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    Morning! I've done an update on the A20 skin 'La Patrona', it has a better finish on it I think. It is based on the F7F Tigercat 'La Patrona' that graces the skies over Reno in the Unlimited Class Air Racing Competition.....the 'Lucky 4' of us saw it when we went although she unfortunately suffered an oil leak and had to withdraw. I think it suits the A20 beautifully so I tend to use it as my 'Go To' skin when flying it. For those that would like it please place the .dds file in your 'IL2 Sturmovik Battle of Moscow/data/graphics/skins/A20B' folder or alternatively it will be downloaded when you use FT's great 'Checkskins' utility. Cheerzen Sid 1 A20B_La_Patrona.dds
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    I got it! Totally ran my phone data limit to throttled back, but I got the bloody thang
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    Got the FW 190 A3 this morning for $4.99
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