders have already been added. I looked into manually (saving) copy/paste the individual effects in but I wasn't sure which Uranium effects to replace. For instance what effect does the 'HumoFuegoMotor' effect replace? also there are no leading numbers like the other mods have such as '01_'. does that make a difference and if so what number should be added? I like the look of the mod and since it's JSGME friendly would like to give it a go. Any and all help is appreciated.
  14. Beebop

    Screenshot Thread

    K U U L! thanks for the heads up and link.
  15. Beebop

    ATI Settings That Work for IL-2

    Does this sound like you? * You use an ATI card * You have graphic issues, especially with UP 2.0 or any mod package * These include but are not limited to >Color flashes when gunfire comes directly at you > The landscape grows and shrinks as you fly toward or away from it > On some maps there is a fog in the distance until you get close enough for details to render You, like me have checked if these issues are there with an unmodded version of the game and for the most part they are not. So you now have concluded it's not your card or computer. There are so many different settings and you are tired of trying this set of settings only to find they don't work for you. I was in the same boat until I found this at the ATI/AMD site. It's a suggested set of settings for the [Open GL] section of your conf.ini. I gave it a try and it works for me. Framerate is untouched (45-105 FPS) So I thought I would share it with ya'll. If anyone has had these issues and haven't yet found an answer, you might give this a try. It's designed for newer ATI Radeon cards and specifically for the CAT 8.12 Drivers but works fine for my ASUS 4870 with CAT 8.53 Drivers. LINK: http://forums.amd.com/game/messageview.cfm?catid=233&threadid=124228 All I did is make a copy of the conf.ini file and change only the things which were different from mine. I took the current conf.ini file and put it in a safe place and then I inserted the modified conf.ini file. If these settings don't work for you then you can replace the new file with the copied original and return the game to the state it was in prior to trying this solution . I am pleased with the results. Both "vanilla" and mod versions of the game now run and look extremely good. I hope this helps someone.