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  1. 7 minutes ago, Sid said:

    Unless it's the P38 campaign GBS nights are random coops, sometimes themed, on any map. Most login about 8pm and we spend about 30mins on the dogfight server before the first coop is put up. 

    IIRC Mods must be enabled and you guys allow for labels? All I would need is a PWord I believe, i'll pop back into the P38 to try and squeeze some memory out of these old brain cells...


  2. 3 minutes ago, Bob said:

    Hi Gents, if we cannot get the campaign running then going up as a squadron on a MP server might be worth a go? We could still mission brief and keep tally of scores, but would need to discuss on how we could make it work.  Main thing I have found with DDs is its about having some fun flying together, with the campaigns being as serious as we get. Have had a look at some of the servers an in most cases there can be a really tough environment, but the one below looks like it might be worth a go? It has Icons, technical tips and minimaps so would be very simliar to our current coop? https://clashofeagles.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/opmaak-maps-all-fields-v8-13july2021.pdf



    Clash of Eagles (Relaxed Main) is a lot of fun with 4+ in a squad coordinating attacks and capturing bases, run by some really great guys.. Even 2 guys flying together carefully can do a lot of damage... 

  3. Just now, Friar said:

    @Icer Thanks for stopping by the Dogz and posting.

    My pleasure, in case you didn't pick up on it I was originally GPatricks here, ended up in the Loose Deuces with my old Aces High nick as the DD squad nights timing just didn't align with my open times... but I would love to fly\tank with you guys if possible. Total newbie to TC, trying it out on the Finnish Server for now but fly on the WB and WoL servers mostly.

  4. On 7/19/2021 at 2:27 AM, T_O_A_D said:

    @Gpatricks No that is not me, I didn't get a PC until 1998 and my first flight sim was Janes WW2 Fighters and Microsoft Combat Simulator 1 at the same time.

    I was a bunch of different Toad's toad465, 82nd-Toad, MAD-Toad, 131st-Toad, BP-Toad, V228PT-Toad, DD-Toad, Nearly always T_O_A_D, or T_0_A_D on Forums even outside of gaming stuff. 

    Yeah, seen a lot of Toads over the years, he was an airline pilot and also owned (IIRC) a T-34 trainer.. 

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  5. Just a follow up for anyone thinking of upgrading, the 3090 is an absolute beast. Doing the Hell Hawks P-47 campaign I was getting ~40FPS with some settings turned down (or off) during normal missions with the 2080. I turned EVERYTHING in graphics settings to max and had the most intensive furball (30+ planes) in the beautiful clouds and the lowest I saw was 66 FPS with 100+ most everywhere else.. I have no money for food for the next 6 months but we have to have priorities... :rolleyes:

    Quick unrelated question for anyone with both the standard IL2 standard install and a Steam Install. I did the whole P38 Lightning Campaign under my IL2 install, is there any way to copy\transfer the campaign settings to the Steam install so it shows as completed so I can run a couple of my favorite missions again, or do I need to run through the whole campaign again (which is not really a big hardship :) .).. ?

  6. I've been on the Nvidia wagon for many years but did use an AMD GPU many years back without issues. As the world has gone insane and you can't buy a 3090 for under €2500 i'm leaning toward a 6900 XT Extreme (self-contained water cooling) for about €800 less and available. Are there any reasons NOT to move to an AMD GPU? All test I have seen show it within 10% of the 3090 and much faster than my current 2080.. Thank you for any input!

    EDIT: I think Alexa was listening again, as soon as I wrote this I got a one day 25% off flyer for a Zotac Gaming GeForce RTX 3090 Trinity OC 24GB GDDR6X and pulled the trigger immediately. Couple hundred € more than the 6900 XT but I can live with that... be here in 2 days.

  7. Was able to hop on the "WB-Clash of Eagles" Main arena server for a bit yesterday, like the idea of a rolling plane set, "dot" icons, capturable bases and functioning (destroyable) radar installations. It's actually very much like Warbirds\Aces High in those ways.. kind of wish DCS (on the SoW Server) and IL2 had the same flight models (prefer IL2's actually), I can't just hop into a DCS plane and fly without some practice, even with auto-start cheat but I like the SoW server also..  

  8. Just wondering where you guys fly when not DangerDogging it here? I have plenty of time during the day and early evenings normally, enjoy the Scripted Campaigns but would like it better if other humans were involved. Looking into this place, hopefully it won't become like Aces High Air-Quake..  https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/72487-calling-open-beta-testers-wb-clash-of-eagles-servers/. Any others (In EU or UK) popular that you can just hop on and fly a mission or two?  


    I should add that for DCS WWII I have found the Storm of War server and it ticks all the boxes but it adds another layer of frustration getting some of those planes off the ground with heavy ordnance.. yes, I suck and fully admit it.

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