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  1. Apparently not... Good time to remember all who died on that beach and what followed 77 years ago today..
  2. It reminds me of a Dora, great B&Z plane and it's cannon will shred whatever they hit. A 109 head on pass will not work out well for them..
  3. Just think of it like driving a Bus and all will be well...
  4. Have a party Sunday afternoon (the lockdown has relaxed a bit here), not sure when that will end.. what time do the targets report for the dogfight slaughter?
  5. Close! It is a 1979 911 SC converted to full race for the Porsche Club of America Racing program. I was not allowed in to the link you sent, got " You do not have permission to view this content. Error code: 2F173/H" . Here is my girl in all her beauty..
  6. Thx, have an old picture there now, i'll try re-running the JG activation again and look in the plane textures to see if it changes.. EDIT: It didn't so I used brute force and overwrote all of the custom_photo.dds files, NOW they are there... hey, if nothing else i'm waking up memories in you old farts!
  7. Yes, but the post says even if they weren't the pic will show up as it's something that is part of the sim (that has been replaced).. Also read somewhere that there is a ticbox for "Photo", don't see it anywhere..
  8. OK, another dummy question.. Got the Pilot Notes, Got JSGME, put the base and PNCP Option 1 folders in the JSGME\MODS folder, activated the Base version.. nothing in the cockpit.. what step am I missing?
  9. Assume this is the process you are referring to?
  10. I'm not sure but I think the failures may have been on purpose in the mission as it shows I succeeded in bombing, flying on 1 engine, and surviving the landing.. but I really have no idea except it was a blast! I will say IIRC I never exceeded 46" , prop pitch and mixture were full forward, and we actually flew 90% of the mission at about 25"... Gonna print that out though!
  11. Not (either) in IL2, no.. Edit: Just finished Mission 1 of the one P-38 Campaign, i'm hooked. Right engine dies 15 miles out from landing, Left seizes up 5 miles out, belly landed in grass...
  12. I came across this a while back and forgot about it, Utopioneer did a nice job of making all these training missions, just ran the 1st flight and WOW, the P-38 is about the most stable ship I ever popped into! Onward!
  13. Said the normal man to the blind/deaf/mute...
  14. LOL, likely my thread or post (Icer is my BMS F-16 callsign, going back to Ice/-Ice-/Icer in Aces High circa 2000) as that is the manual I linked above, going through it now before my 1st hop in a P-38J seat...
  15. Ok, so do I have to fly DD_Fenrir to Spain to sit here and I ask him questions or is there a link to his manual(s) or video somewhere?
  16. Thx Crash, already watched that a couple times and it's a great start but I need to make a comprehensive startup list and want to know what everything does and why a setting is correct (or not), and when... LOT of levers and switches in that thing, coming out of a BF-109K its a tad daunting.. I'm more of a "where is the manual" kinda guy.
  17. Found a 1945 P-38 manual here, hopefully it will help me understand this thing.. last time I flew one was Aces High about 20 years ago.. not quite the same bird.
  18. Now I just need a printed P-38 manual to better understand start-up, prop trim, etc. etc.... I show 3218 skins now! You are correct, that is 77 more, no idea what the other 11 were but I got a message about a 2K Yak skin being ignored, maybe there were 10 more 2K skins..
  19. Thx Arjen, I just used your skin tool, thank you! Somehow I had 88 4K skins that you didn't have (if I understood the software correctly) which were uploaded after I downloaded the 3100+ other skins! And no, i've been here for 3+ years, not me!
  20. LOL.. Thx, I have been looking for an RTX 3090 card for quite some time now. Just heard yesterday from a US friend they are releasing the RTX 3080 TI in a short while, maybe availability will increase as there are 0 cards (under €2000) here... and had 88 Skins this morning, have 3141 (4K) now!
  21. As my wife says mine is 12 I may have found a new home.... TS3 set up, connected, now to do a little reading.
  22. The average may have just gone up a couple years...
  23. Relaxed is cool as I want to have fun, but to give you an idea I turn off all comms for SP games (like ARMAx) as if your voice hasn't changed yet (i.e. your in your parent's basement) and you never shut up or blast music or other nonsense.. it's annoying.. at best. Just don't want to waste anyone's time, or my own for that matter..
  24. Just joined as I was hoping this was EU based (well, UK was in the EU.. ) for appropriate time zone flying times with "older" adults that don't talk/joke/laugh/act like idiots on comms all during flights. I've tried a few online squads for BMS (my main sim) and just can't stand the constant BS... right place? If so, please direct me to where to get started, if not, carry on! I'm the 1st (US citizen) from Spain (Valencia) I see on your map.. I own BoX (all modules inc. FC-I and Tank Crew), DCS (most WWII planes but like German best), and CLOD Blitz. Thanks!
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