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  1. 4 hours ago, WWCraven said:

    FFS, I read your message wrong, assumed your were talking about the WW server.  I'll just slink out of the room now.

    Thought I already replied from my phone... anyway, no prob @WWCraven! I was actually on the WingWalkers WWI server yesterday, like it a lot for practice, especially in new planes. Flew a Handley-P for the 1st time, almost made it to the target before 4 nasty AI blokes tore me to shreds.. :salute:

  2. On 6/11/2022 at 3:34 PM, Sid said:

    Ooooo.....they were there in my Pfalz this morning....4 of them, all working ;)

    Ahhh, ok. He tossed in 4 "generic" WWII gauges as placeholders. I've asked him to see if he can get them to "save" as you can't resize or move them around the way its set up. that and the RPM gauge is fairly useless as the gradations are much too high. What he/we need is a 3D artist to do the WWI gauges as they are quite lovely, would look and function correctly.. he is too busy with the WWII dials and life in general at this point..

  3. 30 minutes ago, Sid said:

    Pleased to say that this very very useful programme is working great. Mossie dials added and WW1 aircraft included now too. Temperature gauges are next to be added in the future. Thoroughly recommend this if you have the space for it.

    I believe Blorg has included internal hooks to the WWI aircraft gauges but has not done any gauges yet (not sure if he ever will). The Boost gauges in the Mossie don't work, he states he may fix them later today... 

  4. 7 minutes ago, Sid said:

    Unless it's the P38 campaign GBS nights are random coops, sometimes themed, on any map. Most login about 8pm and we spend about 30mins on the dogfight server before the first coop is put up. 

    IIRC Mods must be enabled and you guys allow for labels? All I would need is a PWord I believe, i'll pop back into the P38 to try and squeeze some memory out of these old brain cells...


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