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  1. Not quite sure HOW I did it but right now the game sounds are on my speakers and comms only in headset. I'm using a lightweight open style set (Plantronics Audio 60 shown below) so I can hear the speakers quite well. Noise cancelling keeps the speaker sound from being transmitted through the mic. Sadly they don't make these anymore but I still have one brand new, unopened set for if/when they give up the ghost.
  2. I've done some testing for the mod's creator and it's a real winner. Off Winters has even removed the grass to give the repaint a truly authentic look. (an additional file can be d/l'ed and installed if you want it back). Be advised that when installed it does more than change the ground textures, it repaints ground units too. Trucks, tanks and some buildings take on a desert camo, the trains become Afrika Korps trains. These are global changes (via JSGME) so if left installed other maps will have certain objects that remain painted as desert items. But all you need to do is uninstal
  3. After they added "Ram Air" sounds to the game I found that the best way is to set in game sound to 100% then adjust Windows sound for that application to a suitable level. So far it's worked out great.
  4. X-52 here. Used it for over 15 years now. just recently I had to replace the joystick as it finally wore out. Logitech owns them now and there are QC issues with some units. My stick replacement though is working find. I tested an X-52 Pro but like the regular version better. A couple of other guys I fly with use the VKB Gladiator Mk.II and are quite pleased with it. It's around $100 USD but is currently unavailable in the US via Amazon. Be advised though that the VKB has no rudder function. You would need separate pedals for that. Only the MkII stick is reasonably priced. The r
  5. Recently added Battle of Bodenplatte and Flying Circus, pre-ordered Battle of Normandy and Flying Circus Volume 2. On a side note, who would be the best person to talk to about the squadron? Or is there a web page here about the squadron activities? It's been a while since I visited and the site has expanded a lot. I have some questions. If someone could direct me or send me a PM or email that would be fine.
  6. LOL FT. I got pretty durn good at mission building in 1946. In Great Battles I'm tearing my hair out. (thank god i'm not going bald...but that may change) 😬
  7. Hi, it's me again. After a couple of months of flying BoS/BoM/BoK I am getting into mission making, specifically dogfight missions. I tried using the Easy Mission Generator, (a really good program by the way) but then wanted to make the missions more immersive and increase the chance of actually meeting the AI it puts in the mission, usually far away from where you are. I already have the following manuals: * Prangster's Mission Building Guide * Il-2 Sturmovik Mission Editor and Multiplayer Server Manual I also have a very simple Basic Mission Guide for SP missions which
  8. Is there a way to reset just the defaults without changing any of my personalized key binds? I ask because I changed a few settings in the default column before I realized I could use the columns on the right for personalized settings for my joystick etc.and still keep the defaults as a fallback. If I go the the key bind screen and click the grey "Default" box will that also remove my custom settings in the right columns? TIA
  9. The U-2 is an excellent plane to fly. Has a variety of loadouts including a lower wing mounted machine gun, bombs and rockets. Great for both Night Witches type missions and just general scouting missions where you can deal some damage to small ground units and trains. And it's remarkably maneuverable against even nimble German fighters. Against a single fighter I have avoided being shot down several times. With the rear facing gunner I can give an attacker a real "stinger". You should consider it in my opinion. But then I've always liked "Underdog" planes.
  10. Components: Battle of Stalingrad Battle of Moscow Battle of Kuban (all Standard editions) Collector Planes: P-40-E Spitfire Mk.Vb U2-VS Various Visual Mods, Icons, Map repaints. smokes, skies etc.
  11. First, will we be flying in 'Expert' mode? If so I still need a lot of practice. If not then I'd give it a go. My vote would be mud moving, either side.
  12. Figures. Kinda dumb I think because it would let others know what you have and could be helpful I directing a person to another person who has the same setup. Well that's what I get coming from M4T where we bend over backwards to help. Although I must say they seem to be a a kind of helpful lot over there. Not nearly as helpful as this kennel.? Thanks for your response.
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