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  1. Relaxed is cool as I want to have fun, but to give you an idea I turn off all comms for SP games (like ARMAx) as if your voice hasn't changed yet (i.e. your in your parent's basement) and you never shut up or blast music or other nonsense.. it's annoying.. at best. Just don't want to waste anyone's time, or my own for that matter..
  2. Just joined as I was hoping this was EU based (well, UK was in the EU.. ) for appropriate time zone flying times with "older" adults that don't talk/joke/laugh/act like idiots on comms all during flights. I've tried a few online squads for BMS (my main sim) and just can't stand the constant BS... right place? If so, please direct me to where to get started, if not, carry on! I'm the 1st (US citizen) from Spain (Valencia) I see on your map.. I own BoX (all modules inc. FC-I and Tank Crew), DCS (most WWII planes but like German best), and CLOD Blitz. Thanks!
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