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  1. New version .54 out, Blorg fixed the Mossie Boost, added some temp gauges, etc..
  2. Ahhh, ok. He tossed in 4 "generic" WWII gauges as placeholders. I've asked him to see if he can get them to "save" as you can't resize or move them around the way its set up. that and the RPM gauge is fairly useless as the gradations are much too high. What he/we need is a 3D artist to do the WWI gauges as they are quite lovely, would look and function correctly.. he is too busy with the WWII dials and life in general at this point..
  3. I believe Blorg has included internal hooks to the WWI aircraft gauges but has not done any gauges yet (not sure if he ever will). The Boost gauges in the Mossie don't work, he states he may fix them later today...
  4. Sheesh, can you set the wing guns to converge with the MG and cannons? What a plane shredder that would be!
  5. But that looks like a channel on the Wing Walkers Server, no?
  6. These servers still up? You guys get around, came across this when looking at the Wing Walkers site..
  7. BLorg (IL-2 Dials author) has a Discord set up to answer any questions - https://discord.gg/eXS7sM4y
  8. IIRC Mods must be enabled and you guys allow for labels? All I would need is a PWord I believe, i'll pop back into the P38 to try and squeeze some memory out of these old brain cells...
  9. Thank you @Sid, 20:00 this Sunday, got it. Any idea what plane/map/etc?
  10. Fixed the link, must have been in a Hurri when I wrote it...
  11. Ok, when is the next gathering and in what/where?
  12. Hey Dogz, I just finished installing/configuring this (Windows in my case, but it will export to Android also). It allows you to put some of those hard to see gauges on an external monitor. You can read about it here if interested, this is what the end result on my setup is in a Tempest..
  13. If you guys are ok with it, happy to join you and may be able to rustle up a couple more...
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